198 thoughts on “Game Thread: August 26, Braves at Cardinals”

  1. football season? hello? where are you, football?

    I can’t even bear to watch these Braves anymore. I’m kinda looking forward to the offseason so we can ramble about how awesome Murphy was and why it’s BS that he’s not in the hall.

  2. very depressing stuff….we make great moves to put us where we need to be, we tread water, then we dive. tough to be a braves fan right now. hopefully cormier and reyes pitch to their original expectations soon. i am not claiming the season over yet, but it’s looking grim as of now.

  3. I don’t see the Braves putting together a 20-12 record the rest of the way, so pretty much the Pads or Mets will have to have a huge collapse for us to reach the playoffs.

  4. I’m a little deflated too. The only person right now, atleast for me, is that I didn’t spend the $15 for the next month of MLB.TV. I can think of better ways of spending that now.

  5. The frustrating thing is that, even with our SP situation, this team looks on paper like it should win more than it does. It’s just game after game of doing just enough to lose.

  6. To me, this week has shifted our playoff chances from “realistic” to “It’s going to take a winning streak this team’s been incapable of all year and SD/NYM crapping the bed” . It’s depressing that this team needs a miracle to get into the postseason. I still contend that if they get there they’re one of the more dangerous teams in the NL. The Mets are built like the Braves teams of old, great regular season team, questionable postseason team. This Braves team has “red-hot postseason club” written all over it, but we just don’t have a great regular season club. It’s depressing. When are we going to find the right mixture for that winning sauce?

  7. so,i think bobby is trying to lose today


  8. Chipper has a groin strain according to the AJC. Maybe the team’s bad play has been like a kick in the groin for him like it has for us fans.

  9. What’s funny is the one guy who looks like he’s hit a wall and could use a day off is Francoeur, and he’s playing.

  10. Whether the season can be salvaged is doubtful. However, there is no reason to use Jo Jo Reyes now–he needs time at Richmond. We would be much better off starting Barry or Hodges. In terms of the race for the playoffs, they would probably pitch as well as Reyes. The last thing we need is to ruin our best starting pitching prospect in the upper minors.

    Starting Woodward almost makes me wonder about our will to win….

  11. If I read correctly this is the last TBS broadcast. Moment of silence. ………

    Man I am just gonna miss TBS. Pete Skip Ernie yes even Don and Joe (not Chip) thanks guys. Thanks a lot.

  12. I think it’s all getting to Bobby. I know he said he’d coach one more year after this, but maybe missing the playoffs again will get to him and he’ll go ahead and retire this offseason.

  13. For real. Going to miss seeing em’ on TBS 100 times a year. (well, not this current team)

  14. The point about TBS is well taken and quite painful to contemplate–it makes me glad that tonight instead of baseball I watched Manchester United play Tottenham Hotspur….Ugh…

  15. It’s the other way around Stephen. Reyes has done great in AA and AAA. If the season is not winnable, keep Reyes us and get him the big league experience.

  16. All the Braves have to do is beat Wainwright with Reyes and it can be back to 3.0 games!


  17. I kind of agree with Dan. While I don’t want to ruin Reyes’ confidence up here, he doesn’t have much left to prove in the minors. Time for him to man up and start pitching like he’s capable.

  18. If this was 2005, TBS leaving for good would sadden me. But now, TBS just means Chip Caray. I think I’ll get over it quickly.

  19. Guess what: I’m a fan from Germany, and I booked a flight from Frankfurt/Germany to Atlanta to see the Braves on their next homestand, beginning Friday. However, I did so when they were 12 games above .500 back in May. Isn’t it nice to waste $750 on a flight, $500 on a hotel room and another $450 for tickets just to see these losers lose some more? Coudn’t they have stayed in the race for at least one more week, so I would have had to see some games that actually meant SOMETHING?

    Thank you, Atlanta Braves.

  20. 32 — willie is not an everyday player. i’m just hoping that they don’t pretend that he is and pencil him in as such during the offseason.

  21. This isn’t the last TBS broadcast, I looked at the schedule and they have some September games.

  22. “This isn’t the last TBS broadcast, I looked at the schedule and they have some September games.”

    Oh goodie, more Chip Caray.

