123 thoughts on “WE’RE DOOOOOOOOOOOMED game thread: June 12, Braves at Twins”

  1. ATL lineup: 1. Prado 2B, 2. Heyward RF, 3. Jones 3B, 4. McCann C, 5. Glaus DH, 6. Hinske 1B, 7. Escobar SS, 8. Cabrera LF, 9. Blanco CF

  2. I’m somewhat surprised to not see Conrad in there. I figured Cox would give him a start and maybe rest Chipper at some point in this series. But I Guess Glaus’s foot’s been kinda gimpy.

  3. Alright, I’m gonna go on a little soccer rant here.

    A bunch of my friends have been asking me how I’m not excited for this World Cup. I think the main reason I can’t get into soccer is because meaningful games can end in ties. This is the sport’s biggest, most important event in the world, and 3 of the first 5 games have ended in a tie. I really don’t know how something like that can happen.

  4. I don’t know much about the Twins’ starting pitcher tonight (Blackburn), but he looks like a Derek Lowe wannabe. 6 and 3 with a 5.24 ERA (even higher than Lowe’s). It should be an interesting game.

  5. Still ain’t watching soccer. I refuse to watch even one minute of the “FIFA World Cup”.

  6. Remember when we said Chipper couldn’t get any worse than he was last year? We were wrong.

    Also, congratulations to the Alabama baseball team! I don’t really follow college baseball but it seems they are playing extremely well.

  7. Just finished watching USA/England — a sister-kisser, but our sister is way hotter. So, yeah!

  8. Chip: “Hard to believe that a club with an offense as good as Minnestoa’s is hitting .200 with the bases loaded this year.”

    No, it isn’t.

  9. So, do you guys live in trailers like they do at Auburn?

    No, it’s not in the state of Alabama.

  10. World Cup soccer is really fun to watch in a bar (especially an Irish pub in NYC) full of people who are really into it. That draw will eat at my English friends for awhile.

    When the US scored that gift goal, the guy next to me shouted, “That goalkeeper’s lucky he’s not Columbian—he’d be dead!”

    Sad, but true.

  11. From DOB’s shwiitter: Cox on US vs. Eng: “Hard to watch the whole thing. I mean it’s real exciting when they score, but damn, it’s an hour and a half of nothing.”

    Thanks for encouraging ignorance, Bobby. Helpful, man.

  12. A lot of soccer really does appear to be nothing much, though it looked (to my semi-educated eyes) that both teams were trying to attack today, but that the US just isn’t very good at it.

  13. @27, that’s a weird thing to say. Between pitches, there is a very small chance anything interesting can happen. Between half innings, there is an even smaller chance. There are much more periods of nothing in baseball than in soccer.

    Personally, I prefer baseball, but not because there’s less going on in soccer.

  14. It’s not ignorant for someone more accustomed to action (like, say, American football or basketball) to say that soccer, by comparison, is generally boring.

    It is. That’s why most Americans don’t warm to it. Nothing wrong with that.

    And I kinda like the idea that I pay attention once every four years. I’m attracted to the global phenomenon, much more than the sport itself.

  15. Whether it’s boring or not is an opinion. I personally think there’s nothing more boring than a football game. 3 and 1/2 hours of nothing surrounding 20 minutes of action……..on a good day. I’d rather watch golf.

  16. Soccer is a great sport and Americans not warming to it doesn’t really matter to me. These are the same people that have made Neckcar and MMA popular.

  17. I know people that say the same thing Bobby said but about baseball.

    A big reason Americans have never warmed to soccer is because all the talent and real leagues are across the pond.

  18. No, the reason is because the culture doesn’t buy it.

    Nobody grows up wanting to play for Real Madrid or Boca Juniors or Man City.

    They like the Yankees and the Lakers and Steelers.

    If the American sporting culture supported the game, professional leagues would thrive here. They haven’t, for good or ill.

  19. It doesn’t fit American TV. They have to either break away from the action or not have commercials for 45 minutes at a time.


  20. 38,
    Not since my pre-pubescent years, no.

    I think one of the biggest reasons Americans don’t like soccer is Americans seem to be drawn to star athletes and all of the best players play in Europe, not the joke league MLS.

