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  1. matty d
    lil mac

    i hope lil mac and matty d start hitting. i could really get used to this lineup. melky has no business playing regularly for this team. however, i’d love to see the regular flip of mclouth and diaz depending on the handedness of the opposing pitcher.

  2. So… does anyone have any thoughts about why Francoeur has 6 walks to 3 three strikeouts, and why he is suddenly hitting for power? Should this make me happy or infuriate me?

  3. He’s hit the crap out of the ball since putting on a Mets uniform. Your guess is as good as mine.

    The Vlad Guerrero rule of plate discipline states that even if you swing at everything, if you hit enough you will naturally acquire a reasonable walk rate.

  4. Frenchy has 2 more hits today. He keeps on going. Is this a sick dream or what? Maybe it was the pressure to produce in Atlanta, or maybe it was TP being a horrible hitting coach. Either way, I would love to have him in left right now for us compared to Melky or Diaz. I’m sure early last year Management was looking forward to a Frenchy, Schaefer, Heyward outfield. Just look at what it’s turned into. Outside of Heyward, our outfield truly sucks…

  5. I think you have to look at TP as being part of a problem. He couldnt fix Andruw and Frenchy, they are hitting the ball now. McLouth came in and has been awful, so has Melky. Do they not listen or does he offer bad advice?

  6. Actually, this is the only thing Frenchy could do to make me hate (in the sports tense) him more. I was really looking forward to him sucking for the Mets. I felt we, as Braves fans, deserved that. While I still have hopes in that regard, him finally playing decently is infuriating on a couple different levels.

  7. Give him the full season.

    I will never miss Jeff Francoeur. He was never going to improve for us. Eventually, he was just depressing to watch & he became bad for my own morale (as a fan).

  8. I agree with ububba, lemme see, 1000%!! (or as close to that as possible) It will surprise me none when Francoeur reverts to form–by which I mean no-hope strikeouts and roll over weak-ass grounders while running around like a squirrel trying to hump a coconut.

    Francoeur was going to be terrible for the Braves this year and forever. You all remember his awful swings for us, right? I’ll never miss that guy even if he becomes King of New York after Jeter.

    (I don’t begrudge him success either. It just wasn’t working in Atlanta. But maybe the trade was the kick in the ass or the thump in the melon he needed? We’ll see.)

  9. You know, the Heyward/East Cobb story in SI (here, if you missed it) is actually kind of disturbing. Some of the anecdotes remind me of nothing so much as child tennis players, the sort who wind up burned out at 19. Everyone says he’s a good kid, and I’m sure he is, but is he a well-rounded and psychologically healthy kid?

  10. I think today’s lineup is my favorite for the current roster with the exception of flipping Heyward up to 5th and Glaus to 7th.

  11. If I was Bobby Id quit flipping around the lineup so much. No matter how bad Nate is, he and Diaz are better players than Melky and Bobby has to be able to see that by now. Have we had the same lineup two days in a row?

  12. @15, maybe we can pair Melky with one of our A-ball pitching stars for something nice like Javier Vazquez, so long as the Yanks pay Vazquez’s contract of course.

  13. I was at the Yankee game yesterday. It wasn’t that bad.

    Around me, there were Melky conversations, but I didn’t hear any Melky chants. For Vazquez, it was more groaning than nasty booing. I know, I’ve seen & heard nasty booing. (Go look up Jack McDowell’s pinstriped career.)

    IMO, Yankee fans are perfectly within their rights to boo a player who doesn’t play well for them.

    He was bad in the second half of the ’04 season & gave up the Johnny Damon GSHR in Game 7 of the ’04 ALCS.
    He’s sucked so far this year. They don’t care what he did for the Braves or the Expos in years past, and they shouldn’t have to.

    It’s a different level of expectation up here. If you can’t handle it, go play in a town with less heat. It’s that simple.

    Vazquez will come around—and when he does, the fans will too.

  14. What’s this?? Posters on this blog (semi-)implying that Jeffy the Met is the real deal? That Jeffy the Brave was someone else’s fault?

