Pirates 5, Braves 2

ESPN – Braves vs. Pirates – Box Score – May 10, 2008

So, that’s it? We’re just going to lie down on the road this year? I have run out of words for my disgust for the way this team plays in road games.

The Braves got two runs in the first on a Teixeira homer — against a lefty, at that. It might have been more but for another one of Bobby’s blockheaded first-inning bunts. (I have run out of words for the stupidity of these bunts as well and had to look up synonyms for “stupid” online. I thought about “hebetudinous” and may use it next time.) In this case, Infante — I have no idea why he is leading off, what with his .298 career OBP, or why Bobby is suddenly platooning KJ, but he was 3-4 — doubled to lead off the game. Bobby then had one of his best hitters, Escobar, bunt. Predictably, Infante was thrown out at third. I honestly think that any team that pursues such stupid strategy deserves to lose.

And lose they did. Chuck James got through the first fine, but gave up a run in the second and a two-run homer in the fourth, and we could have all gone home after that, but he added a two-run double in the sixth after Bobby had him walk LaRoche with two out and a righthander due up next. Honestly, he couldn’t have managed worse.

Chipper was 0-4 and has officially, finally, cooled off. Fortunately, Teixeira seems to be heating up, with two hits and a walk. Campillo had another good two-inning outing. It’s almost like relievers can pitch more than an inning at a time. Nah.

24 thoughts on “Pirates 5, Braves 2”

  1. A silver lining–it’s not a one-run loss!

    Kidding aside–it is nice that the boneheaded call at first wasn’t decisive.

  2. If Cy Young is facing Mordecai “Three Finger” Brown and runs are as precious as gold, there’s a very small part of me that says, “OK, maybe you can justify a bunt in the 1st inning in that situation.”

    But that’s about it, because it makes no sense for a zillion reasons. I don’t even want Yunel bunting for a hit there.

    You’ve got a lefty out there who had issued 27 BBs in his previous 27 IP (not to mention 25 hits). Let him dig his own grave. Yunel can hit him—then, the bigger guns are up. Bobby managed that inning like it was 1908, not 2008.

    I don’t go crazy about Infante because he went 3 for 4, but Bobby didn’t have a great night.

    And, of course, like last night, they hit into a double play every 5 minutes.

    Tough night, but let’s roll into Philly on a 2-game winning streak.

  3. @3 But it was, to an extent. We had no “fire” after that. One blown call by a rookie ump, on the road, and we roll over and die. Pathetic.

    Not to mention the “senior moments” from Bobby.

  4. Offense continues to underperform especially in clutch situations….

    Yeah, I know that’s exactly what I posted yesterday but that doesn’t make it any less true. Very underwhelmed by this supposedly high powered offense. We regularly get absolutely nothing from the outfielders and it’s hard to win consistently that way.

  5. What I really hate seeing is B-mac picking up the bad habits of Frankournakova and Diaz. He’s a much better fundamental hitter than that.

  6. Well, Iron Man was entertaining anyway. At least i did not waste time on the Braves game.

  7. As far as the platoon thing with KJ goes, I think I saw where KJ is having some back problems. It’s hard to complain too much when Infante goes 3 for 4, but hopefully KJ is just resting his back.

  8. I threw my arms up and yelled “WHAT?!” when they gave the IBB to LaRoche. In-bleeping-credible. oh, and Frenchy still looks awful at the plate. What’s the point of adding 20 lbs of muscle in the offseason if he can’t make contact?

  9. I was so upset with that first inning bunt that I couldn’t watch anymore of the game. As Mac mentioned, you’ve got Escobar at the plate. Not only that, Gorzelanny was on the mound and he’s been struggling with his control. You’re helping him out by bunting in that situation.

  10. I could understand playing for one run (especially on the road) if you had a lineup like the one in San Diego, but . . . I just don’t get it.

  11. So the Braves are becoming the Celtics, can’t buy a win on the road…I am not looking forward to the series against the Phillies.

  12. We were bound to lose at least one game to the Pirates; if we can recover today then we ought to be ready for the Phillies.

    That said, I am not looking forward to facing Chase Utley…

  13. kc,
    I’m the last guy on the board to complain about Bobby. But tonight he did at least 2 things (and you could argue 3) that made little sense.

    But I’m also the first guy to move past it & I have.

  14. It’s particularly surprising that Escobar was bunting considering he’s the same guy that busted his finger trying to bunt.

  15. KC…………we cant even have a WIN without the people here complaining about Bobby.

  16. It’s possible Escobar bunted on his own for some reason. Otherwise, bunting in the first inning is incomprehensible. But, that shouldn’t be the game, nor should a missed call at first base. The reality is that the Braves these days are an ordinary middle-of-the-pack team and have been for three years. Chipper has been carrying them; when he doesn’t hit, the problems with the rest of the team become glaringly obvious.

  17. kc, no the Braves have become the Hawks… underperforming team that can’t win on the road and don’t play up to their raw talent due to bad coaching but still might make the playoffs due to playing in a weak division.

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