Andruw Jones 2007 Batting Splits – Baseball-Reference PI

1. He’s sucked at home, he’s sucked on the road. He sucked in the first half, he sucked in the second half. He’s sucked against lefties, he’s sucked against righties.

2. Perhaps the most interesting parts of the general suckage are what Andruw’s done by count. For instance… As you know, Bobby likes to turn his hitters loose 3-0. Andruw has not put a 3-0 pitch in play this year. He’s had 35 PA in which he’s gone 3-0. 12 times the next pitch was a ball (including four IBB). 23 times he either took for a strike, swung and missed, or fouled the ball off. He’s hit only .077, with no extra-base hits, in ABs after starting 3-0.

3. Andruw has, for his career, been great when putting the first pitch in play, hitting .347 (in over 1000 PA) and slugging .702. This season, he’s hit .247 and slugged .545.

4. He’s hit generally well on one-strike counts, from 0-1 to 3-1, better than on no-strike (or two-strike) counts. I don’t know what this means.

5. His best month was July, a fairly typical .263/.370/.566. He hit .263 in August, too, but with much less power and many fewer walks. His other months have been uniformly terrible, except for June, which was a beyond terrible .143/.211/.276.

6. Andruw’s line against power pitchers is awful, .168/.258/.306. This may indicate that his bat is slowing down, and that this is not just a seasonlong slump but a real change in ability.