103 thoughts on “Interleague play is a terrorist plot game thread: A’s at Braves, May 18”

  1. so you mean that we have to watch out for devine throwing roadside bombs along with that “nasty” slider that he never threw for us?

  2. It could always be worse. The Human Pitching Machine Chuck James could be on the mound

  3. The Braves have looked rather wooden and languid on Sundays….at least a ‘terrorist plot’ might have the advantage of waking up the offense….

  4. With the off-day tomorrow and a doubleheader on Tuesday, I’m thinking McCann may start today but get one game off on Tuesday. I can’t wrap my head around the notion of Corky Miller starting two games out of three….

  5. From the previous thread:

    Comparing Tim Hudson to Chuck James in any way is not something I would advise doing if your goal is to sound like you know what you’re talking about. Everyone’s forgetting that he looks good far more often than he looks terrible. He probably is more of a #2 starter than an ace, but that’s the least of our problems in this rotation.

    We absolutely need to make a trade for a starter at some point. It doesn’t have to be an ace, but the trade does have to be made. Yes, we will give up a minor league prospect or two. Yes, it has to be done if we want to do anything this year. And if I hear somebody say that we’re out of it so hold onto the prospects, I may throw something. We’re three games out. The trade has to be made. We cannot build from within for this one. We don’t have anybody who’s ready yet within the system, and even if we did, we need a slightly more reliable starter than that.

  6. mccann in the lineup. looks to be the same as last night. let’s hope the results are different.

  7. “we will give up a minor league prospect or two”

    Unfortunately, it will take a lot more than that to get a decent starter will cost much more than a couple of minor league prospects.

    I agree that no should confuse Hudson with James and it would be nice to land another starter.

    However, after watching the first quarter of the season, I really wonder if another quality starter would make much of a difference. Pitching has not been the problem: the Braves have the 4th lowest ERA in baseball and the lowest in the NL.

    Getting timely hits, in contrast, appears to be a nearly insuperable problem….

  8. Anyone think AJ Burnett or Brad Penny would be available? Both are in contract years, right?

  9. A right handed power hitter (whether by Tex as a right hander or Francoeur waking up or from outside) is a more desparate need than any pitching.

    Righthanded, Chipper becomes Wade Boggs. That is, he maintains batting average and OBP, but his power goes away. Lefty starters and LOOGY’s are DEVASTATING us. Lefties take away Kotsay, KJ (to an extent), Blanco.

    Maybe Barbaro can be called up for the AL park games to DH against lefties?

  10. Maybe Jo Jo is learning to cope with the big leagues….

    Lets get some runs…

  11. Heyward is NOT playing 1st.

    As a matter of fact, Freeman is putting up better #s at Rome than Heyward.

    Heyward will be out future LF.

    Freeman at 1st.

    Cody Johnson is trade bait. Hopefully.

  12. Pitching may not be a problem now, but it will be if we don’t get another mid-level starter. Unless Reyes just locks in, if that’s the case we might be able to get through it, but that doesn’t really seem all that likely, and if he doesn’t, another starter is a must. I’m not talking an ace here, I’m talking a N0. 3 or 4 guy.

  13. What makes you think Jo-Jo can’t be that No. 3 or 4. He is a top rated prospect, and really looks to have turned a corner this year

  14. Throwin 22+ pitches in the second inning killed any chance Jo-Jo had of going 6

  15. Yea but he still only threw 92 pitches. Kids on my high school team throw more without tiring

  16. I don’t think we are teaching a “strikeout” pitch in the minor leagues. Guys like Jo-Jo and Chuck James can get ahead of guys, but can’t put them away. Thus leading to more pitches getting fouled off and higher pitch counts trhough five innings. Plus, in the minors they hold these guys to strick 100 pitch counts, so they are condiditoned to tire around that mark.

  17. So isn’t the obvious solution to have James/JoJo as a 5th starter tandem? One starts and goes 5, then the other comes in and throws 4 – swap each outing who starts and who comes in.

  18. And yes, my suggestion is a little crazy, but since the 6th inning worries are so predictable…

  19. Cody Johnson is only 19 and last year utterly dominated the Appalachian League; its too early to dismiss him as ‘trade bait’.

    My guess is that he will always have a high strikeout rate, but have tons of power. I can see him becoming something between Phil Plantier and Adam Dunn, which is to say that he has a real chance to be a useful player.

  20. Here’s another thing… Heyward and Freeman are both 18, and two of the youngest players in their league. Heyward is also one of the best players in the league, and Freeman isn’t far behind.

  21. I predict that Howard and Freeman will be brought up next June when our first baseman (Sean Casey) and our left field combo (Brian Jordan/ Ron Gant, depending who doesn’t have Sport South duty) are hitting .178 with one home run.

  22. The interesting thing about Rome is not only do they possess Heyward, Freeman, Johnson (and now Gilmore) and Coe, but 8 strong starting pitching prospects and, yet, they are having trouble winning.

    In any event, it has been a long time since the Braves had so many top prospects on one roster….

  23. We will sign Casey in December and hear all winter how good he was becasue he was on the Red Sox. DOB and Peanut will crap their pants and talk about is “Great glove” and “under rated power.”

  24. 15 straight shutout innings for the bullpen, including a 2-inning outing for resuck yesterday.

  25. #48–Also, some of the pitchers have struggled. Does anybody out there know that has happened to Evarts?

  26. Frenchy another K…why am I not surprised…and I don’t think that a ‘day off” would make the slightest difference…

  27. Is there a worse clutch hitter than Frenchy? He has replaced Andruw as the team leader in key/bad strikeouts

  28. infante? i didnt know diaz was ran over by a garbage truck on the way to the park today… as i say this somehow he gets a triple

  29. I was shocked that Diaz didn’t pinch hit, esp. since he’s been killing lefties. But, that’s why BC makes the big bucks and I don’t.

  30. You know, “intentional walk” is kind of a long way to say it. I propose that from now on, the IBB should be called the “ealk”.

  31. I think we ought to use a Vulcan mind-merge on Acosta and Ohman when Soriano comes off the DL. he could be Willnny Acostman. Plus, this would be Acostman’s second save.

  32. nice win? hell, its a nice win when these guys beat anybody.. i try to keep up, but this A’s team has about 4 players i’ve heard of before this weekend.

  33. Nice series win…..but just one question. Is Blanco still considered fast if he gets caught in a no-throw rundown by Chad Gaudin? ;)

  34. Of course Bobby knows the save rule. He is a Major League manager. You are right that he probably doesn’t care.

  35. Well, you would think that a professional journalist with forty years experience employed as an official scorer would know the save rule, and he doesn’t. Bobby’s been in baseball since before saves were invented, and he may not know all the ins and outs.

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