    Granted, he is getting a lot of hits and even a few walks now, but his stats are so gaudy they can’t be maintained. Even Pujols and Bonds (in his playing days) would pine for numbers that good. An OPS over 1.400 and an OPS+ of 264 – seriously.

    I watched 2-3 of Mets games and it looks to me like he’s hitting some crappy early-season pitches, like he should. Granted (again), he didn’t hit those very often as a Brave. But I think Jeffy is a hero of the early season small sample, just like Glaus has been its victim.

    If Jeffy has an OPS over .850 or OPS+ over 120 at the ASB I’ll eat these words. But I seriously doubt it.

  15. Mac, I see what you mean, and I’m sure it’s no coincidence that most of the stars who’ve come through East Cobb (he names “McCann, Jeff Francoeur, Jeremy Hermida, Nick Markakis, Micah Owings, Matt Capps, Stephen Drew, Dexter Fowler and Gordon Beckham”) have wound up as hitters in the majors — with the exception of Micah Owings, who should have wound up a hitter in the majors, and Matt Capps.

    I wouldn’t want to draft a pitcher out of East Cobb, after playing 200 games a year. (I wouldn’t want to sign a Japanese pitcher who’d starred in Koshien either, like the Sox learned with Matsuzaka.)

    In order to be a young star at anything — music, acting, sports — you basically have to be a fanatical monomaniac, spending basically half of your waking hours training. From the time he was 10, all Heyward ever did or wanted to do was play baseball. So that’s all he did. Is that healthy? No. But I doubt his mind or body are about to give out on him just yet.

    Also, the comparison to tennis isn’t quite apt: in women’s tennis, someone like Martina Hingis can literally be the best player in the world at age 16, facing the major-league stress of playing the rest of the best players in the world at that tender age. When he was a teenager, Jason Heyward was still playing teenagers. He was playing the best teens in the country, and playing them a lot, but he still wasn’t a professional.

    Maybe I’m just engaging in wishful thinking. I certainly hope he stays healthy forever, and those injuries that nagged him the last couple years will just go away. But I could certainly see how that East Cobb regimen could have put serious stress on his body. I guess we’ll see.

  16. I played in that East Cobb little league in the mid 70’s and it was truly the highlight of my limited baseball career. The organization was superior even back then. The fields were first rate and the coaching on their all star teams was outstanding.

    I believe Coach Richard Hilton led that league to the Little League World Championship in the early 80’s if I’m not mistaken.

  17. throwback uniforms. reminds me of rick mahler. matt diaz doesnt look good in baby blue.

  18. You know, when the Padres had those uniforms, they were owned by the Krocs, who ran McDonald’s, but the color scheme reminds me more of Burger King.

  19. I’m nominating Chip Caray for worst pun of the year with his “righting the ship” comment.

    It’s early, but I’m throwing it out there.

  20. Hudson has never been a strikeout guy, but he’s gonna have to strike a few guys out to be effective this season.

  21. Well, Smitty, the sportos, the motorheads, geeks, sluts, bloods, wasteoids, dweebies, dickheads – they all adore Prado. He’s a righteous dude.

  22. Shoulda called that by McCann; the last couple fastballs he just barely missed crushing.

  23. I have MLB Gameday open just so I can look at the pitches the ump is missing. To Hairston last inning, Tim went 2-0 and both pitches were solid strikes.

    The ump has been wrong alot.

  24. My wife, who is a nurse, was kind of down because she had a tough night at work last night.

    I told here she can not be any worse at her job than Chip Caray is at his.

    She felt better after that.

  25. Wifey and I are going to New York City next weekend and will be going to Bankrupt Ballpark.

    Anybody been there, where do I want to sit? Does anyone have any good scalping strategies?

  26. Feeling Better Dept.

    I just got a call from a customer-service rep, who asked about some unusual charges on my business AMEX.

    “Did you spend $18 today at Burger King on Gun Hill Rd in The Bronx?”

    “Nope. I wasn’t in The Bronx today & I never eat at Burger King. And, I mean, who uses AMEX at Burger King?”

    “Exactly, that’s why we’re calling you. How about $42 at Foot Locker in Newark yesterday.”

