Subtropical swamp game thread: Braves at Marlins, April 15

What are the odds we get through this series without a rain delay? Without a postponement?

I thought of dedicating the video above to Mike Hampton, but it seemed cruel.

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  1. Moylan to the DL . It doesn’t look good.

    Moylan felt some discomfort in his elbow while throwing a pitch in the ninth inning of Friday night’s win over the Nationals. The Australian right-hander went to Atlanta for an MRI exam on Monday. Results haven’t been released.


  2. Man, we’ve been unlucky, injury-wise, and it’s only mid-April.

    Losing Moylan is a big deal.

  3. 2007? More like 2006 when we had relievers w/o control of their limbs in the bullpen.

    Manny freaking Acosta is our closer.

  4. Who’s going to pitch the set-up innings? Ohman and Boyer? At least Boyer throws hard and strikes people out.

  5. a trade for a reliever looks like a good idea. maybe we recall some power off the bench and trade pena soon and keep carlyle where he belongs (not in the majors).

  6. This is some tough stuff so far. Our 2 best relievers and # 3 starter, yikes.

    And, I’m no Chicken Little, but I’d be less than truthful if I didn’t admit to being constantly worried about Smoltz.

    But…just gotta suck it up and score some runs.

    Different Trouble in Metland:
    After the 9-7 loss to Milwaukee, Omar Minaya & Willie Randolph had an hour-long, closed-door meeting.

  7. We’re doomed! DOOOOOOOMED!!!!!! Everyone, hide in the cellar!

    Look, we don’t know yet Moylan’s status going forward. (Though mysterious elbow pain is obviously not good.) Glavine is indicating that he’ll be fine. Nobody’s run and hid from the division yet. Teixeira will wake up, and if Diaz doesn’t wake up he’ll be put to bed and replaced by B-Jones. Chipper’s gotten through his first injury with no missing PA that mattered. It’s a long season. Take a few deep breaths.

    And after all, at least they’re not the Falcons.

  8. Devil’s Advocacy:

    Glavine is indicating that he’ll be fine.

    Glavine is 42 years old. How fine is his fine?

    Nobody’s run and hid from the division yet.

    Nobody but us has gotten all these games against the Nats and Pirates, either.

    Teixeira will wake up…

    Andruw was gonna wake up last season, too.

    …and if Diaz doesn’t wake up he’ll be put to bed and replaced by B-Jones.

    Who says Jones will be any good?

    Chipper’s gotten through his first injury with no missing PA that mattered. It’s a long season.

    It’s April 15 and Chipper’s already had his first injury. It’s a long season.

    * * *

    I’m not nearly as negative as the above would indicate, but I think there are legitimate reasons for concern (perhaps the biggest being the back-of-the-mind fear noted by ububba) even this early.

  9. I’d be stunned if Jones isn’t at least league-average. He’s hit in the high minors and there’s no hole in his game that I can see. He won’t be a star, but he should be a good player, Garret Anderson without the press.

    Here’s the thing about Smoltz… any pitcher can get hurt at any time. Smoltz isn’t really that much more likely to get disasterously hurt than Brandon Webb. Minor aches are another matter, and we need to be careful, but the thing is that there’s little evidence of him slowing down.

    Hey, here are some positives:

    Hudson looks great.
    Escobar looks even better than great.
    Chipper is doing what he did last year.
    McCann is doing what he did two years ago.
    Kotsay has been a lot better than I thought.

  10. Agree with all the positives.

    Re: Jones, I agree about his projection, but I can’t rule out the distinct possibility of an adjustment period (perhaps all of 2008) that would be no better than what Diaz gives us.

    Also, I strongly disagree with the notion that Smoltz is no more likely to suffer a major injury than Brandon Webb.

  11. I’m going to try to break the land-speed record for not thinking about Moylan on the DL…

    Hey, here’s something nice: Bill James breaking down the all-Alabama team against the all-Oklahoma team. (Scroll about halfway down.)

    Bill’s conclusion: “You might have me. Alabama’s team is pretty good.”

  12. This year is officially a disaster.

    I say we go to a three man rotation and count on Smoltz, Hudson, and Jurrjens to go 9 each time out.

  13. Too bad our rotation doesn’t include 300 IP men like Mordecai “Three Finger” Brown, Christy Mathewson or Jim Palmer.

  14. Imagine how bad it’d be now if the Braves dumped Hudson like so many here wanted in September 2006 and the 2006-2007 offseason.

    But I think Mac is right. Glavine seems to be okay. No one trusted Hampton. It’s no where but up for Teixeira and Diaz. And eventually one of Soriano, Gonzalez or Moylan will be back. Maybe all three if things really go right. The Mets and Phillies are both under .500 too.

    Let’s not drink the cyanide just yet.

  15. On the DL:

    Phillies –
    Mike Zagurski
    Francisco Rosario
    Scott Mathieson

    Braves –
    Mike Hampton
    Mike Gonzalez
    Rafael Soriano
    Peter Moylan
    Omar Infante
    Anthony Lerew

    Mets –
    Pedro Martinez
    Orlando Hernandez
    Moises Alou
    Ramon Castro
    Ambiorix Burgos
    Duaner Sanchez
    Jason Vargas
    Matt Wise

    Looks like the Mets are winning the injury race. It’s the recent concern over Smoltz and Glavine that has me freaked out. Otherwise, we truly are better equipped to handle injury.

    Have the Phillies even had an issue. Lidge, right?

  16. Moylan appeared in 6 of our first 7 games; this isn’t exactly a shocker.

    Still, as people have said, this (combined with Soriano’s thing) is actually a rather big blow to the pen.

