ESPN – Cardinals vs. Braves – Box Score – July 28, 2008

Yes, it’s official. The Braves are now the worst team in baseball. Oh, sure, the record doesn’t reflect that, but give it time. Chipper is on the DL, and has no reason to hurry back. McCann is out for the next several days with his “mild” concussion. (There is no such thing as a “mild” concussion.) Oh, and word came down midgame that Tim Hudson is going to be in Birmingham tomorrow to see Dr. Andrews, and you know what that means. The team’s best remaining player, Mark Teixeira, is going to be traded, and the only question is where and for how much, and whether they’re stupid enough to believe Chad Tracy’s desert-inflated numbers. The only reason Ohman would have to be in Atlanta tomorrow is if he’s traded to the Cardinals. Kotsay, one of the team’s few remaining serviceable players, is probably also on the block. At this point, they should just pack Jair Jurrjens in bubble-wrap so he doesn’t hurt himself.

Charlie Morton, called up after Jo-Jo Reyes was sent down, had nothing at all and gave up eight runs in 3 2/3. Some of it was the now-usual horrible defense, but most of it was Morton not having any idea where the ball was headed. Royce Ring, who is now the worst pitcher in baseball, to go with Francoeur (who sucks), the worst player in baseball on the worst team in baseball, gave up three runs in the eighth just to make it ugly. The pitching, which had held the team in sort-of contention for several weeks, has utterly collapsed.

The offense is not much better. They had ten hits, but were shut down for the first several innings and poured it on late. Teixeira (in his last game as a Brave?) had two doubles. Escobar had a couple of hits, as did Infante. Quite seriously, when Teixeira is traded Infante might be the team’s best player, until McCann gets back at any rate. Why can’t Francoeur get hurt? Or Corky? Clint Sammons played catcher tonight and had a hit. He is no good, but he’s less no good than the Hamster.