Bravessaga (Prologue)

The meter isn’t quite right, I’m afraid, because I can’t get the hang of it. Anyway…

The Bravessaga
In Alliterative Verse

Schuerholz came south      Wearing his suspenders.
A ring he owned      From running the Royals:
A savior he seemed.      But some were suspicious.
Kansas City had crafted      A contender before
Ever he arrived.      Atlanta was different
A team long in tatters      Trapped in last place.

Moves then he made.      Mindless they seemed
“Here we go again”      Was heard from the hapless.
Fans were they      Few and fainthearted
Sensing the signings      Were more of the same.
Pendleton the portly      Power he’d lacked
In Cardinal career.      Corner hitters cannot
Hit eight homers a year.      However he brought
A glorious glove      Twice had been golden.
Bream and Belliard      Both signed from the Bucs
Neither a knight      Known for knocking them in.
Doubtless their value      Would be in defense
Which long had been lacking      On Atlanta’s squad.
Bulky Juan Berenguer      Would bolster the bullpen
Twirler of note      Signed from the Twins.
Sanders the sideshow      Scorned by the Yankees
Brought his big mouth      And still tiny bat.
Willard would waddle      Once in a while
Perhaps to catch      Probably to pinch-hit.
Heath also signed      (Hey, they can’t all work out).

A core had the club      Confident players
Young were they yet      Their yesterdays few.
In right field ranged      The Rookie of the Year
David the doughty      Justice of deeds.
Gant the gallant      Great was his power
A comeback he’d had      Though he couldn’t play center.

Hurlers they had      Four pitchers whose deeds
Carried the club      Through many a clash.
Smoltz the stalwart      Sliders and splitters
And furious fastballs      Would force men to flee.
Great glory awaited      Glavine the grave
Yet few were his feats      From years agone.
Young and yet able      Avery the youth
Thrust into the light      Of three and eleven.
Liebrandt the lanky      Of lefties most crafty
Tragedy would taunt      But now he held true.

The middle was made      Of many a pair
To try for a run      Two Jeffs they could team
Blauser and Treadway      Beaters of pitchers
Including their own      Offense their all.
For defense a duo      Of doubtful bats
Little Mark Lemke      Light-hitting he was
But he was the Babe      Beside teammate Belliard.

Lonnie in left      Legend of lost days
Hit could he still      But his legs were gone.
And silently came      Swift Otis Nixon
Late in leaving      The last player added.

Managing these men      A task for a master
Cox had come down      From crafting the team.
Coaches he had:      Corrales his comrade
Williams the wary      And Jones watched the hitters.
Mastermind Mazzone      Legend in making
Practiced his pitchers      In program most pure.

On eve of season      Everyone knew
Braves would be beaten      But maybe they’d bring
Hope for awhile.      This humble team
Knew not what awaited      (Needless to say).

17 thoughts on “Bravessaga (Prologue)”

  1. 1st time you have ever posted that i did not read to its entirity. we are bored, but attention spans we have not. i’m pretty sure that was a novel instead of a saga

  2. Maybe you could work a few Homeric epithets into it as well? I’m sure Uncle Ezra would approve.

  3. will someone refresh me on the orioles/braves game last year which refers to as our turning point. i am sure it was, but i just don’t remember the game.

  4. by the way mac, sorry for the early criticism. i read it, and you are right, those guys had no idea what they were about to start. good read. sorry for the double post.

  5. Ryan c, it was the game where we came back to win from seven runs down. we went on to win like 63 of our last 80 games.

  6. good post about braves i don’t know what kind of exactally this website is.I shoud have studied english hard..if believe or not im trying ..
    actually i’m new here. i live somewere other country and left the reply about a few days ago. whenever i watch braves game , its a shame of too many empty seats and viewer decline. there is a good place having a dete with boyfriend lol.
    anyway go kyle against o’s. go braves especially baby braves.

  7. Braves rule, I don’t blame you for not understanding that. If I read your ip address right, you are from Eastern Asia, and English is not your native tongue. The above’s in a poetic form rarely seen even in English now.

    You gotta have epithets, David. It actually helps with the verses a lot, especially if you can come up with alliterative ones.

  8. wow i’m surprised you are very fast . maybe i was bad student . is this your website? anyway thanks a lot your sincering word .dear mac

  9. I expect you’re a far better student of my language than I would be of yours. One note: “Sincering” is not a word. You mean “sincere”.

  10. Mac, you’re right: the epithets are part of what make it epic in scope (read: saga). I feel honored to witness the birth of yet another oral tradition. Within months, The Chop will be forgotten, and lines from the Bravessaga will be recited aloud from row to row. Move over, “Macarena”! I also like the way you handle caesura. Very modern in that respect. Bravo!

  11. John Schuerholz as the subject of a Beowulf-like epic poem. Great stuff. You even have the alliterative style and the broken line structure of Beowulf. Very interesting.

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