ESPN – Phillies vs. Braves – Box Score – September 16, 2008

See, Mets? We just can’t beat them! Sorry!

Shutout through two. Then Klinger Parr finally gave up some runs, three of them to be precise, but the Braves rallied back to tie in the bottom of the inning. Parr didn’t make it out of the fifth, leaving trailing 4-3 and having allowed ten hits. He didn’t walk anyone, so there’s that. At any event, the Braves scored four runs in the sixth to take the lead, but again couldn’t hold it. The Phillies made it 7-6 after seven, and Gonzalez gave up a two-run homer to Howard in the eighth to take the loss. The Braves loaded the bases on walks in the ninth, including an epic PA by Francoeur that was actually fine work and not just guessing for once, but Blanco struck out to end it.

Chipper was 1-2 with three walks. He is up eight points in the batting race and five in OBP. McCann had three hits, including a bunt single.