35 thoughts on “Given up game thread: Sept 6, Reds at Braves”

  1. Continuing from last thread…. Unless I’ve missed something, Bobby isn’t under contract for next year right now. Wren may not be able to fire him during the season, but surely he can decide not offer him a new contract to be manager after the season? If he can’t even do that, he’s not really the GM. Now do I expect that to happen? No. If Bobby wants to come back, he almost certainly will be manager again in 2010. Hopefully Bobby will decide to retire on his own and spare everybody more suffering next year.

  2. Of course Wren can have his opinion on Bobby, but his boss will have the final say. We can only hope Bobby will retire himself, but I don’t see it coming.

    I thought Bobby has signed up for next season already…am I wrong?

  3. I went with Bernero in your standard 12 v. 5 upset (every bracket has to have one, don’t you know?). And now I see that that is the way the voting is actually going. I never shared everyone’s total hatred of Kali. I mean, he wasn’t very good overall, there’s no doubt about that…but I never thought he was the worst thing to ever happen like a bunch of people on here. And he had streaks where he was actually pretty good. The homers were kind of a killer, but without them, he might’ve been a semi-decent reliever (I know, if ifs and buts were candy and nuts…) Meanwhile, Bernero was terrible, and I can’t remember one time where I said about him, “You know, that actually wasn’t half bad.” Therefore, he loses.

    By the way, I too have given up hope. It’s over. I wasn’t 100 percent sure until last night, when they clearly didn’t care and nearly got shutout by Kip Wells. Yeah, no chance.

  4. I just noticed that Corky Miller is catching for the Reds today. When he gets his inevitable big hit, I’m going to bust a blood vessel.

  5. If this is going to be the series that drives the deathstake through this team, I’m not going to watch the end of it.

    I’m an eternally optimistic guy, but I’m going to have a La Fin du Monde & go to a messy rave on Randall’s Island. (Blips, bleeps & mindwarp courtesy Steve Bug & Richie Hawtin, plus a little LCD Soundsystem.)

    Surprise me, boys.

  6. I know a lot of people are on Bobby’s ass (not totally undeserving) but at least we don’t have Dusty Baker managing us.

  7. matt diaz as leadoff: 20/46 .435 ba .490 obp
    so, what does bobby do? take him out of the leadoff role

    bobby seems to go by a very odd figure of speech:
    “if it’s fixed, then try to break it.”

  8. 14,
    Why would you when you’ve had the likes of Greg Norton, Diory Hernandez, Reid Gorecki, and various other excellent hitters on the bench all year?

  9. does it drive anyone else crazy that the braves red uniforms are a totally different color than the braves red on the helmets? it just looks ridiculous.

  10. so, now, after we are seemingly out of the playoffs, bobby gets a call into the pen as soon as 1 run goes on the board, but how many times have we seen him let a pitcher burn on the mound in the past few weeks, while we were still in contention.

  11. 26,
    Come on, it hasn’t been that bad. We’ve seen some good baseball, some young studs grow up in front of us, and the team, as a whole, get a lot better. As Mac said, all things considered this has been a very successful season.

  12. 27,
    You’re right. But it’s been a big tease and I don’t like being teased…. at least by a sports team.

  13. And with that the Braves serve official notice that they are done. I’m glad they didn’t string us along for another 4 weeks.

  14. If this isn’t proof that Cox has lost his players, I don’t know what is.

    Our Braves have quit. Period, and it’s due to the incompetence of the manager.

  15. @33: SPOT ON.

    You think this would happen to a guy like Terry Francona? No. I don’t care how good your team is, if your manager cannot keep a team together and hungry for winning, then you’re not going to win anything. Bobby can’t do it anymore.

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