Mets 6, Braves 3

ESPN – Braves vs. Mets – Box Score – August 20, 2008

What a horrible ballclub. Jair Jurrjens didn’t have it tonight, and wasn’t helped by awful defense in a first inning in which he gave up five runs on four singles (one of the infield variety), two walks, and two errors. Only three of the runs were scored “earned”, but you know what I think about that.

The Braves actually cut into the lead, but I never thought that there was any chance of a comeback. I know this team too well. Blanco singled in Jeffy in the third. In the sixth, a run scored on a bases-loaded double play by McCann, who is slumping and maybe should also go on the shutdown list, or at least take more time off. Escobar came home on a wild pitch to make it 6-3.

I could write more but I don’t feel like it.

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  1. This team not only sucks–but it is boring to watch….

    I just hope that Chippper can regain his first half form….

  2. Today’s Olympic Observation: There is nothing stupider than covering the ridiculous gymnastics and (in the Winter Olympics) skating “galas”. Take activities that are barely sports to begin with, then remove all competitive aspects from them, and then give them several hours of prime time sports coverage. Sheesh.

  3. How long have those galas been going on for? Was that started 1996 in Atlanta? If so, thats basically another Atlanta sport you can get moody about and bash, which I’m totally a fan of since it resonates like a tuning fork with my feelings about Atlanta sports teams.

  4. I wouldn’t be surprised if that was the first gymnastics “gala”, but I think it started with ice skating, which makes sense since all those people were basically trying out for the Ice Capades.

  5. When they weren’t fighting grizzly bears, using magical fire breath and saving the maidens fair, you mean?

  6. This thread is making me glad to watch the coverage in the Middle East, where these things are not on television.

    To change the subject, it was nice to see that Tyler Stovall, the 2nd player the Braves picked in the 2008 Draft, has seemingly started to get it together in the GCL….

    I think that one of the few bright spots for the Braves in 2008 has been the Draft….

  7. Just got back from the post-Shea Irish pub crawl in Long Island City with Rob Broad4th. What a bucket o’ fun tonight!

    After that first inning, there’s nothing like sitting through another 2 hours of watching a mediocre nobody like John Pelfrey go all the way on us. I was hoping that, with the Wagner injury, we’d at least get to try some fake closer (Maine, Heilman, whomever), but really, why worry?

    As the late great Rick Danko (of The Band) once sang, “It makes no difference.”

  8. Hey ububba,

    Good meeting up with you again. We’ll have to hit up that Thai place you were telling me about. Maybe the Braves will win one of the games I go to in September….

  9. You know, losing 100 games is now actually a distinct possibility. I never would have thought that at the start of the season. Blah.

  10. Not always, in fact seldom, but definitely last night, Chipper sucked. Take that, Francouer bashers.

    Wait, Frenchy always sucks. Well, almost always. Never mind.

  11. I haven’t seen a run of crap baseball like this from the Braves since the 80’s. Good God I hope that this isn’t a portent of the future. I sure am glad that I didn’t pony up for a cable baseball package.

  12. I saw a article says Milwaukee Brewers manager Ned Yost suspect to overuse CC Sabathia who will be a FA after this season. He denied it but No smoke without fire. It’s not pleasure because probably the Braves are interested in Sabathia. I said it before, I’m sure every proven pitchers can’t win free from prejudice, injury prone.

    Olympic Observation ^^ : Michael Phelps is amazing because I think he is the best butterfly stroker since Pankratov.(even though I just watched him fan club cafe.) I saw carefully Phelps in Athens Olympic games. He is too famous right now. He ain’t my only Phelfish. No more ;-(
    I love sports and swimming is my favorite. Ironically I was afraid of swimming. My family spent seaside holidays every year when I was in elementary school. I got ear irritations from the results. I had to go to hospital for a month. In addition, I was scared more after watching Jaws. Now I decided to restart learning swimming. Thanks to Phelps.

  13. brule, I wouldn’t worry about Sabathia. I doubt the Braves will even try to compete with the big market clubs for him considering he’ll want a long term contract around $20 mil/year with no trade.

  14. Peanut’s headline – “Braves silenced by five-run first inning”

    Were the Braves criticizing the Mets? I missed that.

