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  1. I am guessing that the start of the game will be delayed by rain. From the (never all that reliable) projected radar, it should be raining in Atlanta until about an hour after the game’s due to start.

  2. My thoughts go out to his very large family. He took care of a great deal of people with the money he made.

    Is it just me, or has it been raining at game time even more than usual? It’s like we’re playing in South Florida.

  3. Back to that trade from last thread: Jurrjens is extremely valuable if he returns healthy. He hasn’t even hit his first year of arbitration. Lee is outstandingly valuable for this year, but after that he’s just worth two draft picks, late-first-round and after. If you move both of them, you’re down to KK, Hudson, Hanson, and Medlen, hoping Minor is able to play at the ML level and Teheran/Delgado work out. And what happens when someone gets hurt?

    No, Jurrjens/Lowe for Lee might be reasonable value-wise because dumping Lowe might be worth something close to Jurrjens, Vizcaino, too? No way. And FWIW, Lowe is providing some value by going out there every 5th day and pitching 6+ not bad innings (the Arizona start notwithstanding). If we had another pitcher go down right now, what would we do? Trust in Resop? Push Venters into the rotation? Not sure I like those options….

  4. @4 – I see your points, but if someone got hurt we could sign someone like Pedro.

  5. same as yesterday

    1. Prado 2B, 2. Heyward RF, 3. Chipper 3B, 4. McCann C, 5. Glaus 1B, 6. Hinske LF, 7. Escobar SS, 8. Cabrera CF, 9. Medlen RH

    so, since this seems to be our standard lineup against a righty, would you guys be cool with this against lefties:
    1. Prado 2B, 2. Heyward RF, 3. Chipper 3B, 4. Glaus 1b, 5. McCann C, 6. Diaz LF, 7. Escobar SS, 8. Andruw CF, 9. Medlen RH

  6. What happened to the Minnesota Twins? They looked pretty good against us, but they really stink in Philadelphia. They were 3-0 up top of the first, but now it’s 3-3 and Philly still batting in the bottom half.

  7. It’s hard to believe he was so dehydrated that it was affecting his vision to that extent, but if he thinks this is working, then awesome.

  8. the dry eyes make total sense. caffeine is a diuretic and those rockstar drinks (which, from what i can tell was what mccann was drinking)have 160mg of caffeine along with other “natural” ingredients that produce a false high.

    for comparison, mountain dew, known for its high-caffeine content has 55 mg of caffeine per 12 oz. so, basically, brian was drinking 3 mountain dews right before game time.

  9. @9

    we could if we found someone to take mclouth. i dont know who in their right mind would do it.

  10. 12 pitchers
    glaus, prado, escobar, chipper, infante, hinske, cabrera, diaz, heyward, ross, conrad, mccann, ross.

    that could work. or, trade melky for a RH reliever and platoon mclouth and andruw, which makes more sense considering he’s cheaper and someone might take a flier on him improving. take that deal to the white sox and see if they’ll trade andruw and a RH reliever for melky.

  11. I can’t believe that it took him (BMac regarding the dry eyes) so long to figure that out! I know that energy drinks are quite popular in the States, but ain’t it quite common sense that these things aren’t as good as water when it comes to hydration? Don’t the Braves have a medical or training staff that should have told him to stop this before? Athletes like him shouldn’t have to use energy drinks, that stuff is made for 40 year-olds who can’t get through their 10 minute weekly jogging session without feeling the urge to die.

  12. It’s a REALLY long season, and apparently amphetamines are no longer nearly as prevalent in clubhouses. It’s understandable why he’d drink a lot of caffeine. Playing the game night after night, it makes sense why he’d need a pick me up — and it’s addictive, so it’s understandable why it became a routine. It’s a good thing he’s going to stop. I hope the caffeine withdrawal doesn’t hit him too hard. It sounds like he was drinking a ton.

  13. Back in the days when I went to a lotta Hawks games at The Omni, I got there early one afternoon for a Bullets game, just to go down to the court during the pre-game shootaround & try to stand near Manute Bol.

    I succeeded and, boy, was that an experience. So long, big guy.

