254 thoughts on “Opening the season game thread: April 5, Braves at Phillies”

  1. To Mac and the regular posters: thanks for getting me through another viciously boring off-season. Go Braves.

  2. Im calling it 7-3 Braves. Things that haunted us last year, pick us up this year. Bullpen, and Frenchy!

  3. sucks I have to work tonight. At least I’ll get an opportunity to test out how well Gameday Audio works on the iphone.

  4. My calls for the Braves tonight:

    Derek Lowe: 7.2IP, 2ER

    MVP; Chipper Jones: 2H, 1BB, 1HR
    LVP; Casey Kotchman: 0H, 0BB

  5. I’m looking forward to another season at Braves Journal. This is my third season here, and it’s great to have a collective group who can celebrate and suffer together.


  6. I can’t wait for this game, now 2009 really means something… How about a new poll, it’s been a while!

  7. always good to see George Harrison playing guitar and singing while wearing a live bear………Go Braves

  8. I’m jacked for real baseball. Got a good feeling about this season.

    Prayers are with your Dad, Rob. And thanks for all the work that you do Mac.

    Go Bravos

  9. Looking forward to another great season with the BJ folks! With only 26 games on the schedule, the Braves will not have a 5-22 June unless there’s a makeup game. So at least we have that going for us … which is nice.

  10. Hey guys,

    Thanks for the thoughts, prayers, and words of encouragement. My dad is at Capital Regional Hospital in Tallahassee, in stable condition in the ICU. It looks like he has severe blockage in several arteries, and he needs open heart surgery. He’s in good spirits, and so am I right now. Once again, thanks for everything.

    Go Braves!

  11. Signing on for the new season.

    I just plopped myself on the couch and cracked a brew…ready to watch some Braves in glorious high definition.

    Though I may not be optimistic about our chances this year, I’m farkin amped for a new year of Braves baseball. I’m also pumped to have something to talk about and photoshop around here again whether it be good or bad. The offseason grab-assery was wearing thin.


  12. I was actually pretty close, but you’re right, we would never have a 5-22 record in June. It was 6-21. Which is better, I guess.

    Good to hear y’all are doing better, Rob.

  13. Rob……….i’m about 40 miles away from there……………anything i can do?

  14. Lineup:

    K. Johnson
    Y. Escobar
    C. Jones
    B. McCann
    G. Anderson
    J. Francoeur
    C. Kotchman
    J. Schafer
    D. Lowe

  15. This year’s new drinking game, every time Karl Ravech says ‘hall of famer Dave Winfield,’ take a drink. We get it Karl, he’s in the Hall of Fame, you don’t have to mention it every single time.

  16. Rob, best wishes to your father, you and your family.

    Go Braves go. It would make my entire to beat the stupid Phillies tonight. That fan base needs some cold water doused on it.

  17. I was going to say… football is one thing, women’s basketball is another. Bud, you’re allowed to complain about this sort of crap.

  18. Football would be understandable, even Mens tournament action.
    Anyway, great to see the first game of the year and be on an excellent HD feed.

  19. Hey, look, it’s our offense. Hello offense!

    Perhaps we should wrap the pair of them in thick foam whenever they’re not actually on the field.

  20. I thought Utley went yard there, but strangely enough, he didn’t… :shock:

    Here’s to many more innings like that one!

  21. When the outfield proves it can be league average, I’ll become a believer in the offense. Until then, I’m excited for Chipper and McCann’s seasons.

  22. Seriously, I’m a little confused. What the f is going on?

    Am I drunk or something?

  23. Why on earth would any pitcher start Francoeur off with a fastball? I’d be shaking that off till my head detached.

    Ahaha, best debut possible.

  24. watching on ESPN360.com……not bad but I think its a little behind the live feed.

  25. it’s element brah….element.

    Whoo! I’m throwin rocks tonight! Mark it, dude.

  26. It’s like Myers skipped last season’s second half and just reverted back to last year’s first half horror-show.

  27. I guess you throw sliders to Ryan Howard. Someone might want to remember that so he doesn’t kill our pitchers like he did last season

  28. Mac…the last one was actually Kaz Matsui against us five years ago I believe. He was like the first batter of that season…

  29. There’s the Ryan Howard I know. Here’s to another 200 Ks while being continuously praised by the talking heads at ESPN!

  30. blast! I didn’t notice someone else had already taken the waiting “Myers-beats-his-wife” joke.

    My apologies. If there’s anything I hate, it’s a mencia.


  31. my memory might be playing tricks on me again, but didn’t Jermaine Dye homer in his first AB for the Braves?

  32. Round three:

    “but didn’t Jermaine Dye homer in his first AB for the Braves?”

    I dunno, but Brett Myers battered in his first home for the Phils.


  33. “When you’ve won a championship, you don’t have to talk as much.” – Joe Morgan. Is that what we’ve been missing, an abundance of people who talk a lot?

  34. Other Braves to homer in their first AB:

    Johnny Bates (a Beaneater)
    Manager extraordinaire Chuck Tanner

    Then you have Adam Wainright. Rusty Greer is on there too, he’s a “whatever happened to” guy for me.

  35. The Baseball Cube didn’t have the first guy to do it (also a Beaneater), Joe Harrington. The Beaneaters apparently had a monopoly on that sort of thing for baseball’s earlier years with 2 of the first 3.

