Rockies 12, Braves 3

Atlanta Braves vs. Colorado Rockies – Box Score – July 19, 2011 – ESPN.

Brandon Beachy has been very impressive this year, but he is after all a rookie pitcher with fly-ball tendencies; that his start in Coors Field would be a disaster is not too great of a surprise. Beachy gave up six runs in 4 2/3, and really that overstates how well he pitched.

In the first inning, Troy Tulowitzki hit a three-run homer. In the second, Carlos Gonzalez hit a two-run shot. A double in the third made it 6-0 before the Braves had seemingly woken up from a pregame nap. Beachy allowed nine hits and five walks, and didn’t make it through five.

The only Brave who did much when the game was theoretically in doubt was Dan Uggla, who hit solo homers in the fourth and the sixth. If someone had gotten on ahead of him, maybe things would have been different. Uggla is up to .192; I’ll change the tag line if he can get above the Mendoza Line.

Peter Moylan has to love watching Cory Gearrin pitch; his continued employment seems more and more secure. Gearrin allowed four runs on four walks and two hits in the sixth. Scott Proctor, of course, allowed a couple of runs in the seventh; the Braves got a meaningless eighth-inning run.

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  1. The best sign to me was actually, Uggla’s swing and miss on the breaking ball the pitch before the first homer. He finished completely on balance, not finishing up with one of those 180’s where he ends up in the other batter’s box.

    It was the first time this year I thought: “Here’s a guy who knows what he’s doing.”

  2. I’m with kc, I would rather lose like this and let the real bullpen guys have a night off.

  3. SSS caveat, etc.

    Gearrin Vs. Righties: 1.78 FIP, 2.15 xFIP
    Gearrin Vs. Lefties: 4.20 FIP, 5.85 xFIP

    He’s confirming what observers who watched him in the minors already knew: he’s a ROOGY. Why his coaches don’t know this, I have no idea.

  4. Today’s Chart (or, What I Did Over Coffee This Morning):

    SDP – 2.01
    SFG – 2.04
    FLA – 2.50
    ATL – 2.93
    COL – 3.11
    PIT – 3.15
    NYM – 3.25
    CIN – 3.59
    LAD – 3.66
    HOU – 3.69
    ARI – 4.00
    PHI – 4.14
    CHC – 4.15
    WAS – 4.30
    STL – 4.31
    MIL – 4.46

    Admit it, you’re surprised.

  5. As weird as this may sound, if we can’t get Carlos Beltran, I want the phillies to get him. They can’t pay him so the cost in prospects + salary relief will almost be comical making them older and weaker next year.

  6. Alex, thanks for asking! It’s the averaged ERA of the pitchers listed by BBRef as the fourth and fifth relievers for each NL bullpen. Very quick and dirty (I took their word for the pecking order, and just added the two numbers and divided by two), but calculated to show that Linebrink and Sherrill have done well in their roles. My real surprise is that the overall numbers are as low as they are. But, even in an era when bullpen depth is seemingly better than ever, we’re getting quality innings from a couple of maligned contributors.

  7. 5 – only when he faces lefties repeatedly. He can and will get righties out. The LOB% is inflating the ERA right now.

  8. 4 – Exactly. Side-arm pitchers show much larger platoon splits than pitchers who throw over the top normally.

  9. @11

    What I mean to say is, once they’ve already been blown out, he goes in regardless of who’s batting, because it doesn’t matter much how he does. There are no atheists in foxholes, or OOGYs in blowouts. That does not necessarily mean they’ve misidentified his strengths, just that someone has to pitch the meaningless innings. I’ll be right behind you, though, if he ever faces a LHB in a high-leverage situation.

  10. Perhaps she was familiar with the story of Caesar’s wife, that someone mentioned the other day.

  11. Whats the ETA on Moylan? Moylan and Lisp over Proctor/Gearrin is a nice upgrade to the pen. Braves still need to bring in Adams or Uehara.

  12. I’m with Sansho on this one. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by Sherril and Linebrink, but then I really didn’t expect much.

