102 thoughts on “I don’t have anything clever here game thread: April 11, Nats at Braves”

  1. Indians lost again today.

    So, at 0-5, they are the only winless team in MLB.

    The Fish are the only undefeated team.

  2. Kotchman hitting at 5 is killing me. What do you think the lineup will look like when Schafer hits 1st? You think Bobby will just put him at 1 and slide everyone down a slot, or what? I’m sure he’ll leave Chipper at 3rd though

    1- Schafer
    2- Escobar
    3- Chipper
    4- McCann
    5- Francoeur
    6- Johnson
    7- Diaz/Anderson
    8- Kotchman


  3. I think Escobar should hit somewhere other than second. I like having him at the top of the order, but he hits into too many double plays. Maybe he could lead off or hit fifth.

  4. Schafer
    (warm body)

    I think it’s better for KJ to bat ahead of Chipper because KJ is a fairly patient so Chipper will have a chance to see some pitches before his AB. Plus I’m kind of a homer for KJ so any batting order that seems him getting more ABs is one I’ll support.

  5. Escobar gets on base at about a .375 career clip. He should bat first or second. I’m fine with KJ & Esco at the top of the order.

    And if you think Esco hits into too many DPs now, just wait til he breaks your heart 30+ times a year batting 5th or 6th. He’d be like Jim Rice without the homers.

  6. Yeah, batting him fifth was not the brightest idea in the world. I’d rather have him there than Frenchy or Kotchman, though. Ultimately, I would rather him lead off. But if Schafer can get on at as high a rate as Escobar and steal, well…

    Any idea where he was hitting when he grounded into those 24 double plays last year? I don’t really know how to look that up.

  7. we have 3 guys than can it 1-2 and nobody you want to see in hit 5-6. What a weird team.

  8. I’m apprehensively anticipating tonight’s game. Didn’t see anything of Kawakami in Spring Training, so he’s currently just a $24m gamble to me.

    As for Escobar, I wish he’d turn on balls more. It seems like when he’s prepared to do that he has more than enough power if he connects.

  9. braves14 – You might end up blaming me for speaking into existence, should it happen that is.

  10. Stu – also not to jinx anything, but the ‘Dores have a nice weekend going in Fayetteville right now.

  11. Parish,
    Yeah, I could get used to these blowout wins on the road. Minor and Cotham both pitched very, very well.

  12. Stu – I may have almost jinxed them. The Hogs scored twice in the bottom of the 9th. I thought the 9-run lead was looking pretty safe. It’s not like they have the Braves bullpen.

  13. Kudos to Schafer for beating out the infield single and bringing up the pitcher. Too bad Kawakami swings like a pitcher.

  14. I’ve only seen 2 different pitches from Kawakami so far, and he can’t control either of them.

  15. Mark Fein isn’t much of an improvement, but it’s better than that colossal jackass Chip Caray.

  16. Was Kawakami supposed to strike this many guys out? Is the wildness doing that much for him, anyway? All I have is Gameday.

  17. AAR, I am surprised by what you said (without rechecking the numbers). I thought Kawakami has a low walk ratio when he was in Japan and is considered as a control pitcher!

    I can see some good baseball instinct in him from the last play though.

  18. ok, getting out of that inning without allowing another run. Good, another scoreless inning and let the bullpen take over…oh no!!!

  19. Fein hasn’t bothered me. Sort of a laid-back style and he hasn’t said anything dumb (yet).

  20. How do you ‘single to the first baseman’?

    Sounds Prado-ish, but I thought Johnson was a good glove.

    Edit: and Gameday thinks the first pitch to Kotchman was totally a strike. Is that accurate?

  21. I hate to talk like Bobby, but Schafer looks like a very good baseball player to me… and Frenchy looks like a decent football player to me.

  22. Nathan, you single to the first baseman by hitting a little swinging bunt in no-man’s land, then winning a footrace to first. Johnson made a terrific play on an earlier smash by Brian; Schafer and Diaz just tapped ’em to the right place.

  23. OMG~!!~! HOW DO U HOLD JOHNSON THERE!. there has been some suspect 3rd base coach decisions this year so far

  24. Snitker’s decision making has always been a topic of discussion here since the day he became our 3rd base coach.

  25. If Bobby kept pinch-running for Tex, I wonder why he doesn’t pinch run much for Kotch…

  26. Great, great play by Escobar. Man.

    Kotchman is hilariously slow. Is he hurt or something? He can’t possibly be that slow. He looked like a friend of mine who tried to play softball with a torn ACL. Kind of like a lame horse hobbling away from a shotgun.

  27. I do like that in Diaz, Kelly, Chipper and even McCann we have guys who know how to take the extra base when the fielders are dozing.

    I still love Escobar stealing 2nd while the pitcher was wandering around behind the mound.

  28. AAR, but Adam is making $7M now. There is no way I give $7M to Adam.

    Yunel almost broke Kotch’s hand on that throw….

  29. AAR – re: Laroche, I thought that was a great trade for us at the time. But looking back, Laroche had a very good year when we traded for him and hasn’t been bad for the Pirates. He’s been too streaky, but he’s a much better hitter than Scott Thorman, Chris Woodward and Casey Kotchman.

    Who knows what it would look like if Gonzalez had gotten injured, but if we had never traded Laroche, we might still have Harrison, Feliz, etc. Anyway, it’s all speculation.

  30. Weldon, I was just thinking about that — funny how that works out.


    Also, KC, that’s a fair point about LaRoche’s salary — but they basically got screwed by the arb process. Before this year, $7mill’s a fair price for him. This year, it’s way, way too much.

    Hmm… they’re hitting Kawa kinda hard this inning. Good thing it’s right at people.

  31. Nice!!! Another inning for Kawakami?…ok Prado is hitting, I guess not…

    …I am not sure if I want to see Moylan…

  32. The funny thing about Moylan is he says he feels good in the pen and he performed well down in Florida.

    I only would have kept Kawakami in the game for a bunt. I guess that was Bobby’s thinking, too.

  33. 8k’s from Kawakami, Id like him to cut down on the walks. im sure he will, 1st start in the US and in line for the win. Come on bullpen.

  34. SHUTOUT INNING FROM PETER MOYLAN! I am going to cry…

    …as long as Moylan doesn’t need to face Zimmerman, I guess things will be ok…but his velocity is obviously not back to normal yet…

  35. Has he thrown his slider yet? That’s his really vicious pitch (especially when it starts out at a RHB’s legs) in my opinion, and I didn’t see it in that inning.

  36. Holy crap, anyone else getting the Time Warner feed? They forgot to turn off Joe’s mic…

  37. Weldon- What’d he say? Was it, “%!&$*@ needs to learn to hit to the opposite field”?

  38. Fein: Sorry about that, I had heard you talk about that kind of thing before…
    Joe: Yeah, that Moneyball thing, I just hate it…
    Fein: So you didn’t see the article on the fielding zone? It, uh, it was an interesting article…
    Joe: I heard about it, I just think that’s another geek sittin’ in some computerized thing tryin’ to figure out what kind of ZONE he could come up with for Willie Harris when he’s never even laid eyes on Willie Harris.
    Fein: Something something Torii Hunter…

    AND we’re back. And I swear to god, that part about “computerized thing” is exactly what he said. Thank god for DVR, I guess.

  39. good job from the pen, good outing from Kawakami, big games from KJ Yunel and Schafer also

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