New York Mets vs. Atlanta Braves – Box Score – July 16, 2009 – ESPN

First off, a big hand to Jeff Francoeur, who did what he does so well — make outs, five of them in four plate appearances. Hitting fifth, which is something even Bobby wouldn’t do with him anymore. Of course, the Mets’ lineup is pretty bad these days, but if they’d gotten anything out of the five hole they might have won.

The Braves took the lead in the second with back-to-back homers (for the first time all year) from Yunel and ACHE. The Mets took over with three runs off of Derek Lowe in the fourth inning. He didn’t really do that badly, he gave up three ground-ball singles (plus a pathetic groundout by Jeffy that was so bad no double play could be turned) before allowing a double to the gap for the third run. He allowed only one hit total in the five other innings he worked, though his control was off and he walked three, and needed 113 pitches for just those six innings.

The Braves tied it up in the bottom of the inning, with McCann scoring from first on a double — he just got in under the tag. It stayed tied until the seventh, when Chipper (who had made three first-pitch outs previously, in what I can only guess was a tribute to the Groundhog) singled in Conrad, though they couldn’t get another run out of the situation. They did in the eighth, when Norton singled in Ryan Church (who ran for ACHE after the latter reached on an infield single, his third hit of the night).

Acosta pitched the seventh and got the win. Moylan’s arm is still attached, so he pitched the eighth, even though it was the toughest part of the lineup with Wright and Sheffield. Well, and Jeffy. They went 1-2-3. Certified non-All-Star Rafael Soriano needed to get four outs because Chipper botched a grounder, but he did it in style, striking out two.

In summary: Braves win, Francoeur still sucks, only now he’s helping us win.