Braves 11, Astros 4

Atlanta Braves vs. Houston Astros – Box Score – June 10, 2011 – ESPN.

I don’t know where that came from. Maybe it was the two priests sitting behind home plate, who somehow performed an exorcism on the Braves’ bats. Maybe it was the presence of Larry Wayne Jones Sr., known hitting guru. Or maybe it was just a terrible Astros’ pitching staff.

Anyway, the Braves took the lead in the first in the sort of way they’ve scored most of their recent runs — Jordan Schafer walked and stole second, then came home on a two-out single by Freddie Freeman. But in the third, the Braves put up four runs. With two out, Dan Uggla doubled — an extremely unlikely event — and Chipper Jones hit a little dribbler into the Bermuda Triangle near first base, which the first baseman, trying to make an impossible play, threw to the dugout allowing Uggla to score. Freeman hit a colossal homer to right field to make it 4-0, followed by a solo shot into the terrible short deck in left by Alex Gonzalez.

The Astros cut it to 5-1 in the third with a triple and a groundout off of Tim Hudson, but in the fifth the Braves broke it open with four more runs, highlighted by a two-run double from AAG. A wild pitch cut it to 9-2 in the bottom of the inning, but you aren’t going to win many games when your opponents are getting four-run innings and you’re getting one run at a time. The Braves’ scoring was capped with solo homers to the terrible deck by Eric Hinske in the seventh and Chipper in the eighth. After the Dueling Scotts each managed a scoreless inning, The Lisp pitched the ninth, allowing a two-run homer.

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  1. All those runs with Brian McCann, the best catcher in baseball, getting the day off. Two stolen bases by Schafer, and none caught stealing.

    It’s possible the Braves should do this blowout thing more often since it seemed to work for getting Jonny Venters, the best reliever in baseball, EOF and Kimbrel a day of rest.

  2. I will not believe this was an actual Braves game unless I see footage of Venters, Kimbrel or O’Flaherty pitching in it.

  3. Uh, this winning streak coincides with my suggesting (and Mac obliging) that we start every day with a Steely Dan song. Thank you. Thank you very much.

    Hasn’t helped Uggla any, but we are, duh, winning!

    Trying to figure out where “Dirty Work” fits. Venters subbing for Kimbrell?

    Btw, Ross needs more or less work. Sheesh.

    Can we just send Florida and Vandy to Omaha and have done with it?

  4. So those sugar-free products that say, “excess consumption may have laxative effect,”…yeah, listen to it.

  5. Yeah, Stu, Thompson can write. But so can you. And Sansho. And many that I’m unintentionally slighting.

    And, certainly, Mac.

    We’re in an odd time. Wordcraft, though increasingly rare, is devalued as the raw supply is increasing.

    The “thousand words” observation is proving to be ineffably true.

    I fear our intelligence is becoming a mile wide and an inch deep.

    Whoever perfects wins.

  6. Dad’s at it again…

    DOB: You’ve said your left-handed swing hasn’t been good lately. (Had opposite-field homer to LF and single to LF tonight)

    “No, but my dad is unbelievable. I mean, we had one conversation this afternoon. He just simplified things. I’ve got one extra hinge in my wrist, where when I cock it, the bat comes up this way [in front of him]. And he was like, just flatten it out and take your tuck around your head, as opposed to over your head. And … wow. I haven’t hit two balls to left field like that all year. So it’s nice to get some results.”

  7. Greetings from LA…

    That 8-hour delay left me a little wobbly, but it was nice to wake up & see the Braves put a good stomping on a bad team. Helluva road trip so far.

  8. i met a girl tonight. got her number. she’s black, but i don’t give two shits. beautiful… she’s a bartender. i think ima take her to bob evqans 2moro but im drunk as shit so idk

  9. Not to defend Emma or anything, but dude’s clearly just high on life after meeting an apparently beautiful bartender (potentially racist undertones ignored). Last time I did that I spent $20 on a tip and woke up with the worst hangover of my life in Savannah. A bob evans wasn’t available so we went to waffle house instead. Shame, since the cranberry salads at BE are quite delicious. I was halfway through my waffle when I realized how ridiculous it is to fall in love with bartenders. That didn’t stop me from continuing to do so regularly to this day.

    Anyway, too bad we wasted two weeks worth of offense on one game, but go Braves.

  10. I look forward to checking Hit Tracker Online in a couple days to see how far that Freeman home run traveled. I call BS on the 430 quote they gave during the broadcast.

  11. Uggla does have 2 hits this week, he’s probably batting 200 for the week, so in reality, he has broken out!

    What a great game! Finally one where I’m not a nervous wreck the entire night!

    Good call about the Priests, it can’t be coincidence!

  12. 4 in a row, 4 in a row, 4 in a row!

    Dan is back…clap-clap…clap-clap-clap

    (psst- just let me have my ignorant, oblivious, realit-free optimistic moment, will you?!!!)

  13. Aww, shucks. AAR and ububba are our resident professional squiggle sorters.

    Nice win, but losing our glue guy for the next 3+ weeks is a damn shame. Have there been other instances of staph at the Marlins’ facility?

    Braves HR Leaders

    Prado – 8
    McCann – 7
    Hinske – 7
    Gonzalez -7
    Heyward – 7
    Uggla – 7
    Freeman – 6
    Chipper – 6

  14. sansho1 said:

    Braves HR Leaders
    Prado – 8
    McCann, the best catcher in baseball – 7
    Hinske – 7
    Gonzalez -7
    Heyward – 7
    Uggla – 7
    Freeman – 6
    Chipper – 6


  15. I filled out my all star ballot and obviously voted for Brian McCann who is the best catcher in baseball, but surprisingly after comparing the stats, I voted Chipper at 3rd. There are just no 3rd basemen in the NL having a really good year. Kemp and Berkman were obvious choices in the OF, but I chose Ryan Braun over Matt Holliday. Braun and Holliday are very close statistically, but Braun has played 20 more games and has 8 more homeruns.

  16. Chipper’s dad knows his swings after watching them for 30 years. Chipper trusts his dad from the results. Golfer know that getting a new gold clubs helps your swing (for a while). Half the game is physical, half mental and the last half psychological.

  17. #9–Sorry about the 8 hour delay. Last Saturday I had about 14 hours waiting for three flights–it has taken the better part of a week to get it back together….

    I hope that we did not use up our run quota last night….

  18. I don’t think I’d want him to find out. That position is cursed.

    Chipper’s leg problems, the horrendous suck of Garret Anderson, Nate McLouth, and Melky Cabrera, and finally Martin Prado’s staph…

    I wouldn’t wish a left field assignment on my worst enemy.

  19. 28 – And now Ryan Klesko is (allegedly) aiming loaded guns at people’s heads!

    Anyway. Here’s something amusing, surprising, and generally heartening, at least considering the team’s horrible offense so far: right now the Braves are on pace to win 91 games, which is how many they won last season. They’re also tied for the 5th best record in the majors.

  20. What was that about moving Florida on to the CWS? MSU closer goes 5 innings to keep them in the game, one hell of a performance.

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