    The problem, though, is that while Sherril is your 3rd best lefthanded reliever, Linebrink is your 2nd best righty, and the guy above him only pitches the 9th.

    We need to a righty to push Linebrink down the depth chart a peg.

  13. By my quick perusal over this year’s game logs, if Dan Uggla can get a base hit in tonight’s game, he’ll have tied Brian McCann for the season’s longest hitting streak at 12.

    He’s 14 for 41 with 4 doubles and 5 homers to his credit in that span, a .341 BA. Throw in 7 walks and his OBP is .438. Granted, his streak includes a lot of 1 for 4s and 1 for 5s, but still, in the aggregate, that’s a nice little hot streak.

  14. Uggla has a 250/348/600 line over the past four weeks. He seems to have rediscovered whatever it was that made him Dan Uggla for the past five years.

    And now, on to Heyward.

  15. While I know Mac would never post something on here about it, and might get mad at me for asking, but I wonder if there is anything we can do to assist him. He puts a lot of work in on the site for us to be able to come on here and discuss things.

    I feel like the people on here are sort of like a family (sometimes disfunctional and with a crazy cousin that stops by from time to time that you want to kill, Coach)

    I wonder if there is anything we can do to help him. Even if it is sending a Tomahawk Bouquet for him. Any thoughts? I know Stu and Alex talk with him from time to time, so they may have an idea of something. Thoughts?

  16. How about we pitch in and buy him a tablet PC? Someone (Alex R., Stu, etc.) could administer a PayPal account. Ten bucks here and there sure adds up in a hurry.

  17. I would be down with that and then some, but Mac has been a pretty private fellow over the years.

  18. I hear you, spike. We certainly wouldn’t want to make Mac uncomfortable. I only mention it because Mac has had computer problems in the recent past.

  19. Uggla already hit two homeruns for him yesterday…

    (Follow up to sansho’s hilarious comment yesterday. Some sort of gift would be a nice gesture for sure.)

  20. Thanks, guys. I may have to put in a request for financial assistance in a couple of weeks. Right now, we’re waiting on a doctor to tell us when what’s next is going to happen.

  21. I imagine a tablet PC would be of some help with the site.. I wonder though if there’s a better direction than “Something that helps you help us.”

  22. If that is what you need Mac, I am sure we can do something.

    If we called Francoeur, I bet he would say, “If being healthy was important, they would put it on the score board.”

  23. Guy’s, when you figure out the logistics let me know. I’m in. Mac, get better.

  24. I’m in to…as far as I can. I’ve really enjoyed the site and the discourse.

    Mac, hope you get better…sheesh, you need to catch a break at some point!

  25. Meanwhile, DOB tweet: Sounds as if the #Braves could be close to making a deal for a RH bat

    Any guesses? Why do I have a sinking feeling it’s Spilborghs?

  26. My dad is convinced that Heyward is the next Francoeur and we would be better off trading the two. I am speechless

  27. There will be a hole punched through my cubicle wall if there was truth to the Heyward-for-Pence twitter rumor Jim Powell retweeted an hour ago. I will become a Rays fan.

  28. It wasn’t a rumor; it was some stupid fan giving an opinion that Pence is better. There is no chance.

    I’m genuinely terrified that we might be acquiring Stenchy, though.

  29. Good luck Mac. Here’s hoping for good news.

    Edit: Well, a little late I suppose, but the sentiment stands!

  30. Heyward for Pence? Hmmm …

    Find it hard to believe unless Braves brass secretly agrees with Catz’ father.

    As popular as Heyward is, I’d almost have to give Wren the benefit of the doubt if they signed off on this.

  31. I either didn’t know or had forgotten that LSU was being investigated. What did they do?

  32. There’s almost no chance we get Francoeur. I’m not worried about that at all.

    My random guess: Perez, Hoover, Spruill, and Oberholtzer for Ludwick and Qualls.

