Braves 9, Rockies 1

Box Score

The new argument against Jair Jurrjens, no doubt, will be that the league leader in ERA is getting too many runs scored for him and that’s why he’s 12-3.

The Braves broke on top in the first and never looked back. Schafer (who went 4-5, he always seems to either be great or horrid, usually the latter) led off the game with a triple. AAG scored him with a single, then came home on a double by Brian McCann, the best catcher in baseball. With two out, Eric Hinske (starting in right) singled home McCann to make it 3-0. Chipper made it 5-0 with a homer, with McCann on board, in the third. The Rockies didn’t have a baserunner until the fourth.

Jurrjens actually struggled a bit in the middle innings, having trouble finishing batters off. In the fifth, the Rockies got a double and two singles to score a run. In the sixth, they got the first two on, but with one out stupidly tried a double-steal and got a runner thrown out. That was Jurrjens’ last inning.

The Braves loaded the bases in the bottom of the inning; Heyward, pinch-hitting against a lefty with three righthanded hitters on the bench, grounded into a double play to score one run, then Schafer singled to make it 7-1. Uggla hit a homer in the eighth, scoring Wilkin Ramirez, and finished the scoring. Fredi didn’t even use any of his top three relievers, using Linebrink in the seventh, Sherrill in the eighth, and Proctor in a situation made for him in the ninth.

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  1. Proctor 1.0 0 0 0 0 1 0 3.78 (AS 1)

    Can we haul out the Atlanta Save for the Proctologist?

    EDIT: BTW – After perusing the Glossary tonight, you need to add The Best Catcher in Baseball and The Best Back-Up Catcher in Baseball. You know, to balance out the Hamster.

  2. Uggla HR was off mistake in hitting zone, but he had been missing those.
    I think his biggest problem was his head, so hope is alive.

  3. Stanton’s GW HR was a laser. I think it was still going up when it crossed the wall.

  4. I’m still okay with Schafer leading off. To hell with his numbers. Heck, as long as McLouth still gets starts, I’m okay with Schafer getting starts.

    What a nice piece of hitting the Chipper Jones homer was.

    Tonight was more of a typical JJ start in my mind—correct if I’m wrong—but more evidence as to why his last start blew my mind.

    Kimbrel’s record-breaking year…and no All-Star hook-up…as if the All-Star farce needed any further examples: Heyyy-LOOOO

  5. 16 games over .500. That’s impressive. I am looking forward to a big second half by Uggla.

    Beating up the Rockies is awesome. Let’s sweep them when there is a chance.

  6. Man, that Mike Stanton can sure hit ’em.

    Guess you just can’t take those big leads for granted. Reds were up on the Cards 8-0 in the bottom of the 6th. It’s now 8-8 in the 11th.

    Looking ahead to a weekend in the The Town of Misery & Funnel Cakes…

    Fri: Beachy/Halladay
    Sat: Hanson/Lee
    Sun: Lowe/Hamels

  7. The guys on Baseball Tonight tried to disparage UZR at the end of the broadcast. They didn’t seem to solid on the concept, but the fact they even mentioned it is progress of a sort, I suppose.

  8. @11 I am still not sold on all defensive stats.

    @9 The Phillies throw the best three starters at us and we counter with bottom two. Way to go Fredi!!!

  9. At 5 games up on Arizona for the WC, we’re in a relatively comfy playoff spot right now. No need to re-arrange the rotation for the Phils.

    Would def love to win that series, but as long as we don’t get swept, we’re alright rolling into the break.

  10. Braves winning and TMBG… good morning it is. Can I please get the job where I get to hang out in a room and yell stupid lyrics with TMBG please? Cause I’m pretty sure that beats the crap out of coding and meetings.

  11. Just what exactly is Fredi supposed to do, juggle the entire rotation to aim at the Philly series in July? The rotation is what it is.

    I understand the weather catastrophes are Fredi’s fault too.

  12. How would you rank our starters performance so far?

    JJ, Hanson, Beachy, Hudson, Lowe?

  13. The secret to having a good record is beating up on the weaker teams, which we have been doing and has gotten us back in the race. Play good defense and hit well and all the starters can win. Hudson and Lowe were our best starters not long ago.

