Braves 7, Phillies 3

Philadelphia Phillies vs. Atlanta Braves – Box Score – June 01, 2010 – ESPN.

Let’s beat them while we can, guys, because the last few innings indicated the Phillies might be waking up. That game was way closer than it should have been.

There was, of course, rain, about an hour of it coming in the bottom of the first right after Glaus launched a three-run homer (his second of the type in as many days) to score Prado and Chipper. Tim Hudson returned after the delay, but Cole Hamels (who already looked mechanically off to me, as well as miserable in the rain) did not. Hudson spent the night getting those ground balls again but also getting strikeouts, six of them. With the Phillies, at least normally, you have to have a strikeout pitch or they’ll work you to death; as it was, he still threw 104 pitches in six innings. In the sixth, he allowed a double to Utley and a homer to Howard. If those guys return to normal, the Phillies don’t need a whole lot else.

The Braves added to their lead with two runs in the third after a key error (though both runs were scored “earned”) In the fifth, Melky drove one in with a bases-loaded groundout to make it 6-0 at the time. The Braves stretched it to 7-2 with a sac fly from Prado in the eighth, while O’Flaherty and Saito kept the Phillies off the board.

Jonny Venters had been pitching awfully well, but he’d also been pitching an awful lot the last few days, and it caught up with him today, as he allowed two hits and a walk to make it 7-3, then hit Utley (who leaned into the pitch) to load the bases for Howard. Bobby had no choice but to bring in Wagner, who got a groundout for the save.

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  1. The Phillies gaffs in the field are hurting them as much as the woes at the plate. They seem to make errors at the worst time possible.

    I agree with Mac, I think the bats might be waking up. Glad we got the first two.

  2. 7-3

    Somebody call Elias — seven straight wins by three or more runs. That’s the picture of a team on a roll.

  3. Just checked; have to face Kershaw and Billingsly Fri and Sat. Oh well, can’t have everything

  4. I believe Glaus is tied for the most RBI in all of baseball since May 1. We all know how worthless of a stat RBI is, but it illustrates how good the top third of the order has been at getting on base.

  5. This may seem like an odd question but I just finished the game and during the rain delay Joe Simpson sent it to an episode of Seinfeld by saying it was the funniest of all time. Does anybody know which one he was referring to? I guess because I don’t live in Atlanta DirecTV only lets me see the game, during commercials and rain delays I just get the hard camera and I was curious as to what Joe’s favorite episode was.

  6. Hm…

    ST. LOUIS (AP) — The wife of St. Louis Cardinals batting coach Mark McGwire has delivered triplets.

  7. In reference to how awesome Turner Field’s organ guy is, did anyone notice he plays “the office” theme for Ryan Howard?

    if he had a CD, I’d buy it & ask for his autograph

  8. Venters almost had me crap in my pants last night.
    Utley has this look about him. No expression at all. Sort of a serene superiority. I get scared that he is going to hit a 5 run homer every time he hits.
    My first look at Saito. Gosh, that dude can bring some heat.
    Loving the winning streak.

  9. I was at the Pirates game the other night and the organist played the theme from “The Andy Griffith Show” for McCutchen.


    Btw, I can think of very few players making less than $10 million that I’d rather have than McCutchen.

  10. Bill Hohn in trouble for tossing Oswalt. I’m sure all the Braves are upset at this.

  11. I am scared for the bullpen. Hudson really toughed it out. He probably had to throw a simulated inning or two last night, on top of the 6 on the mound.

    If the Phillies don’t bring Hamels back tonight with Kendrick as his backup, they are cooked in the pen worse than we are.

    Gwinett is home right now. Who should / can we send down / bring up?

    The big problem is Bobby’s lack of trust (somewhat deserved). Is there anybody (other than the unavailable Proctor) that we could add to the Major League mix?

  12. And the organist played “Holiday Road” from the Vacation movies for Chase Utley. Get it…Chase = Chevy Chase.

  13. Best organist music – he played “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer” for Clint Barmes.

  14. I heard on Mike & Mike in the Morning that the Braves have gone seven straight games scoring at least five runs and giving up three or less. That is the longest such streak IN NL HISTORY.


    I agree with Mac; time to get the Phillies out of town. They gave the Braves two runs due to the error on the third baseman and lost one of their own with their weird base running. And they missed a number of hittable pitches. They can’t play or hit that poorly for much longer.

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