  21. The culture doesn’t buy it because the big boys play on another continent.

    The same reason why nobody in the UK cares about the NBA.

  22. So, does Mac like soccer now? I know he used to be critical of it here.

    Chip Caray’s voice….again.

  23. I don’t really like soccer, but I really like making fun of soccer. I’ll watch some of the World Cup — when the US is playing, the final, and whenever two teams/countries that despise each other are playing. I don’t like golf either, but I watch the US Open and the British Open because I know there’s a good chance of a golfer being humiliated.

  24. If there was anyone but Lowe on the mound, I’d be excited about the lead. With Lowe, I am filled with dread.

  25. Nobody in the UK cares about hoops because it’s not part of their culture.

    The soccer big boys play on other continents because the support is there. Soccer is not a part of our culture’s sporting fabric. Unlike the UK with hoops, we’ve tried to import soccer in pro leagues here, but it hasn’t worked overall.

    And, let’s face it, most Americans find it unappealing, for a variety of reasons.

  26. @39 and 40: you’re both basically saying the same thing.

    As for the Cox argument, it’s obviously fair to say that you don’t like something. I share a lot of the skepticism regarding the sport, especially because of the lack of scoring. But I’m also mindful of the fact that I don’t know the sport as well as I could, and understand–like in baseball or basketball or football–that there are many, many things going on that make it not only fascinating but artful, regardless of scoring. So what makes Cox’s argument ignorant is not that he finds soccer boring; it’s that he clearly isn’t interested in recognizing how there might be strategy, tension, and a series of other characteristics that make it, like baseball, something more than the score.

  27. ububba,
    What I’m arguing is Americans supporting the sport. If the best soccer leagues from Europe were played in American or even had a few American teams, the popularity of the sport would be a lot different.

    You put the NBA in the UK or France and they still wouldn’t care.

    Soccer has a history in this country dating back to the 1920s. Every 5 year old plays it. It’s played at most high schools and colleges. I don’t agree that it’s not a part of the American “sporting fabric”.

  28. Who cares about the intracacies of the game if you find it boring to being with?

    I get bowling, but I won’t watch it on TV. I know how to tune up my automobile & change my tires, but I don’t watch NASCAR. The strategy of pit stops will never keep me up nights.

  29. Most sports with substandard talent are boring. I love basketball but I’m not about to watch a D-League game – or the Knicks.

    Lowe third time through the order. Not exactly surprising what’s happening.

  30. “Who cares about the intracacies of the game if you find it boring to being with?”

    Never mind.

  31. Jeremy,
    We play it, but we won’t watch it.

    And we won’t spend our money to go see it in person like we do other sports. You could have a Celtic-Rangers type match every week and it wouldn’t do the ratings of a bad NBA matchup.

    A big part of it has to do with the fact that it’s a bad TV sport, unlike the other 3 main sports with regimented stops and starts.

    You can argue with the sporting tastes of the American people, but that’s another conversation.

    Degree of difficulty doesn’t equal interesting.

  32. I watched a few minutes of the USA/England game today, trying to make it through it. And maybe I just don’t know enough about soccer, and I’m sure it was all part of the strategy and setting up plays and whatnot, but one thing that happened a lot annoyed the hell out of me.

    USA would be around England’s goal, probably about 3/4 of the way down the field. But within 15 seconds, and without changing possession, they had gone back and the US goalie had the ball. Both teams did that in just the few minutes I watched, and I’ve seen it other times I’ve watched, and it just seemed really counterproductive.

    Oh, and so much energy is expended for a sport that can end in a 0-0 tie.

    Again, it’s probably just one of those things that I don’t understand.

  33. I actually like soccer fine on TV. Better than in person, but granted that’s the MLS.

    I’m under no illusion that it will ever be popular in the US. All the best things in the sport happen outside of the country and that will always be the case – no matter how many third rate hacky leagues start up here.

  34. “Degree of difficulty doesn’t equal interesting.”

    That wasn’t my argument. I don’t even know what that means. What makes something “interesting” is purely personal, not intrinsic. My whole point about Cox was that he seemed to lack awareness of the fact that there may be something more than the score that appeals to millions of people. It’s fair to point out his lack of awareness, especially since one might start to “see more” with greater exposure. The irony is that this has always been one of my arguments to people who claim baseball is boring.

