ESPN – Rockies vs. Braves – Box Score – September 10, 2008

The win rule? Still stupid. Jamie Parr went out there and went six scoreless innings, giving up five hits and not walking anyone while striking out five. I still have zero confidence in his long-term potential, or even his medium-term potential, but he pitched very well. He gets diddly for it, because after leaving with a 4-0 lead he got to see the bullpen let the Rockies tie it up in about 27 seconds. Boyer, who is hopeless and very much needs to be shut down and possibly sealed in an hyperbaric chamber, allowed a homer, a walk, and a second hit. Ohman got one guy but allowed a hit to load the bases, and Bennett pulled off the Triple Grybo, allowing everyone he inherited to score.

And then, he got rewarded with a win as well as seeing his ERA go down, because the Braves put up five runs in the bottom of the seventh. KJ hit his second solo homer of the game (the first gave the Braves a first-inning lead) and Chipper followed with a solo homer of his own. The Braves added three more runs, and Tavarez and Julio finished up.

Chipper was 3-4 with a walk, while McCann was 3-5, doubling twice… Oh, and blowing the lead got Livan Hernandez off the hook for a loss. That sucks, too. I am bitter.