    “How soon can you get me a new card?”

  27. stupup,
    I’ll definitely be at Citi Field Friday night & Saturday afternoon. (Maybe Sunday night, too, not sure yet.)

    Scalping at the Mets? Let’s just say it’s a buyers’ market right now. You won’t have any problems & I’d doubt that you pay more than face value right now.

    I’d recommend the uppers behind home plate. There’s a nice little plaza behind it & the view is great.

    If you wanna stop by & say hi, hit me at djtimes at testa dot com.

  28. ububba,

    I may just take you up on that offer to come by and say hell.

    Your Amex card story is funny. I had a corp Amex a few years ago, my first name was misspelled as sturat on it, but I digress. The finance lady at work asked me about a bunch of charges. It was all 100 dollar giftcards to places like the Polo Outlet, Tommy Hilfiger Outlet, Timberland Outlet, etc, about 3000 dollars worth.

    She asked me if I had mad those charges. I told her no, if I had, I would be dressed better than what I was.

  29. Let me get this straight. One of the “leadoff” guys (8th spot now) gets on base 2 out of 3 times, and you replace him in a double switch? With the one that’s hitting ninety?

  30. oh my, Diaz just swung at one the catcher couldnt even block in the LH batters box. Why do 3 of our 4 OF’rs always have to suck?

  31. Ububba, at least they’re value shopping at Foot Locker, very conscientious of them. Unless the Jordan ’10s are doing really, really bad these days.

  32. well Mark Teixeira is hitting .094, actually that doesnt help me like Melky anymore than I do now

  33. Well, those retro caps aren’t so cheap. Or they bought $42 worth of athletic socks.

    I’m just glad they didn’t go to Smith & Wollensky.

  34. The double switch is even more insane now. You do that, and then you pull the pitcher (after facing one batter) anyway? And then the next pitcher faces only one batter.

  35. Who is announcing the game for the Braves side of broadcast tonight? I’ve got the mlb.tv basic pacakage and so I’m listening to Dick Wimbledon Enberg and Tony Gywnn.

  36. I think Bobby just decided to pull a LaRussa midgame.

    I was thinking hitting the pitcher 8th, but I guess endless pitching changes fits, too.

  37. I think Chipper is stealing because he was sure he could make it. I think Adams forgot about him a little bit.

  38. Yeah, clearly a homer anywhere else. I honestly didn’t think it was hit all that hard off the bat, too; our friend in RF has some serious pop to the opposite field.

  39. I love Heyward even more than I hate Chip, which is really saying something.

    Because Chip Caray sucks.

  40. It’s almost not gratifying when we score because Chip is so obnoxious. All I hear is BLAH BLAH BLAH.

  41. Could we not use Wagner now Bobby? With the huge 3 game series coming up? Please? I know it goes against every grain in your body, but just for me?

  42. Really really like Eric Hinske as the primary pinch hitter over Greg Norton.

    Melky, however, is really frustrating.

  43. if Bobby starts Melky tomorrow Ill do something that I shouldnt do

    Hell, start Infante in CF and Hinske in LF

  44. Jason Heyward looks like a rookie sometimes (not tonight).

    Melky Cabrera looks like Fantasy Camp all the time.

  45. I really enjoy watching Saito pitch. Wonder how long that elbow can hold up under Bobby’s management.

  46. Braves Team ERA with Reyes (entering today): 4.28, 6th in NL
    Without Reyes: 3.33, 3rd in NL

    Mind you, that’s for the entire team.

  47. It’s Wagner. In another non-save situation. When he threw 25 pitches yesterday.

    I can already see it tomorrow when it’s a close game vs the Rox and both Saito/Wagner are unavailable…or worse, Bobby uses them 3 in a row.

    Just stupid.

  48. He wasn’t going to use Chavez with just a four-run lead, and certainly wasn’t going to use Dunn — and he didn’t have any other available relievers. He pretty much had no choice.

  49. Bobby just seems to have these rules in his bullpen. Chavez is going to pitch when we’re losing, or way ahead. Medlen will get the 6th inning if it’s close. Medlen can pitch late in any game that Chavez can pitch in at all.

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