    Updated list at Wikipedia

  36. That really tall first baseman prospect we had hit a home run in his first at bat. It was that same season (possibly same game) where Giles set the franchise record for doubles in a season.

  37. It’s so nice to have a pitcher that makes me feel like there will not be blowouts when they pitch. Much less anxiety for the fan.

  38. I’m watching the HD feed and Lowe looks like he’s computer generated on the screen. Like a star wars character or something.

  39. An added bonus of watching DLowe pitch, he’s the anti-Trachsel. Anybody else remember when Sutton used to read recipes inbetween his pitches?

  40. Charles Jones at 3B for the Braves…Grady Anderson playing LF…Ben McCann at the plate…Diedre Lowe pitching

  41. I don’t think there’s any excuse for a broadcast professional to mess up names like that, especially MORE THAN ONCE.

  42. Does anyone care at all about the/a women’s basketball game? And remind me, which Amendment allowed them to play sports?

  43. Also, ESPN if we cared about soccer scores, we would look them up, take the stupid scroll away. I also don’t need the box score of the last time Mich St played UNC. I’m here to watch the game, not the scroll. End rant.

  44. Who else almost had a stroke when they said Steve Phillips was joining them? Hands…okay, so everyone.

  45. turn the sound off and put some music on……….. its the only defense for Joe….i dont have any problem watching a game without someone telling me what i’m seeing.

  46. I am afraid this game is going to get dangerously close at the end unless we add some runs soon…

  47. #157

    Yes – and her name is Christine Brennan of USA Today. “Debbie Downer”, errrrrr, I mean ‘Christine Brennan’ wrote a column trying to make Obama feel guilt for only doing a men’s bracket on ESPN.


  48. I’d like to see Lowe out pitching in the 7th.

    Sends a great message for the season that we now have durable starters who won’t wear out our bullpen.

  49. My wife is a pretty strong supporter of women’s issues, and she openly rolls her eyes at the women’s tournament.

    ESPN is determined to shove it down our throats.

    And by the way, can you imagine the scathing attack column from Brennan in the USA Today tomorrow if they had aired the opening night game on ESPN and the women’s final 4 on ESPN2?

    I’ll laugh when the overnight ratings come out tomorrow and the Braves-Phillies on the Deuce still dropkicks the women’s tourney.


  50. I was almost sure that the Tim Lincecum commercial was for MasterCard, but alas, just more money spent preaching to the choir.

  51. There is a certain irony to women shoving something down men’s throats. (cringes again)

  52. I was trying to be nice and flip between the womens bball and the baseball, but after a few minutes, my mom was like, “Can we just watch the Braves, please?”

  53. The White Sox snow delay game tomorrow:

    When will Bud the genius ever learn not to schedule in cold weather/snow climates the first week or two of April?

  54. VERY excited to see our new #1 starter starting the 8th inning in Game 1. Wow, what a different that gives us all compared to 2008.

    It’s just one game but what a different tone Lowe is helping set.

  55. Can someone explain to me the commercial with the Scottish sounding man, who looks like Jeff Daniels, in the plaid hat who keeps hitting people and saying “dipstick”?

    It’s creepy.

  56. I think that the commercials are actually getting worse. I wish the dipstick guy would attack Howie Long and then both of them go after the credit report scumbags.

  57. Moron Philly fan alert: holding their red 2008 flag upside on Nat’l TV. A classic.

    And there goes Lowe’s shutout and now the game is getting scarier.

  58. guess i need to place that order for a pallet of pepto.
    nice game for lowe.
    nice win for the braves.

  59. Joe Morgan either just loves the Phillies or really does hate the Braves.

    Is anyone else listening to this jacka– GUSH about the Phils and NOT talk about the Braves?

    Gee…thank you Steve Phillips for acknowledging us.

  60. It’s no different than when the NYY, Mets or Red Sox are playing. Their opponents never get mentioned, win or lose.

  61. Yeah Joe Morgan is so in love with the Phillies start the fire Joe morgan campaign up again. Yeah nice pitching by Lowe can’t believe he is 36

  62. Alex, you may as well turn on the mute function whenever you hear the voice of Joe Morgan.

  63. Wow… that was fun. Felt like a Braves game back in the mid 90s. Lowe was fantastic. Go Braves!

  64. Top story on Sportscenter…

    Shoot, I had Oklahoma winning it all in my office pool.

    But, I did pick Stanford for my pool at the gym. Still alive, there.

  65. Well, another year, and another tragic braves save attempt!

    But it was good to see Chipper hit, good defense for the most part, sans the johnson/francouer snafu on the foul pop, and Lowe was lights out!

    Gonzo, my good lord!
    Right now, we are the best team in baseball, lets enjoy it!

  66. Funny thing about the K-zone is that it showed one pitch in each of those 9th inning at bats were strikes when they were called balls! And then you have Joe Morgan saying Gonzalez has throw few strikes in the inning. Ugh…

  67. Perfect start to the season, sans the last-inning shakiness, and even then you can tell Gonzo is working his way back into it.

    You’d have to think that this goes down as one of those “statement of intent” games. Now to see if the boys can follow up on it.

  68. Yeah, dirt.

    Seems like you usually see a couple of those pitches just off the plate called strikes. I recall at least 3 strikes on the black or better that weren’t called. Gonzo was definitely getting squeezed, not that he didn’t earn it.

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