185 thoughts on “It’s funny because he sucks. Sept. 21, Braves at Phillies”

  1. How can we be sure he is dead? I thought his career was, but no one poked it with a stick and it came back to life somehow.

  2. Shouldn’t we release Stu from his vow of eternal haiku?

    ‘Cause we ain’t catching the Phillies.

    In fact, I think they’re going to enjoy smothering us to death.

    DOOOOOOOMED, I tell ya.

  3. In one of Dane Cook’s most recent specials, he talked about the backlash he experienced after he peaked a few years ago and how all that coincided with his parents dying within a year of each other. He told a story about how some guy told him that his parents died to get away from his comedy.

    I’m not a big fan of his by any means, but I definitely respected him for keeping at it in spite of a lot of negativity.

  4. It reminds me of the story about Chris Reitsma when the guy drove by him while Reitsma was out with his little boy and yelled “you suck.”

    Things like this make me tend toward misanthropy.

  5. If any of you are into sports gambling, check out the odds on the Braves game tonight. I don’t usually bet on Braves games, but these odds are crazy. Braves are at +200. For comparison, Baltimore is +180 against the Red Sox.

    We are bigger dogs to the Phillies than the Orioles are to the Red Sox. I love it when crazy stuff like this happens.

  6. melky is worse at everything, doesn’t matter the competition. Unless we’re talking about eating… I’m sure he’d find a way to screw that up too.

  7. Mac, I’m sure you’ve seen worse things, but the one thing that absolutely infuriates me at libraries is when people break the little rests off the back of the keyboards so they have to lie flat.

    /Completely arbitrary rant out of frustration while trying to type on a flat keyboard.

  8. Hopefully Melky takes on Joey Chesnutt next year for the Frankfurter eating championship on Independence Day. I like his chances.

  9. Craziest gambling odds I’ve seen in a long time is that somehow Ole Miss is favored over Fresno State. Looking at both teams, and how craptastic Ole Miss is, it makes absolutely no sense. And usually Vegas is on top of this stuff. But then again for some unknown reason they had Ole Miss as 13 point favorites last weekend. Which was just as stupid.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if enough people put money on Fresno that the line moves by Saturday.

  10. I really, really hope Nate McLouth rocks for the rest of the season and gets some ABs against left handers.

    If he does we could carry tonights lineup plus Diaz, Glaus, Hinske, Conrad, Ross as the position players and have no Melky.

  11. That didn’t take long. Looks like the swing early and often gameplan they like to use on Halladay is in effect.

  12. RobBroad4th – The end of that story involves that guy’s parents dying and Cook repeating the line right back to him about parents dying to get away from him. There’s no there there; he’s just as worthless as he seems.

    That was…a really fast half inning.

  13. I’m already upset. Infante leading off the game with a one-pitch at bat makes me think he is out of his league right now. What if we swapped him and Prado? What could it hurt?

  14. I’m not sure moving a struggling Infante to third would help. Move Heyward to third, Prado to leadoff, and Infante to second. Or just swap Prado and Heyward.

    It’ll never happen though because it ruins the R-L-R-L thing Bobby has going 1-4.

  15. So much for Minor owning the LHBs so far. Granted, I didn’t see what happened, but 2 consecutive singles isn’t good.

  16. These type of innings were what did for Beachy last night. Letting them turn the lineup over too many times dooms you to failure.

  17. The defense did more
    To lose the game for Beachy
    Than lineup turno’er.

    (Sorry. I’d have been a syllable over.)

  18. The pattern tonight
    Of two singles with two outs
    In each Phils inning

    Cannot be sustained.
    Minor must be more careful
    Or it gets ugly.

  19. and infante hits and would’ve probably scored a run….terrible minor, just terrible

    who cares if he missed a sign?
    Its fundamental baseball, you don’t have a hit in your career, you bunt the guy over.
    Minor’s IQ now worries me

  20. Let me get this straight.

    (1) Bobby calls for sacrifice bunts all the time. Sometimes, he even calls for Heyward and Prado to bunt.

    (2) Minor has never gotten a hit on any level in professional baseball.

    (3) Minor swings away at the first pitch with no outs and a man on first–and hits into an easy double play.

    Do I have this right?

  21. They saying Mikie
    Missed a sign. Only makes sense.
    How embarrassing.

    Adam, I believe
    It was on the second pitch.
    But, the rest is right.

  22. I think Minor may be suffering from Bruce Chen’s Disease. That’s when a minor league lefty doesn’t trust his stuff in the big leagues and won’t throw strikes, leading to innings like this one.

  23. 6 HR in 39 innings for Minor. No wonder he doesn’t trust his stuff.

    Kawakami was overall better than this (and Beachy’s tightrope debut of flyballs).

  24. why is everyone blaming Bobby for Minor missing the bunt sign. Everyone in the dugout came over to talk to Mike about missing the sign.

    lets face it boys, this team cant play with the Phils. Our SP is bad, our offense is bad, our bullpen is our strength but we cant get to them with a lead

  25. Our starting pitching isn’t that bad. Not as good as the Phillies’, but it doesn’t help that our #5/6 starters have pitched the first 2 games.

  26. #81, I really don’t think so. Certainly could do with sitting out Friday’s game to get 2 consecutive days of rest.

  27. #83 – I disagree, right now its bad

    Hudson – 4GS – 5.33ERA 1.34WHIP
    Jurrjens – 3GS – 6.32ERA 1.72WHIP
    Minor – 3GS – 9.00ERA 1.57WHIP (before tonight)
    Beachy – 1GS – 2.08ERA 1.62WHIP
    Kawakami – 1GS – 13.50ERA 2.50WHIP

    our exceptions
    Lowe – 1.35ERA 0.95WHIP
    Hanson – 2.77ERA 0.73WHIP

    it and our offense is why we are about to be 9-11 in september

  28. #94 – depends on if Boras really can get $100 mil for him. He’s not close to being that valuable. I was thinking Bay’s contract would be more like it, not Holliday’s

  29. 95 — Small sample size, my friend. Let’s not over-react. Yes, the Phillies are better than us. But we still have the 2nd best record in the NL.

  30. I’ve had 3 meniscus tears, they hurt like hell. The upside is that it takes relatively minor arthroscopy to repair.

  31. There once was a fat man in left
    Who made all the Braves fans bereft.
    He ate all the Cheetos, Doritos, and Fritos
    and continued to add to the heft.

  32. 1 run in 13 innings is ridiculous. No matter how bad Beachy and Minor were a little help would be appreciated

  33. If nothing else this is a worthwhile exercise for the lineup in showing that Halladay is not omnipotent and you can work counts against him.

  34. All a matter of perspective. Phils announcers credit Victorino’s throw. No mention of our stupidity.

  35. @158, No shame being outdone by Halladay. He’s an actual ace unlike those AAA pitchers that shut us down in Pittsburgh.

  36. 171- Well, he did wipe himself out on the basepaths immediately afterward, ground into a double play, and committed a critical error yesterday. So, yeah.

  37. Damn. I was hoping Folk Hero would get to do somthing folk-heroic.

    Now, can we get a starter to not suck?

  38. Were we destined to be butchers in the field, make idiotic baserunning blunders and hit into a billion double plays?

  39. The defense has been putrid.

    McCann trying to tag up from second and go to third was bush league garbage.

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