23 thoughts on “Can’t we just forfeit? game thread: Aug. 23, Richmond at St. Louis”

  1. Mac,

    Apologize for the somewhat edgy comments last night. I had driven 7 hours in a Tropical Storm and was road weary and frustrated with this Braves team that I love.


    You run a good site and should be respected for it.

  2. If I knew how to embed pictures on here, I would start posting some EPIC FAIL pics. I’m sure someone else will though.

  3. I’ve been reading the Chipper debate the last few days, and I have come to the conclusion that it would be best for the team if Chipper a) moved to first or b)accepted a trade that would help fill some holes. Can we really expect to contend with 100 games out of Chipper each year? If we had a more well rounded offense, maybe. I know the Chipper to first argument has been waged on here for a few years, but I really do believe it would take less physical toll on him, and enable him to stay healthy for 120-140 games per year. With Frenchy taking the huge dump of a year he has had, it becomes clear that we really, other than B-Mac, have no other offensive threats…..ok, my rant is done.

  4. I enjoyed DOB’s latest crisis-laced salvo. Francouer is taken to task by name and by implication. There’s no sugar-coating it.

    And yes, one becomes curious about Bobby’s future, status, etc.

    Whether it’s management hanging him out to dry, his players performing in a disinterested manner or the prospect of another losing season ahead, it’s become increasingly apparent that he may not want to come back in ’09.

    I don’t know what’s in his mind, but, instead of choosing corner outfielders, he may be picking out fishing poles. Couldn’t blame him if he was.

  5. Since the year 2000, only 7 outfielders have ever had a season of at least 500 PAs with an OPS+ under 70: Marquis Grissom, Brady Anderson, Tom Goodwin, Endy Chavez, Juan Pierre, the immortal Peter Bergeron, and our very own Jeff Francoeur.

    Francoeur has the most GIDP and is tied for the fewest walks of anybody on the list.

    Smashing, isn’t it?

  6. Shhh…we have a one run lead…on the road

    And right as I type that, they go to rain delay so Gonzalez can’t come back.

  7. So, not only are we going to bring in Tavarez or Nunez to lose the game in the ninth, I have to wait for this. If the recap is delayed it’s because I got bored and went to the mall or something.

  8. I think the fail picture of the de-railed train that says “All aboard the Fail Train!” would be the appropriate logo for this team.

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