Atlanta Braves vs. Washington Nationals – Box Score – September 26, 2009 – ESPN

I’d really like to thank the Nats for putting PTG Orr in the starting lineup again. Orr did more for the Braves in these last two games than he ever did in a Braves uniform. Today he threw a ball away, an “infield single” in the first that scored two runs, putting the Braves up 4-0. Only one of the four runs was “unearned”, but let’s just say that the Nats aren’t a good defensive team. The Braves added another “unearned” run in the second to go up 5-0.

Tommy Hanson had an odd game. He only allowed four hits and one walk, but he had bad timing; the last of the hits was a homer following a hit and a walk, scoring three runs in the third and cutting the lead to 6-4 at the time. But Hanson had no problems for then on. He wound up striking out seven in seven innings, and is now 11-4 with a 2.98 ERA.

Gonzalez came in to pitch the eighth, and allowed a walk but struck out two and preserved the two-run lead. And then the Braves broke it open. Chipper doubled in McLouth, then McCann seemingly ended the rally with his 21st homer. Escobar doubled in Gorecki, then came in on an ACHE single to make it 11-4.

Bobby brought in O’Flaherty, who after striking out Dunn allowed three straight infield singles, which is pretty hard to do. He then gave up a sac fly, then Bobby brought in Soriano to pitch to one batter with two out and a six-run lead. Whatever. He got a strikeout.

The Braves had thirteen hits, with five different batters with two each. In addition to McCann’s homer, they had five doubles by five different batters. That’s how you do it.