Phillies 8, Braves 7

ESPN – Phillies vs. Braves – Box Score – September 16, 2008

See, Mets? We just can’t beat them! Sorry!

Shutout through two. Then Klinger Parr finally gave up some runs, three of them to be precise, but the Braves rallied back to tie in the bottom of the inning. Parr didn’t make it out of the fifth, leaving trailing 4-3 and having allowed ten hits. He didn’t walk anyone, so there’s that. At any event, the Braves scored four runs in the sixth to take the lead, but again couldn’t hold it. The Phillies made it 7-6 after seven, and Gonzalez gave up a two-run homer to Howard in the eighth to take the loss. The Braves loaded the bases on walks in the ninth, including an epic PA by Francoeur that was actually fine work and not just guessing for once, but Blanco struck out to end it.

Chipper was 1-2 with three walks. He is up eight points in the batting race and five in OBP. McCann had three hits, including a bunt single.

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  1. #2 – I really find that hard to believe. I think they are. Did you see the horrible defense? Terrible plays in CF and LF tonight, a big mistake by Lillibridge (didnt cause any runs though). The misplay by Anderson and the non strike call against Utley cost Parr three runs

    anyways, it doesnt matter. Down with the METS!!

  2. Also, from the last thread, I can’t believe someone is using Mike Mussina to prove that Jair Jurrjens is a #4 starter. Seriously, Mussina’s a borderline Hall of Famer. In what way is does that bode ill for Jair?

  3. and when Mussina’s Knuckle Curve is on, it’s top-5 nastiest pitches in the Majors. That and Smoltzy’s slider.

  4. I don’t really have an axe to grind against the Mets–but it would be great if the Phillies won because the Mets would have choked twice–so that it would be in their heads for the next few seasons. After all, that way they can just blame Willie….

  5. That last Francoeur at bat was surreal. All year when I’m pulling for the Braves to win, he has one crap at bat after another. Then when I’m hoping they lose, he’s Rickey Henderson up there. It’s like he instinctively knows the worst thing to do. You can’t teach that – although it seems you can’t really teach him anything.

  6. Robert–I saw only a little of the game, but I did see that at bat. Did you notice the camera picking up a kid in a Francoeur jersey getting excited by it all? The combination of the kid and his hero made it all the more memorable….

  7. If there was ever a player who should be sent to Dayton Moore and the Royals, it has to be Frenchy….Unfortunately I fear that the Braves will remain in denial about him….

  8. What, no love for me, Casey K.? 120 AB’s here in Atlanta, with 4 XB hits and no HR’s, from your first baseman?

  9. Kotchman’s been pretty bad. But I’m more inclined to believe he’ll be the player he’s been for most of his major league (and minor league) career rather than the guy he’s been for a month and a half here. I think he’ll be a decent bat next year. Nothing like Teixeira, obviously, but he’ll be fine.

  10. Frenchy has his best AB of the year, then Blanco goes up and swings at the first pitch in the dirt. Oh well, as long as the Mets don’t win the division.

  11. How many walks does Frenchy have this year? I almost hate to say this but it does seem that he has been drawing more walks than he used to.

  12. Chipper has about 80 fewer plate appearances than Pujols this year in 17 fewer games (119 to 136.

    As for Kotchman, is anyone really surprised? He went from being on the best AL team 20 games ahead of second place Texas with a chance to play for the World Series to being on a hopeless directionless NL team 20 games out of first place replacing a player that everyone wanted to keep. I know he’s a professional, but quite frankly, who cares. I’m giving him a pass, if he sucks next year, well it may still not matter because no one will be watching.

  13. Also, I think it’s fair to point out that Kotchman’s mother just went through a serious illness. That may have had more to do with him being distracted than playing on a bad team. Certainly, Kotchman is no Teixera but I don’t think it’s fair to judge him on a relatively few games under the circumstances. I would expect that his performance would be at least as good as before and, considering the move from the AL to the NL, probably will improve some.

  14. Is it wrong to root for the Phillies? I just realized that if we beat them tonight and the Mets win, I’ll be kinda pissed off…

    I’m sure this has been covered, but what a bum Ned Yost is! Losing eleven games in September is unacceptable and he doesn’t deserve to manage. In related news, my supermodel wife has a freckle on the small of her back, so I’m thinking about drowning her.

  15. anyone within staggering distance of Tuscaloosa on friday night should get over to the Jupiter Bar & Grill and check out Pat Green. one of Texas’ best singer/songwriters complete with a red-hot band. if you’re inclined towards good country-rock, dont miss it if you have a choice.

  16. #9 – I think I read somewhere that Japan has a big issue with Tazawa wanting to come to the US. Apparently US teams are in agreement with Japan that all players must play in Japan before they come to MLB. They said it would cause big relation problems between the two leagues if he came straight over.

  17. Was looking at KJ’s splits. I sure wish the dude would spread the goodness out a little better. He is either red freaking hot or stone ‘Francouer like’ cold. Unless he collapses the last 10 games (not all that unlikely) he is going to end up with very good season statistics.

    Pulling for Chipper in a big way now.

  18. Am I the only one who thought KJ puscatored that play at 2nd?

    It wasn’t a great play by Lillibridge but KJ seemed more concerned about avoiding contact than making the out.

    How ’bout this? KJ in left and Infante at 2B?

  19. #33 – I believe that Kelley was backing away somewhat as he thought Smallbridge was going to the bag as he shoud have.

  20. Thanks csg–I knew that the the Japanese don’t like the prospect of Tazawa leaving, but that puts things in perspective….I suppose if he comes stateside it would make him something of a Curt Flood…

    I am still keen to see Yu Darvish–even though I doubt that he will ever appear in a Braves’ uniform….

  21. Amazing game:
    The Braves competed, Bobby was in the game most of the time. However, you do not walk Howard in the 8th?
    Klinger had it rough with the cold and the wind gusts, but the bubble had to burst. Hard to be certain but I think the scouts are interested in him.
    And the Philly Phans were actually nice and polite. I guess being in first place softens them up. Not like visiting Cubbie fans.

  22. AAR,

    during the mid-late 80s, I rarely watched the Braves. (Although there were extenuating circumstances of being in law school). Relish your freedom to not watch the Braves. Life is painful enough without having to endure unnecessary pain.

  23. and csg ends the thread by creating a temporal paradox, agreeing with himself in a post not yet posted. Way to go man.

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