  15. My daily Bobby-Bash:

    When even Chipper is going through the motions and McCann is losing focus, you know he’s lost the team.

    It’s time, Bobby.

    Glad Glavine doesn’t need TJ, but not sure he has a role on this team next year.

  16. Anybody else with me in wondering just how hard ububba and RobBroad4th were focusing last night when they typed remarkably coherent sentences after their pub crawl? Nice work, guys.

  17. Ububba’s a professional. I don’t think he’d be able to have survived a full-time job in New York if he weren’t able to write while hammered.

    Also, brule, calling me Mr. Flowery style? Um… thanks?

  18. Was chatting with a friend who is a Mets fan last night while the game was on. I didn’t actually WATCH the game because when I turned it on we were already down 4-5 runs :-L as I told her… the pain of the loss was at least lessened because it was so quick. I’m with whoever said we need to shut JJ down so we don’t kill his arm, and probably let Sammons get a few more starts to give Mac a bit of a break.

  19. I meant the other Mac Mac… wait… that doesn’t work.

    Is this is where Bobby gets a stand-up cutout of Wren in a bikini and tells the team he’s taking off pieces for each loss? Even Chipper sounds depressed (and hasn’t been hitting as well… only .270 in July and .308 in August). Somebody has to get them all motivated to at least sink the Mets/Phils/Somebody’s season.

  20. That’s why Mac has repeatedly asked us not to use that nickname for McCann, Charles.

    I believe “PimpBot,” “Heap,” and “Sexy” are all fair game.

  21. After that Bad News Braves first inning, there was nothing else to do but imbibe like a viking.

    Nice work, AAR. I’m convinced, although I’d imagine it won’t make a lot of difference. I believe the Yankees will come calling for C.C.

  22. I would use Heap… but as I’m about the same size as McCann I don’t WANT to be the same size as a guy nick-named Heap. (course that’s also not too far from the reported height/weight of Big Papi which isn’t exactly flattering either).

  23. Our Mac, its time for a glossary name for the player Mac

    I like PimpBot, just because, well really dont know why

  24. There’s another Brian McCann, a writer/actor. He used to work on the Conan O’Brien show, and on one occasion (the 10th Anniversary Special) he played Pimpbot 5000. I said that I was going to use Pimpbot 16 as our Brian McCann’s nickname, though I haven’t really held to it.

  25. Yeah Mac she went from watching crisp clean winning baseball to watching the Braves 2008 version 1.2. I would be sick as well.

  26. Re: SEC previews

    I’ll write up South Carolina this weekend if nobody has accounted for them yet. (I didn’t bother to go through last night’s thread of atrocity.)

  27. I hadn’t realized it, but the Braves are now 14 games back and are tied for the 6th worst record in baseball. If we continue at our current pace, only San Diego, Washington and Seattle will have worse records than we do. This is really depressing!

  28. like its been said, the braves are thinking about improving their draft position. However, when the draft comes they’ll decide to draft the same GA high school pitcher

  29. #34 and #35 – I read that Kotchman’s Mother was seriously ill. I’m sure no ill will was intended, but having just lost my Father, I think the jokes about her illness are in poor taste.

  30. I agree that covering these exhibition gymnastics events is ridiculous, especially when they are not replaying any basketball games on NBC in primetime. Still, to say gymnastics is barely a sport is going a bit far. It’s way more physically demanding than Nascar or golf, two “sports” many people swear by.

    I’m exciting about the remaining month and a half of baseball. It’s going to be a great race. I hope we can catch San Diego.

  31. Lots of things are physically demanding without being sports. The “winners” of these activities are completely arbitrary; that’s why I say that they’re barely sports.

  32. #40, when was the last time you saw 100,000 people at a gymnastics event?

    Also, there are no sports related terms in gymnastics. You have:

    -Floor exercise
    -uneven bars
    -parralel bars

    In Nascar you have terms like

    In golf, you have
    -Course (or track to some)
    -save (as in sand)

    One requsite to be considered a sports is to have sports related terms associated with it.
    the other is that you aren’t wearing tights.

  33. They never let you run out of beer at this Irish pub. I think that’s why ubububba insisted that we go. We needed a couple after that beating.

    MGL, sorry to hear about your father.

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