Unearned game thread: May 11, Nats at Braves

Seriously, if anyone can come up with a logical reason why a home run hit with two outs after an error is not an “earned” run, I’m all ears.

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  1. It’s not such a black and white scenario. The pitcher is forced into a situation he would have otherwise avoided. And no, this is not the “because it would not have happened without the error” argument.

    Let’s say the error puts runners on first and second, so the pitcher is forced to make certain pitches to the batter so as not to walk the batter. Otherwise, the pitcher may look to throw some junk pitches to get the batter to chase. Or, if there is a possible steal situation, the pitcher may lean towards throwing his fastball instead of his breaking pitches.

    Now obviously these are only a few of the circumstances and there are situations where it wouldn’t matter. Like the person who got on base after the error was committed has already scored and the bases are clear and now someone hits a homerun – that is a situation where it is definitely an earned run.

    All I am trying to say is that it isn’t as black and white as people make it out to be. Which is also why the rule itself is stupid – it just doesn’t account for all possible scenarios.

  2. The AJC news feed on the left hand side says “Good Young Felons to Get Break” and I swear my first thought was it must be a college football story.

  3. Prado 7 Gonzalez 6 Chipper 5 McCann 2 Uggla 4 Freeman 3 Hinske 9 McLouth 8 Hanson 1

    Hinske over Mather against a lefty.. that’s probably for the best. Though it makes you wonder why the hell we’re even carrying Mather. If he isn’t good enough to get the start over a guy with pretty bad lefty splits, what exactly is he good for?

    We’d be so much better off with a 3rd catcher at this point.

    And AGon batting 2nd again… Shouldn’t he just stay in the 7th spot, with everyone but Louth moving up?

  4. This lineup is not about scoring runs. It’s about keeping everyone happy and comfortable in where they’re hitting.

    And it’s not like this is the WORST lineup they could put together. In most respects, it’s a pretty decent one.

  5. @8, Now that’s some funny stuff. On a side note, surprised no one has brought up Ealey’s departure

  6. I guess we’re carrying Mather because the MLBPA has insisted that every 25 man roster contain at least 25 men.

  7. Mac posed the question at the top of this thread to Bill James.

    Is there any logical reason why, when a homer is hit with two out after a batter has reached on an error, the run scored by the home-run hitter is scored as unearned? The hitter would have hit in the next inning anyway, and all we can assume is that he would have hit the homer anyway. It’s surely a lot more “earned” than a run scored on three ground-ball singles.
    Asked by: Mac
    Answered: May 11, 2011

    Bill James’s response: When we take over, we’ll submit that to a vote.

  8. James also writes, in reference to 10000-10000: “Let’s hope we can get the Yankees to a similar point.” I think we can all agree on that…

  9. I’ve seen a lot of laughable job applications during my years as a restaurant manager, but today I got one that just… wow.
    Q: How far do you live from work?
    A: Halfway house.

  10. I’d probably have preferred EOF for one and a third inning.

    Next question is why not leaving Gearrin in to face the bottom of the order this inning.

  11. Think the Magic would be interested in a deal revolving around Horford and Smith for Howard?

  12. Apparently the secret to the Braves success this year is whether or not their game is shown for free on MLBtv. Take out the month of April and yesterday’s game, and our season would be amazing. I’m glad I bit the bullet and paid for it this year!

  13. Report from Yankee Stadium via MLB iPhone app:

    Venters is bad-ass, Jeffy swings at everything & Melky still sucks.

  14. WhyOhWhy do the Nationals — led tonight by studs Jerry Hairston, Jr., Laynce Nix, and Alex Cora — continue to own the Braves?

  15. “If we could play the Braves 162 times a year, I feel like we’d be a pretty good ball club. Unfortunately, we have to play the rest of the league too.”

    -Jim Riggleman

  16. I have noticed since the St Louis series that teams are loading up in the 9th with LH hitters against Kimbrel. Kimbrel is going to have to make an adjustment.

  17. @40 I’d stay the course. Venters looks like he is on the Cheryl diet and all Kimbrel needs to do is relax a bit when he pauses his motion before he goes to the plate. When he takes a good pause there he usually throws a good pitch. Of course, sometimes they hit it.

  18. I just hate this bench…. If Hinske is in the lineup, the bench consists of a bunch of pitcher like hitters who can’t play defense either. Another extra inning game with bad releivers and no pinch hitting options. I know this has been stated several times on here already, I just felt compelled to say it again

  19. Just saw the replay of the game-tying single — what the heck was McLouth doing on that throw to third?

  20. Joe Mather is a terrible human being and/or baseball player.

    He is not really a baseball player, thus the waffling ‘and/or’>

  21. The announcers are having difficulty understanding Riggleman breaking the unwritten rule prohibiting the road team from using their closer in a tie game in extra innings.

  22. Where last year’s club found ways to steal games, this year’s club finds ways to give them away.

  23. They deserve to lose this game…complete hibernation mode and relief pitchers such as Linestink and Martinez they were bound to lose this game in extra innings. If they can’t win it in 9 they should just save us the agony and call it a loss. Wren is an idiot for having a 25 man roster with only 19 players on it

  24. 58 – well said.

    Scott Linebrink has to be DFA’d doesn’t he? Scott Proctor can’t be this bad can he?

  25. For eff’s sake. Remember when Fredi left the closer in for like ever? That was awesome. And then, and then, and then, he was like “Oh wait, y’all thought that was baller, check out Scott Linebrink, the director’s cut!” … that was awesome.

  26. I’m thinking Linebrink may head for the DL tomorrow. The old inability to pitch diagnosis seems about right.

  27. I am so glad that we traded for Linebrink….

    Mather looked like a pitcher in his AB….

  28. This is really Linebrink and Sherrill’s fault. Because Fredi doesn’t trust the back end of his pen, he’s running EOF, Venters, and Kimbrel into the ground. You can clearly see the inconsistency in Kimbrel’s motion, inconsistency with his command, his elbow dropping, his ball above the belt, and he’s getting shelled. Venters may be able to handle this workload well, but Kimbrel needs some rest. With Moylan gone, however, I’m very concerned Gearrin, Martinez, Linebrink, and Sherrill are going to be what we need.

    Fredi is not the one to blame on this one. You can’t have a bullpen of 3 guys.

  29. another stupid baseball rule: if the braves were to miraculously score 5 runs here, Lineypoo gets the win.

  30. I just don’t think we have it this year.

    Crippling regular season loss in a couple of years.

    Gotta be better than the Nats, especially with Zimmerman out.

  31. We were lucky to even be in it last year with all the late game luckery. Is anyone a soccer fan, too? The Braves are the Arsenal FC of baseball. Don’t get me wrong- I was a Braves fan long before I was an AFC fan.

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