  14. ERA+
    JJ – 205
    Hanson – 152
    Beachy – 119
    Hudson – 108
    Lowe – 91

    JJ – 3.10
    Hanson – 3.05
    Beachy – 3.18
    Hudson – 3.41
    Lowe – 3.49

    JJ – 3.76
    Hanson – 3.06
    Beachy – 2.93
    Hudson – 3.33
    Lowe – 3.43

  15. The Freeman’s Seamen are now my favorite Turner Field fan club, vulgar and juvenile as the concept might be. I couldn’t really tell they were dressed like sailors from where I was sitting, I just saw a group of guys in all white and the banner. I immediately assumed the worst and thought they’d probably get kicked out, but Turner field/Peachtree TV guys seemed to be filming them off and on all game.

    Also, Charlie Blackmon is one ugly dude up close, and Snitker scratches his ass a lot (assuming that’s not part of his signs).

  16. @12, obviously, neither am I, but I try to at least have a rational rather than reflexive basis for doing so, and I do think they have value (which will go up as they are refined).

  17. The only defensive metric I’ve ever really liked is . Unfortunately, I can’t find any updated leaderboards for it. I’ve implemented a form of the “batter” part of it for personal use, and that’s generally what I use to evaluate players I don’t see every day. (FYI, under that method, the only CF better than Andruw since the early 70s is Garry Maddox. I consider this passing the “Andruw test” for defensive metrics.)

  18. Well, since we are half way through the season lets look at UZR #’s.

    Freeman -6.2
    Uggla -5.5
    AAG 2.7
    Chipper -5.3
    Heyward -1.5
    Schafer 3.7
    McLouth CF -8.8
    McLouth LF 2.5
    Prado LF 2.2

    Could you imagine how good the pitching could be with decent defensive players behind them? I find it hard to believe they are this bad around the horn. Will these numbers get progressively better with more innings?

  19. Pulling out UZR ratings over half a season isn’t going to produce reliable results. That Freeman rating is total crap.

  20. 1. Success 8
    2. AAG 6
    3. Chipper 5
    4. Freeman 3
    5. Uggla 4
    6. Heyward 9
    7. Ross 2
    8. McLouth 7
    9. Hudson 1

  21. @28- Here’s ” rel=”nofollow”>another I think it’s awesome, and to a layman, those look like legit Navy uniforms. I don’t know if they’re active servicemen, but certainly the type of humor is consistent w/20 year old enlisted guys.

    If it’s Game 3 of a playoff series, I still want Hudson over Beachy, stats be dammed.

  22. The host on First Take just said, when talking about the Phillies chances to win the division, “Does it help they don’t have any competition in the division, well besides the Mets”. Way to be on top of your job.

  23. If UZR is indicating that Freeman is a poor defensive player, that statistic is useless or, worse, damnably misleading.

  24. Question: If Chipper plays in the AS game, but goes on the DL afterwards, will his DL stint begin on the day of the AS game or will it be in effect for the last official game he played? It seems obvious that his knee needs to get scoped and doing it at some point around the AS break, and after Prado returns, seems to be obvious.

    If his knee is bothering him like he says, I still don’t understand why he is starting today. Why not give him a rest before the Phillies series?

  25. Updated NL 1B Scoops leaders:

    Pena, 37
    Freddie, 29
    Loney, 19
    Sanchez, 18
    Pujols, 17

  26. DOB tweet: Makes little/no sense, but they’re winning. RT @jonathanganz: @ajcbraves What drugs Fredi Gonzalez is on? Alex Gonzalez (269 OBP, 353 SLG) bats 2nd while Jason Heyward (316 OBP, 391 SLG) is 7th!


  27. Who gives a f**k about the “range” of a first baseman? Especially of one who can pick it like Freddie? Range is important in CF or middle infield, but 1B? Come on. Wonder what McCann’s UZR is, or Jurrjens’, for that matter. /sarcasm

  28. Have you seen anyone here argue that UZR is a good way to measure a first baseman’s defense?

  29. UZR isn’t just range. It includes pretty much everything except “scoops.” Just by watching him play, I’d say the UZR is misleading, but it’s only half a season. If he still looks bad after three years of data while playing at his current level, we can start to rip the system. As is, UZR isn’t seen by anyone as being good for very much over such a small sample.

  30. The advanced defensive metrics for LFs have also seemed wonky to me. The relative stats (WAR) don’t work well because, unlike at other positions, there are few truly good fielders in LF. So a positive rating usually just means you suck somewhat less. And the absolute stats (UZR) don’t seem to account properly for the team-specific interrelationship between LF and CF, leading to wild swings in the data.

  31. Regarding the poll could I suggest my Snitker bobble head doll which has an uneven mustache? On the bobble head the mustache is handle bar on one side of his face and a policeman’s corner to corner on the other. Think half Andy Reid half Jamie Hyneman from Mythbusters.

