97 thoughts on “Anything’s possible game thread: June 27, Tigers at Braves”

  1. 1. Prado 2B, 2. Conrad 3B, 3. Hinske LF, 4. McCann C, 5. Glaus 1B, 6. Cabrera RF, 7. Escobar SS, 8. Blanco CF, 9. Hanson RHP

  2. Hey Rob – you got to meet the most interesting man in the world?

    Question: does he still have a Southern accent? Does he still refer to it as “The War of Northern Aggression” or have them Yankees corrupted him?

  3. Chipper hit a 100-mph fastball 420 feet. I feel like Scarlett the morning after Rhett charged her up those stairs.

  4. anyone think facing Verlander today helps to get the boys ready for Strasburg? Id hate knowing that we would face Jamie Moyer today and Strasburg tomorrow. The Tigers have some big arms in Scherzer, Zumaya, and Verlander….hope we can catch up to a few more

  5. Nice tidbit on McCann from MLB.Com
    Since 2006, catcher Brian McCann leads Major League backstops in home runs, extra-base hits, doubles, RBIs and game-winning RBIs.

  6. and too bad ESPN wont talk about him and for some reason Molina always gets the starting nod in the All Star games

  7. Glaus, Hinske, Saito, and Ross are going to be the only FA’s. Wagner and Chipper could retire also

  8. Prado, Yunel, Jurrjens, and O’Flaherty are all arb-eligible for the first time next year. I bet O’Flaherty gets traded this off season.

  9. P. W.,

    What about trading O’Flaherty now, and bringing up Dunn? I think clearly Venters is the 2nd lefty after Wagner. O’Flaherty has value. There seems to be little relief help on the trade market. Maybe, (off the wall) O’Flaherty, Jair, and Esco for Kemp and Dee Gordon?

  10. it’s weird that Sutton says that the scouting report on Tommy was good velocity, great slider. It seems to me, at least, that the curve is clearly his best breaking pitch.

  11. I like how Chip Caray spoke of “moving the runner over to third” about one second before Santiago hit that RBI single.

  12. his slider is deadly when it starts in the zone, its not right now

    #20 – I was looking at Dunn’s numbers before todays game. He deserves a shot, but I dont think they move any pitchers before Jair shows he’s healthy

  13. Hmmm…Verlander is not the kind of pitcher a marginal MLB player like Conrad really wants to see much of.

  14. I always wonder what the batter is talking to the ump about there. I mean, I guess McCann has more to say along the lines of “That’s a strike all day? I just need to know for pitch-calling reasons,” but still, he seemed to be having a pretty thorough (and polite!) conversation there.

  15. Tommy’s fastball is around 91-92 today, wonder if he’s trying to guide the ball right now

  16. On mlb.tv, I generally like to watch the other team’s broadcast, because I hate Chip Caray. The Tigers announcers are really quite good, and are being very complimentary of Hanson.

  17. Looks like the umpires are trying to make up to Detroit from yesterday.

    This is not going well.

  18. no, he’s not and Heyward gets to that ball….oh well, won the series at least. I just hope Hanson doesnt have the highest era on the staff after this game

  19. “Hi, my name is Tommy Hanson and I am now officially the worst of the Braves 5 starting pitchers.”

  20. Damn, none of these hits are even reaching the outfielders.
    Lots of game left, but 2/3 is fine.

    Go Twins.

  21. #34

    “Melky is not very good…”

    You realize you could have ended your statement, RIGHT there.

  22. Guys, no panicking. Tommy’s had a couple of bad games in a row; that doesn’t mean crap. The amount of pitchers who don’t have a couple of bad games in a row any given year is very, very small.

    Also, some pretty rough OF defense in this game.

  23. sdp,

    I’m not willing to declare a ‘Nate McClouth’ like disaster YET on Hanson. His stuff has looked too goo enough times to go there.

    But his pitching the last 2 starts has been inexcusable, considering his stuff. And to think we thought he could be OUR Strausberg. He’s definitely NO Strausberg.

  24. I got home just in time to see the beginning of the top of the 4th. Not what you would call good timing.

  25. Pretty much anything that gets hit is finding a hole somewhere against Hanson right now.

    The peripherals are still quite good. Stop overreacting, people.

  26. Wouldn’t be a bad idea for Tommy to go to the pen for a start or two when Jair comes back.

    He’s been terrible.

  27. hes young and going through growing pains. he will be a good pitcher, i think.
    we need an outfielder though, the more Melky plays the more he is exposed.

  28. Wow. A terrific young pitcher has a couple rough outings in his sophmore year and you people are starting to write him off. How ridiculously absurd.