  23. Minor league season is pretty much over isn’t it? Might as well let Reyes pitch in Atlanta so he’s more comfortable doing it next year. I wouldn’t mind seeing TP take over as manager next year. Also please for the love of God fire Roger McDowell before he fails Reyes like he did Davies.

  24. I predict that with the Joneses out, Chris Woodward drives in Tex for the game winner & the excitement of a series win propels this team towards the postseason & …..oh the hell with it…who am I kidding…

  25. Chip said before the game that there are 10 TBS games left. They’re doing a countdown of great TBS moments. The Rick Camp game was shown today.

    No word on whether Chip Caray’s termination will make the list.

  26. Even Joe Simpson is saying play Matt Diaz everyday and stop putting the ice cold Willie Harris in the leadoff spot.

  27. Hard to believe how many line drives are going right at people with runners on base right now.

  28. Frank from Germany – Cool trip anyway! I am doing that once or twice a year myself, flying from Germany just to see a Braves series. Wo wohnst Du?

  29. jo jo is looking pretty good.

    this is probably the type of game that the braves will end up winning (when they run out a white-flag lineup). instead of when they have 50 chances with a runner on 3rd and no outs (or something of the sort).

  30. i can’t believe how many strike 3’s willie looks at (even if that one was kinda high…)

    at leat this one wasn’t in the 9th

  31. McCann needed a day off but couldn’t get it due to the Joneses being out. Hopefully Reyes can keep this up!

  32. Go for the gusto next time, Cox:

    Harris, Escobar, Diaz, Johnson, Francoeur, Miller, Thorman, Woodward and Reyes

  33. Okay, let Woodward hit, bunt Reyes for two outs and count on Harris to drive them in?

    Bobby Cox….I swear….

  34. well, there’s not much you can do with 8-9-1 hitters that are pretty much automatic outs

  35. Yeah, put high OBP guys like Francoeur and Diaz in front of Woodward, Reyes, and Harris. Brilliant management.

  36. Uh, yeah you can–don’t play them. No reason why Woodward and Harris should be in this game.

  37. I’m leaving… I can’t bear it anymore.

    Oh, my prediction for the outcome of this game: Cards win it, 1-0 in the 10th.

  38. Here is what you do:

    Bunt Woodward and hope and pray that either Reyes or (yeah right) Harris can get at least one in for a run.

    Reyes is supposedly a good hitting pitcher.

  39. Woodward is a completely worthless player. Why is he still on the roster? Get rid of him already. Prado can do everything Woodward can do and also hit a small amount. No reason at all to keep carrying Woodward on the roster. Being a veteran doesn’t outweigh sucking.

  40. 68

    Bad as it is at this point, but did you ever think you’d say the words “high OBP guys” and “Francoeur” in the same sentence positively?

  41. Unlike our team, the Cardinals will probably find a way to turn a leadoff hit into at least one run.

  42. Well no, but he gets on base more than he used to. I’m sure someone has the stats. Just frustrating to see this team limp around like this. I never thought that the BRAVES would lose b/c of subpar managing. Other reasons, sure, but not like this.

  43. Even with a runner on 1st, with the pitcher coming up, why would you pitch to Molina?

  44. This is retarded. We’re not even trying anymore. Just sit there like a moron, Bobby. This is your freaking fault.

  45. Say what you want about Tony LaRussa, but he’s kicking Bobby’s ass this series.

  46. Time for the Braves to roll over and score nothing, maybe one if Wainwright hangs a curveball.

  47. with the exception of Tex, this lineup looks like the one you’d see in the eighth inning with an eight-run deficit … at which point I say, “Since Bobby’s quitting, so will I.”

  48. Do all teams mail it in, or just us? Seems like the Cards fought and scratched their way back into contention, and do the little things well and actually care about winning. We fight our way back, get Tex, and quit.

  49. If not for Tex, we’d be at least six games back of the wild card and below .500 right now.

  50. How do you figure? We’ve played about the same .500 ball with him as without him.

    At some point in time does JS have to consider whether to fire Bobby? He seems to have lost the ability he had only 2 years ago to motivate the team to play better than they had any right to. Having a crappy pitching staff doesn’t help of course, but that doesn’t explain all of this team’s struggles.

  51. Bobby’s as close to untouchable as there is. There remains a contingent of fans (and probably players/coaches) who think Bobby is the golden child of managing, and the fallout from his firing would be insurmountable.
    We can only hope he retires. Soon.