  32. Wow, Heyward only has 1HR and 6RBI’s since April 29th. He also had an .884OPS on that day and is currently sitting at .706.

  33. Nice recovery.

    I’m not sure Hudson would’ve even gotten Giambi there. It was one of those perfectly placed swinging bunts.

  34. Schafer was out, and the Rockies pitcher is getting squeezed. Thx for the help, Blues.

  35. Are we really witnessing the breakout of Dan Uggla right now? Would be soooo nice.

  36. @84, Thanks for that. I’m surprised there are so many positive comments. I fixed that.

  37. You know what, kudos to Jason Giambi. When the whole world knows you’re a steroid freak, just go all out man.

    Also, he looks like Ogre from Revenge of the Nerds.

  38. Everyone should thank me for calling out Heyward at #48, nice work today. Uggla looks much better at the plate again today.

  39. Maybe this is too much to ask, but I would love it if Fredi doesn’t use Venters today. He pitched the first two games of the Rockies series and I’d like it if we could run him out several times vs. the Phils if necessary.

  40. I was listening to the game on radio during that five-run inning, and Don Sutton described their demeanor on the field as that of “someone waiting for a bus that’s 45 minutes late.” Watching it now on TV, I’d say that’s a pretty apt description.

  41. Peter Gammons tweeted that he’s heard Beachy-Quentin three times today.

    How could we fit Quentin into our lineup?

    RF- Heyward
    C- Schafer/McLouth
    LF- Quentin

    What would we do with Prado?

  42. I like the idea of saving our good relievers for the Phillies. We’ll need ’em.

  43. What the hell just happened? Couldn’t we have a pinch hitter and Gearrin/Linebrink pitch the last two innings with a likely 5-run lead?

  44. I guess Fredi is going to stretch Hudson today since he doesn’t start again until after the ASB. He’s already at 108 pitches.

  45. Gearrin, Sherrill, and Linebrink will have plenty of chances to get work in later. I’m fine with letting Huddy go here.

    EDIT: Okay now that’s dumb. If their runner on 1st with 1 out is enough of a threat to pull, then you shoulda valued your runner on 3rd with 1 out enough to pinch hit.

  46. I’m not watching the game. Forget pitch count; does Hudson look tired, or is he still going strong? It’s not like he threw a whole bunch of balls last time he was up. I can’t see his pitches, but his strikes say let him pitch.

  47. I suppose it’s no big deal. As long as O’Ventbrel gets some rest before the big series this weekend, I’m happy.

  48. Hudson looked fine, and I think Fredi pulled him at the right time. He’s saving the pen, which is what we keep fussing about.

  49. Or he’ll be lifted anyway for O’Flaherty. Somebody make sense of this for me.

  50. Hudson is only at 116. They should be throwing 120 every time they pitch. His innings have been relatively stress free. If EOF gets through the 8th ok, Id let him finish the game.

  51. It’s a Bobby Cox holdover to treat a four run lead as a close game. I don’t know that I have a problem using ace relievers with the tying run in the hole.

  52. Seriously? With a huge series coming up and EOF pitching last night? With a 4 run lead? What the hell sense does this make?

  53. There’s no guarantee we’ll need any of those guys in the series in Philly. We could blow them out, they could blow us out. Right now it’s a 4-run lead with runners on.

  54. I can deal with O’Flaherty pitching here (even though I think it’s idiotic) just so long as Venters is saved for the Phils.

  55. I guess we’ll see Venters after all.

    Also, that run last inning might turn out to be important. Probably shouldn’t have punted on trying to score.

  56. 130 – Obviously. Nobody is arguing against bringing in the best relievers now that the bases are loaded. It’s the letting Hudson bat, then lifting him immediately in the 8th inning that was ridiculous. We sacrificed a run and used the back end of the pen anyway.

  57. He’s just nasty. Id let Johnny pitch the 9th since he only threw 4 pitches and give him tomorrow off now.

  58. as long as venters is already in what about leaving him in for the 9th and giving kimbrel the full day off?

  59. Countdown to Joe Simpson’s upcoming mention of useless “most saves by a rookie before the All Star break” stat begins now.

  60. Fredi wants to Kimbrel to get the most saves by a rookie before the ASB, I guess…

  61. It’s a save situation now; I’d be surprised if Fredi didn’t hand the ball to Kimbrel in the 9th. Also, Kimbrel hasn’t shown any indications of arm fatigue like Venters has, so I’m not as concerned about his workload (despite the fact that he has thrown a lot of innings).

