142 thoughts on “Oh, great, Fox game thread: DBacks at Braves, May 24”

  1. i guess i can be thankful i’ll be in the car listening to the game…here’s to hoping out new pitcher on the half-shell, Campillo picks up where he left off earlier this week.

  2. Reposting because I hate to waste vitriol on a dead thread:

    Gary Carter openly campaigns for Randolph’s job

    It’s too bad that the title of king of the douchebags has already been taken in this thread, because otherwise I’d award it to Gary Carter. He was a smarmy, overpraised, self-serving tool 25 years ago, and remains one today.

    Actually, you might say it makes him perfect for the job,,,,

  3. I really can’t sit here and listen to people rail on Gary Carter.

    I had the pleasure of meeting him when I was 10, and I have not met a kinder, nicer human being in sports. Yes, that’s right.

    So, people who haven’t met Gary are well within their rights to say these things or not like him showing interest in Randolph’s job, but this was a guy who would sign a card as long as you made a small, $25 donation to Leukemia research.

    We did, and not only did he sign my card in July of 1985, but at Christmas time, Gary had mailed me another signed card (had our address from the check) with a personal note to me saying he couldn’t remember if he had given me a signed card or not so he wanted to send another one.

    So, I would reather sit in Bravesjournal and be personally insulted than watch people rip Gary Carter. Seriously, it’s personal to me and I just can’t.

  4. Lineups:

    SS Escobar
    2b Infante
    3b Chipper
    1b Teixiera
    RF Francoeur
    LF Diaz
    C Miller
    CF Blanco
    P Campillo


    CF Young
    SS Drew
    2b Hudson
    1b Jackson
    RF Upton
    LF Byrnes
    C Montero
    3b Reynolds
    P Johnson

  5. Wow, we’re not even trying. Apparently, Bobby hasn’t noticed what KJ’s been doing against LHPs. And Miller over McCann…I’m sad.

  6. I came in here to bash the lineup, but Stu beat me to the punch. I think Infante has had enough starts to get into the swing of things as the UTILITY infielder. And is there a reason Blanco is batting 8th? Cox must like it when Blanco gets on base and then the pitcher ends the inning.

  7. I realize it’s a small sample, but this season Infante has been pretty good so far.

  8. I’m calling it….Infante, Miller, and Blanco go a combined 1-12 today with Blanco getting the lone hit.

  9. This isn’t just any lefthander, it’s Randy F-ing Johnson. Sure, he’s not what he used to be, but he’s still death on lefties. They’re hitting .063 .167 .125 against him this year, which is misleading — because he’s only had 20 PA against. For his career, they’re hitting .193 .276 .284. He could LOOGY until he’s 55. Meanwhile, righties are hitting .301 .360 .515 against him this year. I have no problem at all with this lineup except that Infante shouldn’t be hitting second. Hell, I’d think about playing Infante in center and Gotay at second.

  10. Fox….informing us that Randy Johnson is ‘not your fathers big unit.”


  11. So, then, how do we know lefties can’t hit him anymore? Especially good lefties who have good numbers against LHPs.

  12. Corky with the longest AB of the game so far. ugh.

    Make him throw strikes, guys.

  13. Campillo’s getting squeezed, and Johnson’s getting 6 inches off the plate (at least on that called third strike to Miller). Not good.

  14. I think this ump has the K zone shifted a bit. Not giving the outside strike, but giving a bit more on the inside corner.
    Favours the power pitcher.

  15. Anyone else watching this game on a standard definition tv having serious lag issues with picture?

    This happened every time NBC broadcast NFL games last season for me as well.

  16. Things I don’t particularly understand:

    – Why we keep sitting McCann against left-handed pitchers when he is hitting better against lefties.

    – Why we DFA’d Pena and kept Miller and his sub-200 average.

  17. So no one else is getting all tihs pixelization and lag?

    It’s like the broadcast signal doesn’t have enough bandwith or something. It’s pissing me off.

  18. Is Campillo hurt or is this just extra precaution because of the short rest?

    (Also, that AB by Diaz was pretty awful.)

  19. Oh, I guess it’s a blister. Ugh. Before this season, I didn’t realize that both back spasms and blisters were contageous. Hopefully, Campillo didn’t also contract Jo-Jo’s suck.

  20. I realize that about the HD feed.

    That’s why it’s so frustrating: I am watching the regular feed.

    I’ve come to accept that this is what I’m dealing with today…DBacks announcers, the flat colors we’ve come to expect from Fox baseball broadcasts, and pixelated picture…

    hey, at least it beats Buck and McCarver!

    (like I said, the only thing I can compare it to is the NBC sunday night games this past football season…they had the exact same issue I’m having now every week.)

  21. If it makes you feel any better Douglas, I (and im sure others) cant watch at all because Fox picked a different game for my region and mlb.tv blacks me out because the game was picked up by Fox.

