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I was pretty critical of the Ross signing last year in this space, but he did a fine job, particularly during the period when McCann was out. Arguably, he should have played more in the second half; he started only ten games after the break. Some even advocated platooning him with McCann, but Ross hit much better against righthanders (.284/.394/.602, and all seven of his homers) than lefties (.250/.348/.300).

You don’t want to pay too much attention to one year off the bench. The power has been there before, but Ross put up a career-high batting average (by fifteen points) and on-base percentage (by 27 points) and he was 32 years old. You can’t really expect a repeat, but he should at least continue to provide some pop out of the eighth slot when he’s in the lineup.

One of the best throwing catchers in the league, he threw out 48 percent of basestealers last season. Like I said in the McCann comment, that can be overemphasized, but the extra outs were nice.