Partial backdown game thread: Braves at Pirates, May 11 (GAME CANCELLED)

Okay, here’s an Eric Clapton video with Phil Collins in it.

UPDATE: The game has been postponed due to the entire eastern Great Lakes region being rained upon and there being no chance it stops raining anytime soon. Fake “doubleheader” tomorrow.

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  1. I had this album on cassette when it came out. I never liked Clapton’s hair during this phase.

  2. The Journeyman album = The Braves at home

    Clapton with a moustache = The Braves on the road

  3. if foxsports is right here’s your lineup


    two things to notice, one of our best hitters right now is 8th and he’s our best leadoff option on the team period right now. Why Miller is on the team is surprising enough, but even more shocking is why is he ahead of Blanco

  4. well not to start the bobby bashing but i think he’s taking this “day of rest thing” a little too seriously the past few years. i don’t mind seeing corky in there ever so often, b-mac has been playing a lot lately.

  5. Phil Collins is the key to this season. Since he’s only backing up Clapton in this video, I think we’ll split the DH tomorrow. Maybe we should go to Genesis videos for a little bit. I’ve always been partial to “Home By the Sea”.

  6. 37 games into the season and the Fish have the best record in baseball (well, tied for it anyway). Something is wrong here, very very wrong.

  7. KJ’s hurt. On the pre-game they mentioned he had bled out from a pulled hammy, or something like that. It didn’t sound good, whatever it was.

  8. Is anybody else watching the Pens-Flyers game right now ?? They just interviewed Tommy Glavine and he was sitting with Adam LaRoche and a few other people, but there was somebody goofing around in the background trying to get in the camera view. That didn’t happen to be Chipper did it ?? I rewound it a couple of times, and it sure looked like him.

  9. Yeah, I’m watching. Pens are looking scary. I can’t imagine anything other than a Pittsburgh-Detroit final. Should be fun to watch.

    UGA’s the 2007 SEC basketball champ & now UGA is the 2007 SEC baseball champ. If only we can get that football thing down. Well, here’s to a hat trick at the Georgia Dome this December.

  10. I wish I could get into college baseball more. I absolutely love it in person. There’s just something about the “ping.”

  11. Our worst fears have come true! Jo-Jo Reyes, Tom Glavine and Chuck James for the Phillies. ugh!

  12. Hey, maybe we’ll win 3 slugfests in Philly, but first things first: Let’s take 2 tomorrow.

    OK, so I pay attention to DJs, but I’m loving the guy who’s playing the music at the Penguins arena tonight. So he’s played:

    Chemical Brothers: “Song to the Siren”
    The Stooges: “Search & Destroy”
    REM: “What’s the Frequency, Kenneth?”
    Motorhead: “Ace of Spades”

  13. Smitty, I mentioned that couple days ago, but considering the rain out today and possibly rain out tomorrow (?!), we may have JJ, Huddy, and Glavine going for the Phillies series.

  14. ububba, I certainly hope there will be a slugfest in Philly because the Braves seem incapable to hit on the road. Hope CBP can change that…but we should be facing Hamels, Myers, and Moyer.

  15. No fear. If we’re gonna be any good, we gotta start winning on the road, no matter who is on the mound.

    Of course, in that park maybe even Frenchy can hit one out.

  16. yep Hansen was promoted and the official site says due to the rainout Morton could be called up for Sat night against Oakland

  17. I think it would’ve been good for Frenchy to swing the pink bat today.

    also Soriano had a bullpen session and he still felt pain in his elbow, he said its better than before and could return possibly early next week. Im guessing Soriano, Gonzo, and Smoltz could all be down there very soon. With Boyer, Ring, and Acosta throwing well – I just hope Smoltz feels better than expected and can return to the rotation

  18. Don’t know the Chemical Brothers track, but otherwise, highly approve of that playlist you posted, Ububba. If I need to get myself in a kickin’ ass mood, “Search and Destroy” and “Ace of Spades” are probably in the top 10 songs I would turn to.

    (Also in the mix: “I’m Broken” by Pantera; “Johnny Hotrod” by Nashville Pussy; “Coprolalia” by You Am I; “Aneurysm” by Nirvana; anything from the Manitoba’s Wild Kingdom album by the Dictators.)

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