  52. 101 — because if you take Tex out of the lineup, is this team really still playing .500 ball, or is it much worse? Those RBIs sure wouldn’t be coming from Thorman.

  53. i’m as frustrated as anybody with the way the last couple of weeks have gone (and really… the braves have been .500 almost all year).

    but, has this team underachieved or gone about as far as could be expected with this rotation (and bullpen)?

    -the LF platoon, over the whole season, has gone better than expected (in my eyes) and better than Langerhans would have given.

    -andruw has sorely affected the production this year. hitting him 7th has minimized that some, but the move happened way too late

    -i think frenchy made quite a leap in plate discipline. here’s to hoping his trajectory continues

    -chipper’s been very productive and sort of healthy

    -edgar was arguably the 1st half team mvp. sure do miss him

    -kj has done better than i think we could have reasonably expected. i still would like to see him play everday and leadoff.

    -tex has obviously been an astronomical improvement at 1B

    -mccann has been solid despite some sluggish months

    -bullpen was nothing like what we hoped going into the year

    -smoltz and huddy have been great. james looked ok for a while… and NOTHING else

    -does that all equal a .500 club or better? dunno

  54. I think so, Murphy. As many players regressed this year as made strides, and a team just cannot roll the dice with starting pitching 60% of the time.

  55. It just figures with the way it’s been going this past week or so that the Braves would get a run back and lose it instantly on a Juan Encarnacion homerun.

  56. Reyes pitched about as well as we could have hoped for today. Time for the offense to do something.

  57. For the season: 36-17 in Smoltz/Hudson starts, 31-46 with all others.

    For this month: 8-2 with Smoltz/Hudson on the hill, 3-10 without.

  58. Rarely has an MLB team been so predictable. I could go to Vegas and make a fortune betting on or against the Braves depending on the starting pitcher.

  59. Please don’t let Chipper pinch hit for Woodward here. Come on, Bobby. You can do it…just sit there.

  60. Way to go, Bobby … sit the .300-batting pitcher for the .215-hitting strikeout/double play artiste.

  61. I’ve refrained from posting the last two games, but here goes

    Thanks Bobby for putting this terrible lineup out there for Jo Jo today. Chipper and Andruw both out today in favor of Harris and Woodward. Woodward is useless, offensively and defensively he’s a liability. He will cost us this game today just by being in the lineup.

    Jo Jo you did your best, we apologize…

  62. I think this lineup is Bobby’s “F— you” to TBS ending its coverage.

  63. i understand some of you guys are frustrated, but to start saying someone sux because they get out is ridiculous. francoeur should have walked on 4 straight in that at-bat. the first strike was called for a “swing” he didnt even go 1/4 of the way around.

  64. lately, we have been getting hosed on some calls at very crucials points in games. that strike to thorman was the highest called strike of the day, and the ump delayed his call a half second. we are slumping, but we havent necessarily been helped out any.

  65. I want to see Harris hit the ball on the ground for once, Thorman still useless. Probably should have started him also.

    What kind of affect will this have on Liberty Media being willing to give us more money? We get a elite player like Tex and continue to play the same type of ball, Bobby Im starting to think you’re to blame. Hitting Woodward and Thorman over other options, Diaz, is costing us games. Why not hit Chipper there with one out, we are always saving players for later situations that never come. Diaz gets on, with no outs, you PH for Woodward with Chipper, then you let Andruw hit for the pitcher and replace him in center next inning. Its not hard to at least give your team a chance to win

  66. Francoeur doesn’t suck, he’s exhausted and needs a day off because he’s played every game this year.

  67. 125 — good point. I have one off day in a four-week period, and it is today. I had to work late last night and didn’t leave until 4 a.m. And this is how I spend the time? Watching a lineup featuring a AAA leadoff man, a AAA pitcher and an A-ball worthy third baseman? I have only myself to blame … when I turned on the broadcast, I have possessed the strength to turn off the television after seeing the batting order. Yet I still watch … day after day, finding time to take this in. More often than not, I leave upset, because even in wins, I get angry over a Soriano gopher ball, Wickman’s incompetence (this should have been the music that played when he came out of the ‘pen) or the continued presence of a vortex like Chris Woodward on the roster. So maybe it is an f— you to the fans, and yet when they play the Marlins on Tuesday night, I’ll dutifully click to MLB.com from my office and watch, just like I do every night. I must be a bloody sap.

