107 thoughts on “Running out of letters game thread: Marlins at Braves, April 23”

  1. That story about the feud between Edgar Renteria and Orlando Cabrera from the last thread was interesting, but maddening. It’s basically a he said/she said, in which the writer made it sound like Cabrera’s pretty much a laid back, easy going guy who’s been domesticated by his wife, while Edgar is a guy who decided one day for no good reason simply never to speak to his countryman again.

    I wish I knew a little bit more of the story, beyond Orlando Cabrera protesting that he doesn’t know why Edgar’s angry, and Edgar saying that Cabrera is intentionally trying to sabotage his Colombian baseball league. With the money these guys make, it doesn’t seem possible that this all stems from a dispute over $35,000.

  2. from todays article on Braves website

    “Glavine, on the DL with a hamstring strain, hopes to return Tuesday in Washington if all goes well with his side sessions, while Hampton could go out on a Minor League rehab assignment this weekend. “

  3. I think we’re all wasting our time if we hope to understand or make sense of a falling out between two columbian businessmen. Men have died for less. Lets just assume Edgar’s right, since we like Edgar, and he apparently gave Yunel the number for Dr. Fritz J. Mutzenberg, Team Physician for the 1973 World Champion East German Women’s Swim Team.

  4. carl crawford referring to his presence while on base:

    “Plus, I notice when I’m on base, pitchers are terrified. So I figure it does have a big impact on the game. It definitely makes everyone a little more nervous when you’re on base. At least that’s what I’ve noticed.”

    Terrified? c’mon!

  5. I’m sure it’s been noted here, but how delightful is it to watch Kim Il Sung turn sliders into taters out of the Mets’ pen?

  6. There may be some truth to that. He’s only walked twice this season. Then again, when has anyone been terrified of anything to do with the Tampa Bay Rays (who don’t actually have anyone named “Ray” on their teams)?

    Speaking of the Rays, Couldn’t we pick up Troy Percival on the cheap from them? Yeah he’s old, but it looks as if he is pitching well so far.

  7. I didn’t even think there was a debate. I think there was when he was still closing, but after he transitioned back to a starter and was still dominant, I thought that killed all the debate. He’s a lock to me 200 wins 150 saves and now 3000 k’s plus one of the BIGGEST big game pitchers of the last twenty years. I fail to see the debate.

  8. Which is, frankly, kind of an odd debate. It makes sense if you’re talking about predictions, but not if you’re talking about a voter’s mentality. If you think a guy’s a Hall of Famer, then vote for him. If you don’t think a guy’s a Hall of Famer, don’t vote for him. The idea that everyone should have to wait a year is crap.

    If you didn’t think a guy was a good pitcher and then you change your mind — maybe you finally realize that Rich Lederer was right about Bert Blyleven — that’s fine. But the idea of not voting for someone that you think is a Hall of Famer, just because you think no one deserves to get 100% of the vote, is offensive on its face.

  9. This ain’t starting right at all.

    I agree that a guy’s either a HoFer or he’s not. But voters are weird, inconsistent, whatever, and we’ve been left with the term “first-ballot Hall of Famer.”

    Of course, this era is going to be the strangest of all for voters. I’m not even sure what I think anymore.

  10. Two 400′ gopher balls in the first inning–is this what Frank Wren means by”pitching depth”?

    Offensively, expect lots of futility against mediocre lefty …

  11. This Miller kid is struggling pretty bad. I see a long & painful night for the Braves.

  12. “is this what Frank Wren means by ‘pitching depth’?”

    I wish I knew what Frank Wren meant by anything. But yes, I believe Bennett was part of his alleged ‘pitching depth.’

    Meanwhile… this game could get up there in scoring.

  13. Mac would you really rather have Andruw over Kotsay at this point? Only a $16 million payroll difference.

  14. #38

    It’s to commemorate the passing of Jim Beauchamp, a former Braves player and coach. “Beach” was his nickname.

