Tampa Bay Rays vs. Atlanta Braves – Box Score – June 17, 2010 – ESPN.

And another series win for the Braves. Imagine what they’d do if they weren’t from such an inferior league.

Hudson was in Groundball Mode even more than usual tonight. Even the Rays’ one run came on a fourth-inning groundball which Prado fielded but couldn’t get an out on, Crawford scoring all the way from second on the play. But Heyward tied it up in the bottom of the inning with a homer, breaking a long drought. The Braves took the lead in the sixth with a bases-loaded single by Glaus, picking up Heyward who’d struck out with runners second and third, one out.

Hudson, meanwhile, went seven innings and of the fourteen outs on balls in play off of him, thirteen were grounders. He also struck out five, though he walked four. The main thing was lots and lots of easy outs.

Venters pitched the eighth, and while he issued a two-out walk got an easy grounder to get out of it. Wagner had no problems whatsoever in the ninth, getting a little flare out, followed by a three-pitch strikeout and a first-pitch fly out. Easy as pie.