  29. Tommy got absolutley hosed on those last two pitches to Cabrera which chanegd the whole inning. (Remind me again why we still keep umpires around when we have the technology to do without them?)
    That said, he for sure has some growing to do when it comes to his proclivity for totally falling apart in big innings. Yes, there were the bloopers, but his location was poor after Cabrera and his breaking balls were not fooling any hitter.

  30. I don’t know why we’re running down by six, particularly because it kind of looked like the ump missed the call on Conrad to 2nd.

  31. 51 — It might not be a bad idea for Hanson to skip a start to get some extra rest.

  32. Hanson’s breaking stuff doesn’t look as sharp as I remember but I am not throwing him under the bus after a couple of bad games. He seemed to lose his composure after the blown call and the fly ball that should have been caught. But he is still a young pitcher.

    It’s ridiculous to say his pitching is “inexcusable”
    Every pitcher from CY Young to Sandy Koufax have had bad games. I bet even Strasbourg will have a bad game or two. It is not about stuff it is about command and Hanson is having some problems right now.

  33. Huh…seemed to be pitching around McCann for Glaus. I wonder if it’s a thing about average, or maybe Verlander just lost his control a bit?

  34. I think he’s gone away from pitching inside to hitters, esp RH. Its fastball away, slider away.

  35. dont remember a ball being hit hard off tommy though, mostly weak flies that our OF didnt handle

  36. Wow. PHing Chipper for our long-reliever this early. That’s a pretty nonstandard but awesome move in this spot.

  37. Yeah, but Chipper’s in the on-deck circle. He’s willing to do it, even if he doesn’t do it.

    Edit: Wow, Blanco has made pretty awesome contact this AB, even if he can’t quite get around on that fastball.

  38. Wow. “Not ready to declare a ‘Nate McClouth’ like disaster YET on Hanson”? That so? OK, tell us when you’re ready. The internet waits with bated breath.

    I’m not sure what’s more annoying, the rosy tempt-the-baseball-gods projections for Tommy’s performance or the people who only post when something’s going wrong…on second thought, it’s definitely the latter, but when all’s said and done, Mac’s the one who’s going to get it right. Check his preseason write-up for Tommy.

  39. 72 — Arguing that Verlander was safe at first on a double play ball during the meltdown inning. Probably frustration from yesterday coming up too.

  40. I don’t care how this at-bat turns out — kudos to Greg White for being scrappy with little-to-no talent and taking Verlander for a 10+ pitch at-bat.

    OK, he just grounded out on pitch #11, but that’s what we need right now — the last thing I want to hear from Bobby is that we won “2 of 3, that’s still pretty good”. That doesn’t mean they should give up the last 5 innings of the ballgame. Keep scrapping against Verlander next inning and we might make it to their bullpen by the sixth.

  41. Seeing Elvis Adrus’ stats go up on the big board on “Baseball Tonight” this morning and then mentally picturing Yunel’s stats this morning gave me stomach pains.

  42. This would be a lot more exciting if not for the two-run homerun given up by “Lisp” the last half-inning.

  43. I’m not an optimist by nature, but it IS only the 5th inning and Verlander has thrown 100 pitches. You never know . . .

  44. Hanson has a lot of growing up to do. He cannot stop the bleeding once it starts, and it’s extremely frustrating.

  45. hopefully by next week, jurrjens is in the rotation, kk is in the bullpen, and martinez is back in gwinnett.

    it sure would be nice to have proctor in the pen soon.

  46. Every time it gets interesting, the Tigers score again. Martínez sucks.

    kk is in the bullpen

    Hanson for bullpen!

  47. Boesch is 25y/o, Heyward is 20…..can’t wait to see Heyward at 25. No way this guy gets Cabrera out….

  48. let me get this straight….christhian martinez had an era over 5 in gwinnett and the organization thought it was a good idea to bring him up?

  49. Hanson will be fine. I do think he has suffered some year after affect this year. (Some call it the Verducci effect.)

    The stuff has been there for Hanson, but the location has not. Location is a sign of, for a lack of a better term, fatigue or overuse. In some good games he worked out of some walk trouble, now he is leaving his fastball in the zone and has gotten hit.

    What I have noticed is that he has all but abandoned his curve ball. He has been primaily fastball slider. I don’t think he is tipping his pitches. He is just not mixing them very well.

    Edit: Here is the link for those interested.


  50. The Verducci effect is thought badly of in some sabermetric circles, and it fails to account for Hanson’s AFL innings. I’m not actually sure that his increase was all that big.

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