Game Thread: July 18, Reds at Braves

As a changeup, no video. Instead, I present “Little-Known Family Facts About Former Braves That I Made Up.”

  • Ryan Langerhans’ great-uncle discovered the “Islets of Langerhans”. Upset by his brother’s success, Ryan’s grandfather spent the last 34 years of his life dissecting glands hoping to discover something more interesting.
  • Pedro Borbon Jr. is actually a member of the Spanish royal family. He is currently 43rd in line to the throne, one spot below his father.
  • While Jose Oliva was not related to Tony Oliva, he was actually a collateral relative of Pedro and Ramon Martinez.
  • Dave Gallagher is comedian Gallagher’s half-brother, though oddly they share their mother, not their father.
  • Steve Avery stands to inherit three percent of the Avery office supply company.

547 thoughts on “Game Thread: July 18, Reds at Braves”

  1. even though we’ve lost 2 in a row, some good things can happen today. Thorman may be gone, Woodward may be gone, Davies may be gone, Pena could get called up, and Smoltz comes off the DL. Interesting day ahead of us

  2. I understand that Avery Office Supply is merging with Dunder Mifflin so Steve’s inheritance will be even larger.

  3. Is there anyway we can get KJ and Escobar in the line-up at the same time?

    Salty from the left side is starting to worry me…

  4. why he hit the ball hard last night with Kelly on third. At least he doesnt strike out a whole lot, seems to be a contact hitter

  5. If we sned down a possition play for another pitcher, I will puke. We have what 4 guys on the bench. 13 pitchers is stupid, 14 is retared.

  6. Well, sending down Ascaino is a no-brainer, right? And probably Davies after him, to fit Ledezma and Smoltz back on the roster. No biggie, IMO.

  7. KLB,

    I think that would be a good call. I would also cut Woodward and brin up Prado. I also think that Thorman is about to go and Julio is going to be signed.

  8. For what its worth, local sports radio is floating a rumor of Salty/Davies and minor leaguer for Tex and Otsuka….

  9. Orlando area…..they were also the first to report Donavan backing out of his Magic contract, so take it for what its worth, no confirmation, just “National League Sources”

    Side note, Frank Viola does a daily show on that station, good stuff

  10. I think I would make that trade for Texiera. But how do people think he would hit away from Texas? It has been a while since the Braves had a reliable 1B.

  11. As long as Thorman and Davies delenda est, I’m happy. I can even tolerate Woodward a while longer. Prado wouldn’t be all that much better.

    I’m not sure I like Salty/Davies for Texeira and Otsuka. Offense and relief pitching aren’t what the team really needs, but rather another starter who can consistently turn in a quality start.

  12. I’ve also been told:

    -Dion James is from Belmont, CA.
    -Marty Perez hates tacos, but sings “Puttin’ On the Ritz” in the shower.
    -Robert Fick’s real name is Brit Focker, and he winters at Stratford-upon-Avon.

  13. Maybe if they pick up Otsuka, they could trade Thorman and a reliever (Wickman?) for another starter…..who knows….

  14. wickman isnt going anywhere, but i would think this could free up soriano into that starting position he’s been wanting. i’m sure he could go 5 innings. i would dig that trade, but texas would have to pick up some of teixeira’s salary.

  15. If the report is true, the fact they would be willing to take on Teixera’s contract suggests that Liberty really is going to let them spend some money. And I wouldn’t mind another solid reliever because the bullpen is getting shaky.

    And I do think the team needs offense; it may not be their number one need, but if I am going to trade Salty, I would rather it be for a top-flight hitter than for a mediocre pitcher. Given the dearth of pitching out there, it might be a more realistic option to strengthen the offense in the hopes that you can outslug some teams.

  16. Im not so sure the bullpen doesn’t need another hard thrower. Wickman will not be traded.

    As far as the offense goes, we need a regular left fielder(Dye or KJ, play Esco at 2nd) and 1st baseman(Tex). I think Diaz should be out # 1 pinch hitter. IMO he does not drive in enough runs, steal bases, etc. to be a corner outfield. Of course, along with another starter. THis is only if the Braves are serious about contending for a WS ring.

  17. Devine, and not Ascanio?

    Who else thinks that Devine might be included in any potential trades? The Braves would have to have him on the 25-man roster next year because he’ll be out of options, but I don’t foresee Bobby ever giving him a chance.

  18. Henry Aaron is on the cover of this week’s SI. The inside story’s headline: The People’s King.

    And I believe the DH is a common enemy on which both Democrats & Republicans should agree.

  19. I hope, for Devine’s sake, that he is traded, because Bobby apparently hates him.

    I think I’m pretty much with Marc on this one. Getting another bullpen arm would be fine by me, Teix would be a HUGE boost for this offense.

    If ryan c is right about the potential mid-season Soriano move…well, let’s just say I’d be very excited.

  20. And I believe the DH is a common enemy on which both Democrats & Republicans should agree.

    Amen, brother.

  21. If that trade rumor is accurate, and it probably isn’t because most of them aren’t, I’d certainly go for it, too.

  22. I’m a Democrat who would issue an executive order banning the use of the DH on my first day in office if I were ever elected President.

  23. Don’t worry about Salty he’ll be fine. If you want to worry about something start with Harris striking out three more times last night. He’s looking very pumpkin-ish these days.