  33. A couple of Astros fan commenters on MLBTR are saying Pence and Downs for a prospect and a ML player.

  34. A couple of Astros fan commenters on MLBTR are saying Pence and Downs for a prospect and a ML player.

    If that’s true — and I seriously doubt it is — the ML player would have to be Beachy, right?

  35. From the MLBTR chat earlier… What about Minor, Andrelton Simmons, and Bethancourt for Pence? I say that’s too much mainly because of Bethancourt whom I think might become a lot more valuable next year, but I probably wouldn’t cry about it. Unless Pence steals ABs from Heyward, in which case I’d be pissed.

  36. Where are you hearing this, Bethany?

    EDIT: Morosi talking up Jonny Gomes — that would be disappointing.

  37. @81

    Tim at MLBTR seems to think Minor would be the one in a deal for Pence. He also thinks Minor would be enough for Beltran, which I thought was surprising since it was reported the Mets asked the Phillies for Dom Brown in return, a top 10 prospect a la Teheran.

    Not sure how I feel about trading away a LHP to any team that we’ll be facing a lot though.

  38. Seriously guys, I had always kind of been vaguely aware of the “Donate” button.. I remember when Mac added, and announced, the “Begging Bowl.”

    But Sansho was totally right. If you’d put in for a group gift, put in for the donation bowl. I just did. This stuff costs Mac time and money even when he’s NOT going under the knife every other week.

  39. Schafer 8 Prado 5 Freeman 3 Uggla 4 Heyward 9 Gonzalez 6 Ross 2 McLouth 7 Hudson 1

  40. Rosenthal is covering his bases:

    “As @jonmorosi and I hear, #Braves have checked on #Reds’ Gomes. Obviously not only RH hitter they are pursuing. #MLB”

    If the Braves get Gomes it will be for his bat off the bench, I’m sure.

  41. Brian McCann is not in tonight’s lineup.

    I believe Brian McCann has been traded to the Astros.

  42. Gomes hits lefties well. He would be a solid right-handed half of a platoon, but I’m not sure where he plays when Chipper comes back. Are the Braves going to platoon Heyward?

  43. Awright, someone convince me Hunter Pence is worth losing Minor or Beachy.

    I don’t see it.

  44. 74 & 106—

    You would trade Heyward for Pence, but you wouldn’t trade Minor or Beachy for him?


  45. JJ, Hanson, Hudson, Beachy, Lowe, Medlen, Teheran, Delgado, Minor….

    Yeah he’s tradeable.

  46. #103: First thing I thought when I saw the lineup. I’m totally freaking now!

    But seriously, Jonny Gomes as a bench/platoon player would be good, but I guess I’d like more of an everyday player.

  47. Derrek Lee was a pretty cool get, or at least I thought so at the time. I think I was at the last day of an injection molding seminar in Indiana when it happened. I was certainly more excited about Lee than I was about plastic at that point. And he actually hit rather well for us.

  48. Do we have the payroll flexibility for Pence without dumping Lowe? Has Houston indicated any willingness to throw in $$$?

  49. Gomes has always hit lefties well. The problem with him is that he can’t really hit righties, and we have a manager who frequently ignores such simple truths.

  50. Now that it’s out there, Gomes does make sense in that it’s a very Frank Wren move to make. Get a piece that’s “just enough” rather than one that puts you over the top.

    There’s something to be said for that, I suppose.

  51. Buster Olney:

    Sources: HOU shows willingness to trade Pence; rival executives expect he will move. Braves have prospects to make deal happen; we’ll see.

  52. Not worth many prospects unless Houston eats $$$. Think Millwood for Estrada.

    The Braves didn’t “eat” any of Millwood’s salary when the traded him to the Phillies, did they?

  53. I think Pence will get you a fair bit more than Estrada, seeing as both the Braves and Phils have a vested interest in not only acquiring him, but keeping him off the other roster.

  54. @Bethany – I’m headed to that game. Chipper bobble head nights and +.500 Pirates teams are rare occurrences that mustn’t be missed.