    Gotta say, it’s quite a difference catching a 1 pm Yanks/Mets game. Basically, relatively few people are hammered & folks are way more civilized. And thanks, Tex, for waking up against the Mets.

  14. Caffeine is not really a diuretic.




    I can’t find the original research now, but that second link is pretty close.
    Basically, it turns out that caffeine is only a very mild diuretic, about the same as water (!), and people who consume a lot of it actually build up a resistance to the diuretic effect pretty quickly. The original research, which started this misconception, failed to consider that last fact.

    I don’t know what this means for McCann; maybe he has a sensitivity, or there’s some kind of complication, or it was something else in the energy drinks. But in general, caffeine is not a diuretic; the research is very, very clear.

  15. I guess I missed this, the Mets are now carrying two Felicianos? What are the odds? Are they related?

  16. I’m trying to work out a “Jose Feliciano is the umpire” joke here.

    I got bored in a meeting on Thursday and decided to play with the sketch pad on my phone. And now, I present, a Mac Thomason original, “Auburn Residence Hall”.

    ” alt=”Auburn Residence Hall” />

  17. Ok, the trailer jokes are officially old and pathetic, just like the people who SWEAR there are cow pastures 100 feet from Toomer’s.

  18. I really don’t like where this conversation is headed. I’m not giving up my Diet Mountain Dew. Please don’t tell me it’s secretly killing me.

  19. A brief search of the internet reveals that most Auburn students in fact no longer live in trailers. Instead, they live “off-campus in the tenement-like apartment complexes and condos that surround the immediate area around the university”. Progress!

  20. At least they aren’t stabbing each other over Phil Jackson. Now THAT’S a high class joint.

    The cows prefer to argue about golf.

  21. Dear Pod Person: You can’t throw. Admit it. And just lob it into second. All you accomplished there was to let Chipper get into scoring position. So, thanks! Love, Mac.

  22. That was a great sequence, I like that the team has been able to play some small ball.

    Except they are incapable of hitting sac flies.

  23. So apparently, Chipper reached second on an ill-advised throw by Podsednik, third on a passed ball by Kendall, and scored on a Betancourt error. I love playing the Royals.

  24. I probably would have given Glaus a hit, but that’s probably because (a) I want him to win the RBI title and (b) I am increasingly distainful of the “unearned run” concept.

  25. Another pathetic flyball to right from Esco. For God sake, you’ve got to pull the ball now and then or they will just keep busting you inside.

  26. Slide was way high and late and Greinke (or someone) needs a ball in the ear for that one

  27. Thanks.

    That’s lame. He certainly should get one high and tight. Not wear one… just something to think about.

  28. Nice hustle, kid.

    No way that throw gets him at home.

    BTW, Chipper’s takeout of the 2B is what made Heyward take off for the plate. As soon as he went down, Heyward, who had stopped at third, broke for home.

  29. Moving Melky to left saved a run. He had to play that cleanly off the wall to keep the runner at third. I doubt Hinkse gets to it in time. Melky’s fat, but he’s fast for a fat guy.

    EDIT: not that it ended up mattering

  30. Greinke is getting reigning Cy Young strike calls tonight. Our staff is good, and Hanson’s getting close, but we don’t get those calls like we used to.

  31. 78—Medlen got a very generous strike-3 against Guillen with one out and a man on third in the sixth.

  32. For those of you who are concerned with Jason’s recent K-rate, look no further than Mike Stanton who is having a even bigger problem as expected…something has to be done with that name, it keeps remind me of our own Mike Stanton…or the Yankees’ Mike Stanton…

  33. That’s 11 appearances in 18 games this month for Venters now. Saito needs to get back soon.

  34. @82 If Kimbrel can become something, we will have quite a bullpen duo..


  35. @85 Mac, I really like your idea…let’s do that…I am too old to handle name confusion…

  36. If we don’t, I’d at least go Kimbrel for two innings. He hasn’t pitched since the 14th.

  37. Kyle Davies on the mound tomorrow. I feel like Kenshin may get his win.

    Big, big win tonight.

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