  22. LOL…that ball was in the glove before Infante had even started to think about swinging.

  23. he did pitch deep into the game the other night, and then tonight, so, blister is something that was a real possibility im assuming coming into the game, thats alot of rubbing against a finger

  24. Bennett’ll probably get low-bridged if he faces Johnson again…heh.

    Either that or he’ll see three of the nastiest sliders Johnson has thrown in five years.

  25. Blanco: 2-2

    Corky Miller: 0-2

    Omar Infante: 0-3

    So glad McCann and Johnson were benched today against lefty killer Randy Johnson!

  26. will these trashy assholes plese, for the love of christ, keep jeanie zolasco out of my baseball game.

  27. mlb gameday is saying Campillo left due to an injured hand/wrist…just curious if there has been any confirmation on the tv broadcast as to wether it was actually a blister or not or if that was just speculation…

  28. I shoulda known she spelled her name some bizarre, ridiculous way the second I knew she was a female Fox anchor.

  29. What is so damn hard about throwing a baseball from the pitcher’s mound to someone standing on second base? Too many times that ball goes into center field.

  30. Bennet got Jackson to ground into a slow, but choppy grounder to Esco, about 10 feet left of second. It was an in-betweener as to whether he should flip it or take it himself…he took it himself and gunned a throw that Tex dug out at first for a veeery close run-saving double play to get out of the inning.

  31. Bases loaded, 1 out 1-0 game. jackson hits a high chopper to Escobar 2 steps from the bag. Escobar bare hands the ball after the big hop, takes on step and makes his throw so that his lead leg touches second just before he lets go of the ball. The awkward motion leads to a bad throw, bouncing the ball about 3 feet in front of Teix and 2 feet to his right. Teix stretches and digs the throw that would have gone to the dugout allowing 2 runs to score. Double play inning over.

  32. Another embarassing at bat for Frenchy as well.

    Second time today he’s had a futile check swing strike out. Just ugly.

  33. I don’t think one run is going to win this game. And I’m not sure we’re gonna score again.

  34. Need some insurance runs if they get out of this inning…can’t keep living on the edge

  35. From here it goes, assuming the Braves still have the lead, Boyer and Acosta.

    I guess Stockman in the bullpen was just to be a potential mop-up man today.

  36. Got him.

    While I agree with Mac’s post above.

    I don’t think you can really fault Bennet or Bobby for scratching that run today. Regardless of results, Bennett had his good stuff today, and Bobby was obvioulsy looking at this as a “long relief” appearance, given Campillo’s early exit.

    Might we have avoided the run if we had made the change? I’m open to that.

    But I don’t mind that move so much there given circumstances today. I thought Bennett looked great today. Good velocity, made a lot of great pitches. He got fucked into giving up that run by the ump.

  37. Because the game might go twenty-seven innings and we can’t afford to lose the backup catcher!

  38. Can Corky hit the ball more than 300 feet? I mean, that was a huge swing, and it almost dropped in front of the CF. In other words, he sucks.

    I don’t know who I would have brought it for Bennett. I mean, it’s not like we have a lot of great options, not in a pinch-hitting situation anyway. This bullpen kind of has to play matchups, there’s not a blow-them-away reliever to be found.

  39. Listening to these two makes me pity D-backs fan having to hear these guys on a regular basis.

    Grace has his moments as an analyst, but their dynamic is kind of embarassing to listen to for me.

  40. Bennett, Ohman, Boyer…. my next guess is Acosta. If we’re only going to use 4 or 5 relief pitchers I think we should get some more position players.

  41. Hey other Ben, how can we tell each other apart? :) FWIW, I like this combo of announcers a lot better than having to hear McCarver or Morgan ANY day of the week.

  42. Oh, believe me.

    I’m extremely thankful we didn’t draw the dreaded Buck – McCarver combo (I hate Joe Buck even more than McCarver, who I also hate)…

    …but it has bothered me a little bit that Fox got the D-Backs announcers to call the game.

  43. Man…leaving Infante and Corky in the game for at bats against Pena has worked out grrreeeeat.

  44. Well that’s crap.

    I don’t get why the runner’s got to go back to first. Call him out, fine, but the other runner was at 2nd at that point. That’s just stupid.

  45. will Bobby leave Boyer in? he only threw 9 pitches, and we dont have a lot of relievers left (who you would ever want to enter a close game atleast)

  46. You don’t want to give up your backup catcher so you have to leave Corky Miller in? Fine. But how can you not let Kelly Johnson hit for Infante there?

  47. I have no problem with Yunel bunting there. Extreme groundballer with Chipper coming up with RISP if no double play.

    Not hitting for Infante or Yunel trying to steal the out was stupid.

  48. If only Yunel had bunted successfully, this game was over. Thats why we are 2-12 in one run games.

  49. Why not have Teixeira bunt, then? A GIDP is a lot more likely here, and he’s been a worse hitter than Escobar, and one run wins the game.

  50. Because
    a) tex is not an extreme groundballer
    b) Difference between Chipper/Tex coming up and Frenchy/PH coming up.

  51. Home run over the left field wall. I didn’t see it, so I don’t know how far back it went. Sounds like he gave it a ride, however.

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