  55. Would Prado for Pence straight up define “lateral move”? I think I’d be outraged if it happened (this isn’t an actual rumor BTW), but those actually seem like fairly equivalent pieces. Pence is probably a better player, but Prado’s got more team control for cheaper + his versatility, which is a big deal with Old Man Chipper on the team. Prado just has a place in my heart that Pence could never fill.

  56. Prado is too valuable and our best RH’d hitter. He’s not going anywhere. Subtracting your best RH’d hitter to improve against lefty pitching wont work.

    I think if there is a Pence deal – its started with Minor + 3 others

  57. This morning Pence looked like he was staying put. Now there is a ton of smoke. I think we have to get in on this or the Phillies will.

  58. @143 we should meet up, I will be insection 201, behind home plate under the overhang.

  59. She’s sitting with her huge weightlifter friend, by the way. Just so the internet knows.

  60. Astros board says Minor and two other prospects are being discussed for Pence. My barber thinks that sounds about right and is on the phone because he has never been to an Astros blog

  61. I’ll go ahead and assume that Fredi forgot there were two outs already. Pitchers bunting for base hits is a no hoper.

  62. Know this keeps being harped on: but how much longer will Gonzalez leave a sub-.300 OBP hitter in the leadoff spot?

  63. There’s why. Sweet grounder with the bat control of Ichiro to make the pitcher deflect it into no man’s land, and then a stolen base when the catcher fumbled the ball and threw it into center field. You can’t measure that in a stat line.

  64. Not sure if Hudson should just start walking Helton every time. Guess we got lucky this time.

  65. #161: I’m all about giving credit where it’s due, and I ain’t no Schafer hater, but isn’t it a little bit of hyperbole to grant him the “bat control of Ichiro”? Maybe by accident in that one at bat.

  66. There’s why. Sweet grounder with the bat control of Ichiro to make the pitcher deflect it into no man’s land, and then a stolen base when the catcher fumbled the ball and threw it into center field. You can’t measure that in a stat line.


  67. @148 – Sounds good. I’ll probably be in section 123, which is pretty close. I’ve never actually met a braves journalist. Never been completely sure you people actually exist, and I don’t see anyone volunteering to take a Turing test.

  68. @166 – So that’s like a benevolent infection right? The enemy of your enemy is your friend, after all.

  69. ajcbraves David O’Brien
    For what #Braves seem willing to give up in trade, Gomes fits bill better than others available. Can only hit lefties, but hits ’em well
    3 minutes ago

  70. I’ve guessed five guys for the trivia question. Each has one shutout at Coors. Four of the five have multiple complete games at Coors. This one is stumping me.

  71. Sixth guess. Another one shutout guy. Geez. I’m really good at remembering Coors Field shutouts, apparently. I just can’t get the guy with two.

  72. @170

    Yeah, it is better to hold on to 12 starting pitchers in AAA than win the World Series.

    Of course, DOB is full of shit.

  73. Am I bad person for hoping Schafer was hurt badly enough on that slide to miss some time?

  74. Johnny Gomes! Come out to Turner Field and feel the Melky/Rick Ankel/Andy Ashby excitement!

    Can’t wait to read the DOB/Peanut/Chip & Joe how Gomes is the second coming of Hank Aaron and what a great teammate he is.

  75. An established level of skill in area of need?

    This is just like people saying Gearrin=Moylan because they’re both righty sidearmers.

  76. Terrible….hard to believe how the momentum in this series has changed….

  77. The Rockies, like the Braves before, have two runners on and no one out. Wonder if they’ll score…

  78. We haven’t actually traded for Gomes yet, and nobody said that was all Wren is trying to acquire. Chill, people.

  79. Melky Cabrera pulled from Royals’ game, was seen shaking hands in the dugout soon after.

    Hope Cabrera is going to the Phillies.

  80. When I see a pitchout work like that I think someone is successfully stealing signs.

  81. I like how the Braves broadcast mentions the play on Heyward in the sixth as the reason the Rockies still have the lead as opposed to Prado’s moronic baserunning.