  15. Damn, Bennet’s picture is ugly. Couldn’t they at least get him a hat that fit?

  16. gotta be impressed with the way Bennett has bounced back, esp being sick and not feeling well

  17. So, we’ve had 12 guys reach base through 4.1 innings and only two runs to show for it?

  18. Mr. Cox goes to Washington

    Next year I’d like to play all 18 of our games with Washington in a row. 9 in Washington and then 9 at the Ted. How bout it?

  19. Bobby is single-handedly ruining Blaine’s career. He won’t even make it to arbitration before he can’t ever pitch again.

    This offense is very frustrating, by the way.

  20. Ok Blaine, I need you to strike these guys out since the defense isn’t going to play this inning.

  21. Bobby always likes to employ the pitching against your old team platoon.

  22. That is an “earned” run. Those runs last night, four of them were “unearned”. This concludes my “errors are stupid and the earned/unearned runs dichotomy meaningless” rant for the day.

  23. I would say now our offense will roll over and die, but I think they did that about 7 innings ago.

  24. Oops, an error advancing the runner.

    You know, I’m beginning to worry about this team’s prospects this year.

  25. Yeah, we know that RA is certainly a better predictor of future success but there
    are certainly some runs that are entirely unearned. Who was that RF for the Cardinals a few years back that tossed a ball over the wall with his glove that resulted in a Braves homerun? Or there is the infamous Jose Canseco bounce off the skull homer. There are real, true unearned runs.

  26. I’m with you, Stu. No fire, no heart…they seem pretty content losing at home to the Nats and Marlins, treading water, staying at .500, and, I guess, hoping for a miracle. At this rate, if the Phillies or Mets ever figure things out, we’ll lose the division by 8 or 10 games.

  27. Yeah, it’s not so much the losses or even the way we’re losing, but the crappy team we keep losing to that makes me pessimistic.

    And “strike 1” to Kotsay was ridiculous.

  28. #75

    I interpret Stu’s comment to mean that the Braves won’t be contenders unless they play better, fundamental baseball.

  29. Eh, I’d say it’s more like pretty good hitting, pretty good pitching but when one shows up the other takes the night off.

  30. That’s not what I meant, Remy. Those comments were unrelated. I was first correcting the mistake I made above about there being no errors on the 3 sucky plays in a row. Then I was just voicing a general, all-encompassing, growing lack of optimism about the Braves this year.

  31. Well, this is now on Bobby. Resop has sucked all year, has a 9.00 ERA, and he has no business being on the team, and yet Cox keeps bringing him in close games.
    STOP IT!

  32. So did Kelly Johnson actually lay down a sacrifice bunt, or was it more of an “accidental” sacrifice?

    Because if it was an actual sacrifice I’m really going to wonder what Bobby’s thinking taking the bat out of his hands.

  33. Let’s release him, so he can go to the Nats or Marlins and shut us down next time we play them.
    Seriously, Bobby, stop it.

  34. How many times, Bobby?

    How many times does Resop have to get bombed before you get the hint that practically anyone in Richmond has to be better, simply because they can’t possibly be worse?

    I don’t care if Resop has a “live” arm, because when he enters, the Braves are dead.

    Sweet merciful crap. I need to learn to turn off the TV when I see Resop’s face.

  35. Oh come on, Brick. “He’s close. Just missed on a few. Good arm though. Made Ramirez look bad; could be a closer.”
    Bobby’s in love with him, the same way he was with Kolb then Reitsma then Wickman. It takes us being 11 games out until he wakes up and stops using these guys in close games.

  36. It’s kind of hard to trust Bobby’s and the front office’s judgment when they continue to employ Chris Resop.

  37. Let me get this straight:

    The Braves outhit Florida.

    Committed two less errors.

    And lost by five.

  38. Of all the struggles last year, I remember at one point the Braves were 24-12. Those were the good times. Unless I just made that up.

  39. Mac, can one of Resop’s middle names be “BP,” due to his tendency to throw batting practice.

    Chris “BP” Resop.

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