New York Mets vs. Atlanta Braves – Box Score – September 16, 2011 – ESPN.

Derek Lowe: Bad at his job. He doesn’t even eat innings: he just immediately regurgitates them. The Braves are desperately trying to hold on to the wild card, and every five days he comes by and jumps on top of their fingers. You get the idea.

In the first inning, Lowe gave up four runs, including a two-run homer by David Wright. He only got out of the inning when the catcher made the third out of the inning at third trying to advance on a two-run single. As a rule, when you only get out of a problem because of typical Mets incompetence, you’re in trouble.

The Braves actually clawed back, and got a run in the first and another in the second. So Lowe took the wind out of their sails by giving up two more runs in the third. Julio Teheran came in to relieve him with two out in the inning and he wasn’t any better. He gave up four runs in the fourth, highlighted by a three-run homer by Wright. The remaining runs off of Linebrink and Varvaro were just terrible gravy on the terrible game. Four Mets had three hits and Lucas Duda had four. The Braves had six.