214 thoughts on “Exiled game thread: April 4, Braves at Brewers”

  1. 4 straight day games to open the season. Im ready to sit on the couch after work and have something to watch. These day games do help with a boring day at the office though.

  2. Game is at 2:10 PM, just to throw you off.

    Being in Euroland I’m happy about day games since it means they start before the usual 1 AM here, though of course I’m working late today and will miss the game.

  3. I’m just glad to be out of DC. It means I can watch the games live now! (Well, the parts of them I’m around for anyways!)

  4. If the Marlins, Rays, Blue Jays and Dimondbacks contracted, and no one was around, would it make a sound?

  5. Huh. I didn’t actually watch the women. I just thought they never lost. I wonder why the dean references a victory.

    EDIT: my bad. This is actually from 2004.

  6. from the previous thread …

    If OBP is truly the uberstat, I like the direction we’re heading.

    Question: does OBP win championships?

  7. From the last thread: Two rookies in a row with 90 walk seasons?

    No. Freeman walked 133 times in 1759 MiLB PA’s. He’d need to more than double his minor-league walk rate to get to 90, assuming he stays healthy and doesn’t start getting benched against lefties (or just at all). His patience has improved some; he isn’t quite Billy BB% yet.

  8. Scrolling through the last few years of NL team stats, there are years (like 2010) when OBP looks to have a stronger correlation to runs scored than SLG, but other years (like 2008) when SLG looks just as clearly superior. I’m just eyeballing it, though. OBP is traditionally held to be the more important component of individual OPS, but I wonder if there’s something about the relationship between the two stats on a teamwide or leaguewide level that might be murkier.

  9. 2010 aggregate difference in NL team ranks between (A) runs scored and OBP, and (B) runs scored and SLG:

    (A) 22
    (B) 30

    In 2008:

    (A) 46
    (B) 26

  10. Scoring more than your opponents in the requisite number of postseason games wins championships. Anything else is just a surrogate.

  11. Jeff, that’s just what Tim McCarver says every October!

    “The way to win a baseball game is you’ve got to have good pitching. And if you don’t have good pitching, you’ve got to put runs on the board and outscore the other team.”

  12. In baseball, paying players wins championships. Just like in college football.

    I have been on the VU baseball bandwagon since Pedro Alvarez made an error in a game I attended while at UGA. Some no name pitcher tossed that game for VU actually. Sad story, I heard he recently stole an AK 47 from a rental home in Florida.

  13. DJ @ #2 I was going to correct you and say that Red Sox fans are the most obnoxious fans on the planet, but then I realized UCONN fans are Red Sox fans.

  14. They’re riding a high, football and basketball team both won their conference this year. Imagine how obnoxious fans from Ohio State would get if that ever happened there.

  15. A Kentucky fan complaining about how obnoxious someone else’s fans are. That’s amusing.

    Also, college baseball is filled to the brim with managers who will bunt at every single opportunity. I’ve never understood it. With the crappy pitching and metal bats, it doesn’t make any sense whatsoever. Some managers will even bunt with their best hitter with runners at first and second and one out. I guess they’re trying to convince themselves that they’re world-class managers or something, but a large number of them would do better just to sit there and not do anything.

  16. Man, the pregame show w/ Buck Belue, Lemke, Chuck Dowdle and Leo Mazzone is really grating.

  17. #32
    Believe it or not, plenty of UConn folks root for the Yankees.

    BTW, UK & UConn fans are similarly entitled. I saw the 2 teams play at MSG last year & I thought those 2 groups kinda deserved each other.

  18. When asked who helped him get to the Hall of Fame, Rodman had a simple answer: “Me.”

    If only more basketball players were like Dennis Rodman.

  19. @35,

    I understand why the appeal of using former Braves in the booth and pre/post game show, but the guys they have are all terrible. Gant, Jordan, Lemmer, Leo, and Jay Powell, blah! Glavine is decent, but I am a Glavine guy.