  82. Dan Uggla has actually been a good hitter “close and late” all year, mostly because he’s been hitting relievers well all year. It’s Uggla being good out of the clutch that’s new.

  83. Damn Chip Caray.

    Can’t remember how many fly balls this season I thought were fly outs, heard Caray going crazy and then got perked up, only to be let down when it was indeed a fly out.

  84. If they were going to cost me Nicasio’s win, the least the Braves could have done was win the freaking game.

  85. Everyone (including myself) have been sucking off the Big Two of Kimbrel and JV this season, but EOF has had an awesome year and doesn’t get the pub. At one point, wasn’t he O’Failurety on here? Dude is awesome.

  86. Walking Wigginton to get to CarGo? Why did Fredlot think that was going to end well?

  87. And I go to most hated Braves poster for pimping EOF before he gives up the walk off hit. My bad.

  88. I always try to support Fredi, but this is completely stupid, moronic, idiotic…and whatever freaking word you can use…

  89. The majority of the loss falls on Fredi. Bmac, or Conrad, shouldve hit for AAG in the 8th.

  90. This loss is on Fredi. There is no way to get around that. I agree with all you guys now, he is dumb.

  91. We can blame Fredi, and lord knows he is an idiot. But if Prado at least tries to make a play that little leaguers make he keeps it in front of him and Fowler doesn’t get to 2nd.

  92. Wait, so should managers use statistics, or not?

    Leftist are hitting .172 against OEF, versus .241 from righties.

    Gonzalez is hitting .239 against lefties, while Wiggington is hitting .306.

    It was the right move.

  93. Ty Wigginton is also hitting .208 during the month of July and was hitless in the series. Carlos Gonzalez was OPS’ing .927 in the month of July, before tonight, and it went up. It was a bad decision.

  94. You don’t walk a career utility player like Ty Wigginton to face Carlos Gonzalez. Ever. I don’t care what the matchup is. It’s common sense, which our clown manager clearly lacks, among many other things.

  95. @263 “During the month of July” is an incredibly short, and also arbitrary, sample. The better play is to pitch to Gonzalez.

    @264 So you’d rather go with a higher chance of losing, but one you’ll feel better about, than the higher chance of winning, but one you’ll feel bad about losing. Makes perfect sense.

    But hey, I can see it “Fredi is a moron” mode around here, and to hell with the facts. It’s not like I think he’s a good manager, but it’s always a sad thing to see such group-think devolve into mindlessness. Let’s keep our wits about us.

    @266 Is that your gut feeling?

    I just want some consistency from you guys. Should Fredi manage on common sense, or data? It can’t be whichever one allows you to yell at him at a particular moment. Pick one and stick with it.

  96. It’s not really useful to work off a half season of PAs against lefties to get splits. Splits usually take a few seasons to work out. Both players have roughly the same BA vs Lefties over their careers, and CarGo has been as hot as fire recently while Wigginton has been ice. It’s good to look at the numbers, but, sometimes, the gut reaction is the right one. Don’t walk the guy.

  97. Even if the hitters are even, EOF is not. He’s better against lefties. You’re ignoring half the data. Leftiest against against EOF career: .214. Righties: .276. So if the hitting splits are even, the better play is still to pitch to Gonzalez.

    So gut feeling it is. Check. I’ll remember that tomorrow.

  98. Facts: 1.) We walked Wigginton to get to Gonzalez. 2.) Gonzalez is better than Wigginton. 3.) Gonzalez beat us.

  99. Prado hits lefties better than McCann. With the game on the line and a left-hander on the mound, who would you rather pitch to?

    Given the news this week that the Braves coaches don’t even look at the stat packs, it’s pretty unlikely Fredi was even aware of CarGo’s splits. He was playing by the “book”.

  100. @270 Gonzalez has been red hot. Can’t just be managing by the numbers. Otherwise, a machine would do.

  101. The hitters aren’t even. CarGo is seeing the ball something fierce. Wigginton is working through a funk. It’s not an idiotic move, but it is odd to give a pass to the weaker slumping hitter over the smoking hot guy who was an MVP candidate last year.