    We may well see Kris Medlen (7.1 IP, 6H 8K 0BB for Mississippi) by mid-season. If nothing else, it’ll make sure we maintain our quota of side-armers. :-D

  17. What Posnanski said:

    Over time, I have come to despise radar guns. I don’t mean that I disapprove of them or feel they’re useless or wish that teams would stop putting so much faith in their readings. I mean I DESPISE them, in the same way that I despise Duke basketball. I root against radar guns. I believe radar guns are way overrated. I wish radar guns would not get all the calls.

    Only include Chris Resop.

  18. the DUMP DIAZ in ’08 bandwagon is rolling !!!! what happened to the love? hes still doing better than our much-vaunted cleanup hitter that everyone was ready to mortage the farm for….. this is getting to be like the daily injury reports in football. these guys need to spend less time in the weight room and more time in the bar….. get rid of the high protein fakeshakes and mix in some greasy cheeseburgers and bar-b-q. works for me……….just had my first physical exam in 24 yrs.(the wife insisted) and passed with flying colors………….now if i could only not cringe with every pith that john smoltz throws…………………….

  19. I’m not ready to give up on Diaz yet, barrycuda.

    Schreiber’s struggling so far, but I agree about Phil Stockman. Free Phil Stockman!

  20. New nickname for Chad Poranto and Bob Wickman from the Florida broadcasters – “The Beef Brothers”

  21. Which is the kind of line that will be a drag on the lineup but won’t get him taken out.

  22. check out the list of relievers that we’ve lost toFA, released, traded, or waived since last season


    who am I missing

  23. What good does you to score 10+ runs every 5 games when in the other 4 you score 2.

    This is just not a good baseball team. Not very well constructed and is “thrifty” to me. Just reeks of thrift.

  24. New nickname for Chad Poranto and Bob Wickman from the Florida broadcasters – “The Beef Brothers”

    It’s been done. On this site no less in July 2006. See #69:

    Cards 8, Braves 3

  25. Wasted 2 on, nobody out, heart of the order situation against the frakking Marlins. How annoying.

  26. Wtf was that? Pushing him to the ground? JJ better plunk that punk in the head his next at bat.

  27. I don’t think Tex should keep counting on Francoeur to bail him out.

    That was a very disappointing inning.

  28. Watching this team, I just don’t see how we can come back from a two or three-run deficit right now.

  29. omg, and resop is up in the pen. I guess Bobby is throwing in the towel early this game.

  30. We’re seeing what happens when you combine an aging pitching staff with thrift and a youth movement.

    It equals, not good.

  31. If he hadn’t gotten squeezed on so many knee high strikes called balls by this moronic ump, he’d have fared even better.

    I’m pretty impressed with Jurrjens and think he has #2 SP ability.

  32. I have faith in this team to get extra-base hits and RBIs with three-, four- or five-run leads. I don’t have much faith in its collective ability to get those same hits when it’s a one- or two-run game. The inconsistency is maddening and depressing, since it’s a rerun of ’06 and ’07.

  33. Seriously, same shit as last year. We don’t make any adjustments and I blame Pendleton. It’s his job to help them do that.

  34. Jurrjens could have done better there. At least he got on base twice at Colorado.

  35. Well the Marlins knew they could take Olsen out once they saw Resop come in to the game.

  36. We survived an inning in which Resop pitched. I’ll take it.

    Why not make that big comeback tonight – the one that turns the whole season around.

  37. Re: #77

    Do you mean for the series or tonight? We may not see three in the series.

  38. Coming around to the ‘it’s not our night’ theory…

    Most pathetic double I’ve seen in a while.

  39. oh, may as well blow it open before the offense teases us again by scoring one run in the ninth.

  40. Anybody seen that old Twilight Zone episode called “The Mighty Casey”? It’s about a robot pitcher that strikes everyone out until MLB says he isn’t eligible because he isn’t a “man”. So the scientist puts a human heart into him; & Casey gets hammered everytime he pitches because he can’t bring himself to hurt the hitters’ feelings by striking them out.

  41. There ought to be a way to credit Ohman with the loss. He deserves it far more than Jurrjens.

  42. A part of me wants him to groove one over this plate, put us down 8-0 and get this torture over with.

  43. That will send him to the doghouse very soon…Mac, are we doing the doghouse thing again this year?

  44. Mac–time for a new poll–Resop or Ohman

    Ascanio trade looks great right about now eh?

  45. Scary.

    And even scarier, that was the only pitch he threw all inning that would have hit the mitt.

  46. I was warming up the “At least it looked like a strike” line from Major League but it didn’t get out.

  47. kc,

    They’re all in the doghouse. This team is playing like sh&t and per usual, showing no heart, emotion or anything other than clocking in, and clocking out.

  48. Wow, I just found out Moylan has been put onto the DL. That’s great!!! This team has no hope until we get two of Sori, Moylan, and Gonzo back…

  49. heck they ought to give the hannah montana of hitting a point just for working the count full

  50. I find myself hoping this team can stay somewhere in the vicinity of .500 — within five games or so — until the bullpen can be refortified. Not that it wouldn’t have helped tonight, with our batters taking such a serene approach at the plate.

  51. ..and the bandwagon is pretty empty. Lots of room if you want to hop in!

  52. Who would want to get on this team’s bandwagon FCB, they stink of rotting meat?

    Without some trades, there just isn’t anything viable here.

  53. and the Phillies come from behind with 4 in the bottom of the 9th — and the Mets are winning. ugh.

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