ESPN – Brewers vs. Braves – Box Score – June 24, 2008

Charlie Morton, welcome to the “I Hate The Lineup” Club! Tim Hudson, President, Joseph Reyes, Treasurer. Morton, christened “Poor Charlie” in the game thread, suffered through six innings of play that would be an insult to the concept of “Bush League”, winding up charged with four runs, two of them earned, and none of them completely clean. The Braves committed three errors [note: I typed this as “errrors”] in the first inning, including another mistake by Gold Glove Out Machine Jeff Francoeur on a ground ball, leading to two runs. A third run scored in the second inning, and in the fourth, an “earned”, run when Francoeur airmailed a throw on a sac fly.

Oh, meanwhile, the Braves were shut down without a baserunner the first time through the order and Escobar got himself ejected for arguing after being obviously out on a double-play liner at first ending the fourth. (The position players on this team are the bitchiest lot I have ever seen; they continue to argue when they’re obviously wrong, including griping by Francoeur once again about a strike call that was obviously correct.) The Braves scratched a run across in the seventh after a leadoff double from Teixeira.

In the ninth, the Brewers mercifully put in “closer” Salomon Torres, and after a leadoff walk Teixeira hit a homer to cut it to 4-3. And then McCann walked to put the tying run on base. On the other hand, our Hall of Fame manager then had Infante bunt to set up the Out Machine, which is insane. Francoeur, who sucks, hit an infield grounder to get Jurrjens (pinch-running) to third, which would have been great if nobody was out. With two out, Brandon Jones was walked, and Bobby sent out the Hamster, the last man on the bench, to pinch-hit. He twice ducked out of the way of a possible HBP to work the count to 3-0, then got to 3-2 before hitting a typical weak liner to end the game. He sucks.

So does Francoeur; the record will show that he had two hits, but one was of the infield variety and neither was really that great. His defense gave back a lot more. Without Chipper (who had a pinch single and was immediately run for by Lillibridge) this is a bad defensive team that also can’t hit and also constantly complains about how it’s being oppressed. I hate this team.