    You’re also doing that straw man thing where you purposely misread my remark about gut reaction. I get trolling, but you need to be more subtle.

  102. CarGo also has a .973 OPS at home and .669 away this year. Pretty sure his MVP run last year was fueled by Coors also. It’s not cut and dried statistically, IMO.

  103. Pitching to a part-time starter vs. pitching to, arguably, their best player. Seriously? Even a question?

  104. @275, It’s good to question these things. In this case, it looks like Fredi made the wrong call, but it’s hard to weigh all of the stuff at the time, so he’s hardly an idiot for walking the part-timer.

  105. @276,

    Exactly. The L/R split is balanced out by his recent numbers and his home numbers. When you throw in O’Flaherty’s splits, I’m not sure which matchup would be best, but it seems like it would be closer than the L/R splits would suggest.

  106. I don’t see how you can blame Freddy for this: Prado makes an error and he walks Wigginton to face CarGo. Why? Possibly because he knew that CarGo has never hit EOF well (the Rockies announcers said the Gonzalez was hitting .175 against EOF). Add to that it was not Freddy’s fault that EOF then grooved one for CarGo….

  107. Seems a little harsh to blame this loss all on the manager. Lots of people contributed to this one. Maybe walking Wigginton was a bad idea and maybe it wasn’t- seems like you can find data to argue either case- but regardless that wasn’t the only issue tonight.

  108. I don’t think Fredi made a great move, my wrath is directed at Prado and DOB for getting my hopes up about a move that hasn’t happened. I’m impatient, dammit!

  109. I don’t particularly care about the decision. My personal belief is you make bad players beat you.

    I remember a similar debate when we were in Florida, with the tying run on second, and first base open, I said we should walk Stanton. We didn’t, he hit a game tying single. We didn’t walk him because he represented the winning run, and you “never put the winning run on base.” My stance is that Mike Stanton is in scoring position in the batter’s box.

    The thing about decisions like this, no matter what you do you’re going to be “right” 70% of the time, because even a Hall-of-Famer only gets the hit 30% of the time. So whichever side of this you’re on, you’re probably subject to confirmation bias. Once you go to the 9th tied, someone’s gotta get a hit that wins the game. If I’m managing, it ain’t gonna be Mike Stanton. It ain’t gonna be CarGo either.

  110. @282 I agree with that. Sometimes we make things too complicated. You simply don’t allow their best player who is red hot and at Coors to beat us.

  111. Prado had his share in the loss, but I mostly blame Fredi.

    AAG has a .382OPS in July and batting 6th, Ross was 8th for some reason. AAG shouldnt have ever hit with 2 outs and RISP in the 8th, thats where BMac should have pinch hit. I dont like walking Wigginton to get to Cargo, but I understand why he did it. I dont agree with it though. I also dont like losing in a walkoff when Kimbrel is sitting in the pen either.

  112. Yeah, pretty standard Auto-Pilot game by Fredi.

    “For me, you gotta save Mac for when the bases are empty, since he can hit the ball out. Man on third, for me, its like, anyone can get a base hit. Send Mac up there, he hits a 3-run shot, its like you wasted him.

  113. @287, Becasue getting three runs is worse than getting one run.

    What happened to the good old days when you could trade a manager

  114. #287 – He didnt say that, right?

    From Ken Rosehthal…

    The Astros’ Hunter Pence, at least at the moment, is not the Braves’ slugger of choice, two major-league sources say.

    If the Braves are close to a trade – as some sources and reports suggest – then it’s not for the Mets’ Carlos Beltran, who still is in play for a number of clubs.

    As always, trade talks are fluid. A single phone call can change everything. But one thing is clear: The Braves fully intend to boost their offense before the July 31 non-waiver deadline

  115. @287, If it’s the end of the game, your team has lost, and you never sent your best hitter to the plate, then you wasted him. Fredi’s brain makes no sense to me.

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