    Smoltz was great. I wish they could have kept him in the booth.

    I like Joe, Don and Jim Powell. Those guys together would be great.

  20. Just heard Jay Powell during the rain delay on Saturday. His lack of insight is matched only by his lack of enthusiasm. Between that and the unfortunately gruesome end to his pitching career, I can say I’ve had more than enough Jay Powell in my life.

  21. Any broadcast featuring Gas Bag Belue is hard to listen to.

    I guess I’m not phrasing my question correctly (and, yes, there’s probably a website for this), but here goes:

    If On-Base-Percentage is the most directly-relatable statistic to success in baseball, is there empirical evidence that teams at or near the top in OBP make it to the World Series?

    If anyone has that answer at their fingertips (or would like to use this question as a basis for discussion), I look forward to your answer.

    If not, I’ll go looking myself and report back.

  22. mlbbowman
    #Braves lineup: Prado 7 McLouth 8 Chipper 5 Uggla 4 Heyward 9 Gonzalez 6 Freeman 3 Ross 2 Beachy 1

    I’d rather have Ross bat 6th than AAG. Everyone already has commented about the McLouth/Heyward thing already.

  23. I find your OPS question interesting in its relationship to run scoring, but not in its relationship to championship winning, as there are rather significant aspects of playing baseball (pitching and defense) to which it is immaterial.

  24. Nice…what Jay Powell lacks in insight and enthusiasm, he makes up for in lack of insight and lack of enthusiasm.

  25. Narveson’s breaking pitch looks a little short, so far. Fastball is up a little. Hope he keeps this up.

  26. Joe: “Miller Park plays small to me”

    Ballpark: Miller Park
    Park Factors: Over 100 favors batters, under 100 favors pitchers.

    Multi-year: Batting – 98, Pitching – 98

  27. To be fair, last year it was 123 for HRs (according to ESPN), though it’s 100 for the last 4 years. I’d guess that statement is based off home runs rather than scoring.

  28. Adventures in LF. I guess it’s good to get those out of the way early, and of course it’s a bonus when someone makes the play.

    Fielder with the intentional HBP. That was so blatant. Maybe the next guy should just try to catch the ball barehanded and then walk to first.

  29. In honor of LCD Soundsystem’s swan song, can we get a game thread in the near future set to “All My Friends” or “I Can Change”? I’m trying to think of a way to tie in in to the season.

  30. I love this AB by Freddie.

    Edit: He strikes out, but that’s not bad work up there.

  31. Beachy and Minor could make JJ a good trade piece.

    edit: if he comes back healthy and productive

  32. I agree, but we need to wait until we can get him healthy and pitching well for at least a couple months — if all goes well, maybe we could dangle him at the trade deadline. But right now he’s on the DL, coming off the worst season of his career. If we were going to trade him, the 2009-2010 offseason would have been the time. He’s at the nadir of his value right now.

  33. Throw the ball, Narveson. It’s Prado, not Lou Brock.

    The bunt was because of the 3B’s positioning, it sounded like. I’m still not sure Nate would have pulled it off if he’d gotten it down.

  34. Nate’s just trying to get into their heads. He just needs to pull his own out of his a$$ first.

  35. Are we going to suck vs. lefties again this year? For all the talk of Uggla, if anything, he has a reverse platoon split. Heyward and McCann both are noticeably worse vs. lefties as well. Those are three of our top five hitters.

    Today notwithstanding, the reason I bring it up is that the next Phillies series where we face both Lee and Hamels worries me.

  36. That last pitch to Nate looked about a foot and a half outside. Did gameday agree? I cant seem to get to it.

  37. AAR- Figured at much; it was really just a desperate plea for some optimism I could tap into. Probably my main structural concern with the team.

  38. 79-Absolutely right. This making every mediocre lefty look like Glavine in his prime has been going on for awhile though and is getting old.