  68. Swinging at a ball 5 inches off the plate on a 3-1 count down 3 runs qualifies as suck to me.

  69. I want Bobby, Roger, and Terry to all be gone. Bring us Yost and whoever he wants to bring with him

  70. He’s not allowed a bad at-bat in August after playing every game? Isn’t he batting .300 and tied for the team lead in RBI’s?
    Bobby has such a fetish for resting guys, why not Francoeur?

  71. when was the last time anyone on our team had a good sac bunt? Was it KJ in the game that Chipper hit the game winner?

  72. I will be surprised if the Braves have a better record than any other team in the NL the rest of the way

  73. csg, that was the same pitch as the one previous that was called a ball. Can’t blame the hitter. Blame the umpire who is not consistant.

  74. I know, but when you have an umpire that doesnt have a consistant zone, you cant expect to get the calls. Look at Thorman and Harris already, those were ball 4’s all called strikes, why would that change now???

  75. again, a strike called that is about 6 inches off the plate to end any chance of a comeback. being a baseball player, you are taught to protect the plate, but being a catcher, brian knows a strike when he sees it.

  76. braves14, it was outside, like I said same as previous pitch called a ball. Some people on here only want to be negative, read the posts.

  77. If Joey gives up some runs here, does it really matter? The damn game was over before it started.

  78. For as much as we make fun of the pirates do you guys realize that after today there is a great chance that both the pirates and the braves will be 8 games back in their divison. Pathetic!

  79. So much for the “10 game roadtrip against sub-.500 teams.”

    The Marlins REALLY suck right now. I’m sure the Braves will find a way to lose two of three.

  80. And the Phillies and Rockies will both pass us today barring a miraculous ninth-inning rally. It’s not just about the games, but about the teams in between. This is starting to look pretty daunting.

  81. if Bobby keeps managing the way he is right now, you can almost say that we have no chance at a comeback

    I’m really pleased with Jo Jo’s performance today, looked very confident out there. Only big mistake was to Encarnacion

  82. i sure am pulling for devine. lets hope he stays with us for a while and shows his potential.

  83. Devine got out of it only because it’s a three run deficit. It the game was tied, the Braves had a small lead or the Cardinals had a like a one run lead, it would have been a meltdown inning.

  84. You’d think that sooner or later we’d catch some breaks. It seems like we haven’t had any at all since April.

  85. Yeah. He still doesn’t suck though. Chipper’s had some bad at bats lately too.

  86. It’s good to see the young pitchers for Atlanta do well. 2ERs over 8 innings is good, and frankly, that should be enough to win. Oh well. Let’s how Chipper is feeling better tomorrow.

  87. Woodward, though, really DOES suck. I’m pretty sure I could go 0-4 with an error and 2 strikeouts. In fact, I know I could. Put me in, Bobby!

  88. Third place, 1.0 behind Phillies, probably behind the Rockies and 4.0 behind Padres.

    RIP 2007 Braves’ Season

  89. If you don’t drive in runs, get on base, move runners over, or even look like you have a plan to work the count…how is that a good at bat?

  90. Oh ok. Well I disagree. He plays gold glove defense in left, leads the league (maybe majors) in outfield assists, leads the team in RBI’s, is batting .300, is a smart baserunner, and never takes a game off.
    Yes, he could be more patient. But that’s pretty good. And he’s what, 23?

  91. I think Francouer has played very well this year, you can even say he’s played great compared to last year. Frenchy could hit .350 with 30HR’s and someone here would complain about something he did or didnt do. The kid is 23 and is making league minimum, he’s had a GREAT year

  92. He also has a sub-800 OPS. That’s not very good for a RF. I hope he improves. He’s still young if not particularly smart.

  93. did anyone see the players expressions leaving the dugout, just looked normal to me. There is no fire under these guys, they just want the season to be over.

    However, there were two guys still on the bench after everyone else had left. McCann and Frenchy were still there, hopefully they werent talking about the weather

  94. oh yeah, Bobby was planning on sitting McCann today, so I guess tomorrow we’ll have a Corky sighting

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