Atlanta Braves vs. Baltimore Orioles – Box Score – June 14, 2009 – ESPN

It’s only one game. But what a terrible game it was. Derek Lowe got shelled, and didn’t get out of the third, allowing seven runs. The Braves were down 11-0 after the fifth. Yunel choked on a rundown play, turning an inning-ending out into a steal of home, and Bobby yanked him. The catchers were 3-4 with two homers by Ross (McCann sat once the game went critical) but the rest of the team had two hits. Jeffy is still on the team and doesn’t think anything is wrong. Medlen walked five men in four innings of relief and also gave up six hits, throwing 81 pitches. In relief! Ty Wigginton, who entered the game hitting .222 with three homers, homered twice. It’s really disgusting. Fortunately, I stopped watching after about four innings; all I can say about this team is that it deserves to have to watch the whole thing.