  39. Brandon seemse to have a blind spot. Someone needs to tell him that Yuniesky Betancourt sucks.

  40. Hot damn!

    Well, he’s pitching like Kim Jong-Il — baserunners in every inning, and plenty of runners in scoring position — but at least he’s pitching like good Kim Jong-Il. Four strikeouts in four innings against just one walk is a pretty good day.

  41. Wil Nieves doing a very good Jeff Francoeur impression. What the hell has he been swinging at?

  42. Looked like Weeks got a late jump on that? Tough play either way. Need to take advantage of the weak single.

  43. Still no runner in scoring position for the Braves. This is sad.

    One more inning for Beachy?

  44. does anyone know what a good brewers board/forum is? i’ve looked online and not really found one, and i am headed to milwaukee on wednesday and thursday and want to ask some questions about tickets at miller park…

  45. @103,

    HA HA HA HA!!! Post of the day. I don’t mind home team announcer being a little “homer-ish,” but the Braves guys are terrible.

  46. McCann in. You would have never seen that from Bobby. Made an out, but still, good move.

  47. Office mail just came in… Got my Eephus League Scorebook! I fear I may turn into Gollum: “My precious. We loves it.”

  48. Nice work from Moylan. Some good pitching today (maybe just bad offense and a big strike zone for Narveson… petty).

  49. Anybody else having trouble with MLB.tv today? I have it set at the lowest resolution and it’s still really spotty!

  50. McLouth got at least 4 strikes there. Weak.

    Prado hit a solo HR. 1-1 Top 8, 1 out.

  51. As far as I’m concerned, Martin should get credit for Coca-Cola tasting so good. There are few good things for which he isn’t directly or indirectly responsible, and few bad things which he isn’t ardently working to change.

  52. Martin’s reputation has certainly changed in the last couple of years, hasn’t it? We don’t give out “Prados” for defense anymore…

  53. Shame about the inning/baserunning sitch. Venters would be the perfect guy to help Prince remember when it’s time to duck.

  54. Venters, he good. I know, real insightful there, but the obvious must sometimes be stated.

  55. I remember I once wrote here, maybe three years ago… “I do not want to see Prado anywhere near the Braves 25 men roster”. Man! How wrong I was.

  56. AAR @ 148 – exactly what I was thinking.

    Or, would the backend of our order just become a total black hole?

    Hanson (or Jurgens) and McLouth for McCutchen. Yes, you can, Wren.

  57. Well if you flip Heyward/McLouth, then Uggla will never see a pitch to hit and then the bottom 4 will be a black hole.

  58. 179- Yep. Dan’s of Swedish descent, donchaknow. I figured it needed to be done once.

  59. I would think Tex would be leading the league. Kinsler and Cruz HR’d in the first 3 games

  60. nevermind the fastball, I love that slider.

    edit: yikes, let’s see fielder lean into that heater.

  61. Horrible call. McCann caught that.

    EDIT: So, Kimbrel follows it with an F-you fastball. Love it.

  62. Bad call.

    Funny makeup call, though (not really a makeup since he swung, but judgment in our favor).

  63. Favorite words I’ve ever heard Chip say: “nyjer Morgan, final hope for Milwaukee.”

  64. Craig Venters, Johnny Kimbrel, whatever! What a pair of aces at the end of the game. Betancourt could have had 10 strikes against Kimbrel wouldn’t have mattered.

  65. Loving it…in that early season, only game 4, sort of way.

    Beachy looking peachy.

  66. I love it when the boys pull one out late in the workday.

    Love these games, whether it is game 4 or game 144.

  67. Man. This MLB extra innings free preview is kind of undermining my decision not to buy mlb.tv until after finals.

  68. @211 Agreed. Watching “the first few innings” turned into 3 wasted hours. Great game though.

  69. Glad the boys were able to bail out Beachy. Would have sucked for him to get saddled with the loss after a pretty great performance against a line-up stacked with good hitters.

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