  62. At least Venters didn’t have to work hard only throwing 4 pitches.

    If the Braves can score here then Proctor or Gearrin can finish this off.

  63. Based on the play-by-play, Fredi’s making all the right moves here.

    7th: Hudson throws seven strikes and three balls. Unless he’s losing a lot of velocity or he looks like he’s laboring, there’s every reason to give the pen a break and keep him in the game.

    8th: Huddy walks a guy, and I’m assuming he’s showing signs of fading, so, after two batters, Fredi pulls him. Since it’s Atlanta Close, he puts in his third best reliever. When that guy fails and the tying run is at the plate, he puts in the ace reliever.

    I see zero problems with any of this.

  64. I’m not as concerned about his workload (despite the fact that he has thrown a lot of innings).

    Quote of the day.

  65. I’ve been critical in the past when he uses Proctor in high-leverage situations or puts in his studs with five run leads, but Fredi’s not dropping the ball here.

  66. @149 – Are you suggesting there’s any reason to believe that an additional inning for Kimbrel is more risky, health-wise, than an additional inning of Venters? If so, please share.

  67. Kimbrel had a day off yesterday and is about to have at least four straight days off. I really don’t have a problem bringing him in.

    Also, this Phillies series should not be treated like a playoff series or anything. We obviously want to win it, but there’s no need to spend any extra effort “setting things up” for the series. As ububba said earlier, we’re five games up in the wild card. It’s pretty much just another series, as far as I’m concerned. Barring a sweep either way, it’s really gonna turn out to be pretty meaningless, and even with a sweep, it wouldn’t be anything to go nuts over.

  68. Forget the records. The more records and saves that Kimbrel racks up the more costly he’s going to be in the near future. I can be selfish like that cant I?

  69. @148, The concern, and it’s a valid one, is why not pinch hit for Hudson with a runner in scoring position and one out? If Hinske or Conrad knock him in, that’s a five run lead and you can go to Proctor, Linebrink, or Cheryl.

  70. Kimbrel’s got two more years of being paid the ML minimum. There’s no chance we’re signing him to a long-term deal. He’s a reliever. They all break down. We might as well chew him up and spit him out while he’s cheap.

  71. I dont blame Fredi for any of these moves, actually agree with most of them. I may have PH for Hudson in the 7th, but I wouldnt stress over it. Kimbrel or Venters needs to finish this game and worry about tomorrow later. 4 game sweep over a potential wild card team is huge.

  72. I agree, Other Nick. A win against the Phillies only counts for 1 in the ‘W’ column. In reality, the Braves’ concern should be staying well out in front in the WC so as to be guaranteed a playoff spot. If we win the division outright, well so much the better.

  73. 2 outs on 3 pitches is a good start. 9 pitch save is pretty efficient. Nice win, huge sweep!! Thanks Cargo/Tulo

  74. Pretty good game by Heyward today: 3-for-4, HR, 2B, 2 RBI, R. Maybe he’s starting to come out of it a bit.

  75. The second best record in all of baseball: Your 2011 Atlanta Braves!

    All thanks to future manager of the year: Fredi Gonzalez.

  76. I think the Braves actually are 3rd in MLB, behind the Phils & Yanks.

    But, to quote the old ARS song, “I’m not gonna let it bother me tonight.”

  77. Jose Reyes on the DL—and why does that kinda suck?

    He’ll miss the Mets/Phils series right after the all-star break.

  78. I think Reyes landing on the DL just cost him some $$$ and ensures that the Mets will sell a little sooner.

  79. Freeman has now passed my projection of home runs for the season. As has Chipper.

  80. I’ve decided to call him Fre-Fre, pronounced “Fray-Fray”, sort of like “Jay Jay” from Good Times.

  81. Is it too negtive to think we are unlikely to pass Phils so we should not think a win against is better than a win against any other team? The June and July Braves have been the best team in Baseball, but dreams end. Beat the Phils.

  82. Alright, Braves Journal fantasy players, whom would you choose between Jake Westbrook and Randy Wells for the rest of the season? Wins, Ks, and ERA are the relevant stat categories.

  83. I haven’t watched a lot of Braves games, but I happen to catch the game on MLB network today and here is an observation. Ron Gant is terrible. He is boring, sounds uninterested, and really must be replaced. I was in shock of how bad he sounds. He does okay sitting at a desk on MLB Network, but doing a game….awful.

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