  35. Final, Alabama 5, Auburn of Carolina 4. Bama’s third baseman went 2-4, including a homer to start the scoring, and went to the mound and got the last five outs of the game. Let’s see A-Rod do that.

  36. Bama just beat Clemson 5-4. I’ve been watching the Bama game on ESPN3 on streaming video on one side of the screen and had
    Gameday on the other side. Good stuff.

  37. Adam,
    And whether he did or didn’t… who cares?

    Much of the world loves soccer and revels in its minutiae. He doesn’t embrace it. I’m afraid he has a lot of folks on his side. There’s no reason he should strain his brain to further understand something that doesn’t interest him.

    I’d certainly never take it personally if someone thought baseball (a game loved by millions) was a snoozer…

    Although, soccer/baseball is one of my favorite conversations with my British friends.

    Big inning here, fellas?

  38. Lowe really hasn’t pitched much worse than Hudson this season. His LOB rate is 65% while Hudson’s is 83.3%. When Hudson’s rate inevitably falls, and when his .235 BABIP regresses, the ERAs might start to look similar too.

  39. It’s all good. I’m for baseball too, and I don’t particularly care what people like or dislike. That said, I’m looking forward to learning a little more about soccer over the next few weeks, though most of my most intense soccer-fan friends are out of town right now, so I guess I’m on my own for that.

  40. Delmon Young was practically playing on the warning track. That was some weird positioning.

  41. The thing about Hinske is I can never get upset when he doesn’t come through because the rage he exhibits on plays like that popup always makes me laugh.

  42. Well, the good news is the DP is in order. The bad news is that the guy coming to the plate has an OPS well over 1100.

    EDIT: Morneau also has no platoon split this year.

  43. I’ll throw in on the soccer debate. I tried to watch the match (don’t dare call it a game) today, but a few minutes in found myself enjoying a nap. I realize that a number of younger Americans enjoy the game, but there seems to be a huge amount of counter-sport culture groupies that profess to love the sport. The type that will say, “You know, I don’t like sports, but I really love soccer.” Basically, the same people who tell you they never watch television, which I guess is why soccer has such lousy ratings on the tube. At least I know I’m not alone, I just voted on the ESPN site, on whether the World Cup is A) awesome or B) boring (evidently nothing in-between). I was somewhat surprised when my boring vote got 56% of the poll.

  44. As I’ve already stated to Mac, Texas is a bunch of pu–ies if they go to the Pac 10 and not the SEC. They could make more $$$ in the SEC but they don’t want to lose 3-4 games a year.

    Pathetic. Texas has a much easier path to a BCS title game in the Pac 16.

    I personally welcome the gutsy Aggies for ditching Texas and coming to the SEC.

  45. I’ve got the Twins announcers on. Much more preferable than listening to the Chipster.

  46. I like that four people simultaneously posted on Chip Carey (happily, I can’t hear him). Maybe he deserves his own FJM-like blog, one dedicated to awful announcers and to him specifically.

  47. Way to swing at the first pitch, Melki. We’re back to being a bad offensive team with Heyward hurting and Chipper having fallen off a cliff for good.

  48. @90 I was gonna post on Chip’s call, but held up when I saw others had it covered.

    Kentucky Bluegas. My God.

  49. @82

    No it isn’t. Football controls all. If it was about more than football, conferences would be rolling out the red carpet for Kansas, a top 5 hoops program, instead of the distinct possibility that Kansas now may have to join the Mountain West—a non BCS conferebnce.

    No, it’s ONLY about football.

  50. 94 – that’s true for just about everyone else but I think there were other factors that played into Texas’ decision.

  51. I like the suspense of soccer–one goal can cost a team the match. Dislikes–the flops and the constant buzzing noise the fans make.

  52. Nice! Wagner wasn’t hitting the strikezone as much as he usually does, but he definitely got the job done! Really nice win. :-D

  53. I agree with Peter to a degree. I personally find professional football boring. I do like the myriad of possibilities with all the option offenses in college football but with no allegiance I remain uninterested.

    Soccer can be tough to watch on TV. Like hockey. The action away from the ball is just as important as the action on the ball. With the huge fields and the concentration on the ball its impossible for the cameras to give you the total picture.

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