ESPN – Braves vs. Cubs – Box Score – June 11, 2008

What’s the damned point?

Chipper was back in the lineup, and he went 1-3 before getting pulled with the score 7-0 and is hitting .419, and I might as well lead all the recaps with the Chipper Watch because there’s nothing else to pay attention to.

Jeff Bennett, starting for Jair Jurrjens, who twisted his ankle leaving Wrigley Field last night (this is getting ridiculous) got the first two men of the game and then completely imploded. It was 3-0 by the end of the first, due to a three-run homer. It was 5-0 after two. He gave up two runs without getting an out in the third before Bobby mercifully pulled him. I didn’t pay much attention after it went 5-0.

The Lost Boys (my new nickname for the guys who never pitch) did a good job in a pointless cause. Stockman got out of Bennett’s jam in the third; he had some trouble in the fourth but didn’t allow a run. Jeff Ridgway, just up to take Glavine’s roster spot, and probably on his way down when Charlie Morton comes up to pitch this weekend unless someone else gets hurt, went two, struck out two, and allowed one hit. Ring pitched a perfect inning. Bobby used Boyer to pitch the eighth because, well, why not?

The Braves got only four hits off of the immortal Ryan Dempster. Two were in the seventh, a double by Francoeur and a homer by Corky, which means Corky will stick around forever now. Brandon Jones, up for Anderson in a “deck chairs on the Titanic” move, struck out twice after entering the game late. He had good company as the Braves struck out nine times.

I hate this team.