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  1. I only wish we were playing the Mets next week, instead of the Phils.

    Even though we play Philly & Milwaukee, I hate playing the spoiler.

  2. With the cupped end, it is not so hard to make a bat stand on the cupped end. However, I don’t remember anything on this from the game or commentary.

    Is the clip a Youtube fake?

  3. After the Yankee game last night, my pals & I were sitting in our favorite little Dominican bar, chilling with a few Presidentes, and they were asking me, “What’s wrong with Andruw Jones? Will the Braves sign him? How can he fall so far?” Blah, blah, blah.

    I gave them all the obvious answers and they seemed to be enjoying the notion of Braves misery until they asked me this: “Well, if the Braves don’t want to cough up the big bucks, who will?”

    My answer: “The Boston Red Sox.”

    Then they looked at each other, gulped & shut up. Always fun to push those buttons.

  4. Cliff,
    My guess is no. There are different videos on it, including one who recorded it with a camera viewing the TV. It’s legit I think. It’s definitely the SNY broadcast or whatever..

  5. “I remember nothing about the games I did when we got home from the trip. I was walking around screwed up, not really knowing what was going on.”

    At least Skip’s got a good reason for that; what’s the Braves’ excuse?

  6. And the lineups:

    Ramirez ss
    Uggla 2b
    Hermida rf
    Cabrera 3b
    Willingham lf
    Jacobs 1b
    Ross cf
    Treanor c
    Barone p

    Johnson 2b
    Renteria ss
    CJones 3b
    Teixeira 1b
    McCann c
    Francoeur rf
    AJones cf
    Harris lf
    James p

  7. Bobby, in the pregame show, talked about how the Braves may be considering stretching out Acosta in the winter and seeing what he can do as a starter.

    He said they would first look at trades and the FA market, if they couldnt do anything, Acosta may get a shot. He also said he would be an important part of the bullpen next year. Take whatever you want from that

  8. Jerry Crasnick on ESPN on our favorite deadline deal:

    Atlanta acquires first baseman Mark Teixeira from Texas for catcher Jarrod Saltalamacchia and four other prospects


    The Braves, taking a win-now approach in the National League East, surrendered five of their top 18 prospects for Teixeira, a two-time Silver Slugger and Gold Glove award winner.

    It’s been a weird deal for Atlanta. Teixeira has been a terrific addition, with a 1.015 OPS and 43 RBIs in 44 games as a Brave. But he can’t pitch, and as a result, his impact has been negligible.

    At the time of the trade, the Braves were 56-51 and 3½ games behind first-place New York. Now they’re 78-73 and 5½ back. There’s been no “Fred McGriff effect” this time around for general manager John Schuerholz.

    Teixeira won’t be a free agent until after the 2008 season — as Rangers GM Jon Daniels observed, “He’s a lease, not a rental” — so he gives Chipper Jones some lineup protection in the event Andruw Jones departs this winter.

    But speculation that Teixeira wants to commit to Atlanta because he’s a Georgia Tech guy is laughable. He’s also a Scott Boras guy, so the Braves can expect to go through the same uncertainty with him in 2008 that they’ve endured with Andruw this season.

    Who has said that thing in bold?

  9. Man, and just as I thought James was having a decent low-pitch inning. Oh well. Uggla grounded out on one pitch. Thanks, Dan!

  10. csg,

    It is dumb, but I like Simpson and Sciambi these days. I thought it was entertaining that they were fretting about that trivia question for a while, but then again, it doesn’t take too much to entertain me.

  11. Chuckie’s throwing a nice one. Let’s hope he keeps it up. He has a future in our rotation if that shoulder gets to feeling better.

    Did anyone read the Dr. Andrews piece on ESPN yesterday? Clemens’ early troubles were that he couldn’t pitch more than 5 innings without getting exhausted. Wonder if Chuck’s got some stress up there that can be fixed. Not that Chuck is anything like Clemens. But just saying a healthy shoulder might make him more effective.

  12. Can’t be too many Harvey’s running around Caracas.

    Even though we play the Marlins about 50 times a year it seems like every series they run two or three guys out there I’ve never heard of before. Same with the Nats.

  13. I think that Bennett won the first game of the playoff series against the Bulls (6 IP, 3 H) and had another good start against then, going six and giving up four hits and a run.

  14. they say he has a great sinker, he’s been lights out as a starter. Well at least thats what Bobby said before tonights game

  15. Bobby Cox is the same guy who won’t let the much-deserving Kelly Johnson play everyday, platooned closers when Wickman was on the DL, had Andruw Jones batting fourth in the order in July and has made so many strange bullpen decisions this season that even Joe Torre would be wondering what the heck he’s doing.

    And yet, I’d still take Cox over anybody, especially Charlie Manuel.

  16. Soriano in there again. Well, I guess that’s not too bad an idea. Acosta and Ascaino worked two games in a row before tonight, I think.

  17. These wins hurt. Where were they in August? Where were they in September? That’s why this season has been so frustrating. We just couldn’t put all the pieces together when it counted. It just wasn’t our year. But you look at the team on paper and it’s hard to see it not being 10+ to 15+ wins better next year. That’s exciting.

  18. I feel good about 2008 as long as the Braves get a solid starter this offseason and don’t make the same mistake they made coming into spring training this year and lean on Mike Hampton to be the third starter again.

  19. Soriano threw at Uggla the other game, and Uggla was pissed. There’ll be history between the two of them.

  20. And how about that lefty-righty, Gonzalez-Soriano closer combo, with Moylan waiting for the 7th or 8th that we were hoping to see this season?

    Good job fellas. Playing for pride seems to inspire you.

  21. after touching home plate instead of turning to the right and going to the dugout, Uggla touched the plate and turned towards Soriano and stared at him

  22. Uggla should be talking to his own guys, I dont blame Soriano for hitting him. Tex got hit twice, KJ got hit, and they threw behind Druw before we did anything. He should have hit him again

  23. Man. Losing Gonzalez really killed us this year. Looking at the schedule, we went 9-18 the month after we lost him (Chipper was also out for three weeks of that span). We were 25-14 before.

    Ugh. It’s amazing how much has to go right for a good season to happen. We were so fortunate for a lot of years. Not this one.

  24. Sam, I have a question, you didn’t by chance under rate any prospects lately did you? That was ridiculous. The only reason I quit was because you guys were retarded over there, and I didn’t want to waste my time anymore!

  25. It’s a bittersweet feeling to see the Braves playing so well right now. On one hand, it’s great that spirits are high and the players are motivated. On the other hand, it brings up all the “what ifs” and where the Braves could be in the standings if:

    – Hampton hadn’t gone down.
    – Gonzalez hadn’t gone down.
    – Braves were able to acquire a SP.
    – Chipper hadn’t been hurt for a few weeks.
    – A couple one-run games had gone our way.
    – Dotel was healthy.

    …and the list goes on.

    That isn’t to say I’d like to see them lose, though! Go Braves! Spoil ’em, give ’em a run for their money, do what you do.

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