  24. I still dont know how excited I would be about the texas trade. We have no salary room next year and have no hopes of keeping Tex after that. Why are we focusing on offense. How much more offense will he give us over Salty. Probably not $11million worth, we need an SP

  25. I agree with csg. No doubt we would be better, but at what cost? Get a pitcher. The Ian Snell rumors got me excited. I wish they could pull the trigger on that.

  26. Soriano is too valuable in the bullpen and it’s too late in the year to try to convert him to a starter…unless the Braves get someone equally as tough as Soriano for the bullpen.

    I think the 1st base issue has moved in the top 3 of pressing needs….

  27. Reyes serves up an awful lot of high, flat pitches. I see no hope in Davies, but Reyes doesn’t look like the answer.

    Thus, moving Salty for any package that doesn’t involve a front-line SP would be folly.

  28. tony, hince the trade for OTSUKA. otsuka would take the place of soriano in the bullpen as the 8th inning guy. otsuka’s career era is 2.44 with almost a strikeout an inning. i would say that is equally tough.

  29. “moving Salty for a frontline starter would be folly”

    All depends on what type of offensive player the Braves are offered. I think you can get a decent starter for something less than Salty. But if you can get a “stud” on offense for Salty I say go for it…

  30. moving salty, davies, and prospect to texas may solve 2 of our glaring problems while not hurting the pen. roster would look like this:


    and the field:
    willie diaz



  31. we need a good lefty out of the pen. Ledezma doesnt get any lefties out. If we cant trade for a starter I think it may be better to get Villareal in the 5th spot and Reyes as a loogy. After this year stretch out Reyes again, but let him get his starts in AAA. he’s not ready, but he’s better than Davies. Bad Idea?

  32. ryan, the offense would be better, but the rotation would still be the major problem. Also our team salary would automatically go up $11 mil for Tex next year. Dont think the replacement offense over Salty is worth that

  33. if liberty media is willing to spend the money, yes, it is worth it. soriano will not be happy next year if he is not closing or starting, and i would bet that gonzalez will be our closer for the majority of the season next year.

  34. Why not just call Startup up? He’s a lefty, right? And I know very few are high on Matt Morris, but if the Teixeira/Otsuka deal were to happen, that still leaves Escobar as trade bait. Morris isn’t a rotation savior, but he’s AT LEAST better than our other fifth starter options.

    Would all depend on the money, of course, but I think the offensive upgrade of Teixeira lessens the need for an impact starter.

  35. I can’t imagine them moving Soriano to the rotation this year. He’s really the only consistently effective 8th or 9th inning pitcher the Braves have right now. If Reyes flops, I wouldn’t be surprised if Ledezma or Villareal gets a shot in the rotation.

  36. so if we trade Salty for offense, what do we do for a SP. No one wants Escobar straight up for anything worthwhile. It would take Soriano at least a month to get stretched out to be a starter. We need an impact guy that can pick us up now, a month from now might be too long

  37. I dont know if the Giants would do Escobar for Morris. I would, but that would make us $20 million higher for next season with Morris and Tex. Would they just be rentals and traded in the offseason, if so, its not worth it

  38. I didn’t say Escobar straight-up, csg. I’m just saying you could still get a Morris for Escobar and change.

  39. I want nothing to do with mark texiara on the Braves, a 1B make no real difference to this team and he will cost a fortune, unless we are trading Salty in a package for a top three starting pitcher keep him.
    just my useless thought.

  40. And that’s why I said it would depend on money. Maybe Liberty Media steps up (I’m not holding my breath) or maybe the Giants pay a good chunk of Morris’ salary (more realistic).

    As usual, I trust Schuerholz.

  41. Y’all notice that graphic about Harang holding #3 hitters to a .193 average with no HR? Who compiled that statistic? And why?

  42. Damn Salty…please get a hit from the leftside soon. It looks like he has the 1st baseman job fulltime…

  43. I hope not, but I didn’t think Thor could be as bad as LaRoche when he was struggling….

  44. Don’t know if it’s been mentioned, but apparently Ledezma accidently washed his visa back in Venezuela and had to get a new one before returing to the U.S., so that was the hold up.


  45. Smoltz also looks like he’s still hurting.

    Cary, that’s hilarious. I knew the issue was with the visa, but I hadn’t heard about him washing it. Are we supposed to trust this man with a lead late in a game?

  46. Cary, I hadn’t actually seen that, because I missed a couple threads; thanks for reposting.

    Devine to Richmond and Smoltz looking disgusting — feels like Christmas in July.

  47. Cox said he wanted to see Salty from the left side….be careful what you ask for. Tex! Tex! Tex!

  48. Are we the only team in MLB that gives up so many hits to opposing pitchers?

  49. halfway through in 70 minutes. Jeez, this was supposed to give me something at work till at least three.

  50. smoltz 8k through 5, 1 more and that’ll be his ganme high for this year. If he gets to 11 that’ll be the most since April 2005 against the Mets

  51. Boy this Harang ain’t too bad. He’d look nice in a braves uniform. I also like Arroyo.

  52. The only thing you need to know about Harang is that he’s made Chipper look stupid three times today.

  53. Smoltz at 80 pitches, but very sharp. If we get the lead in the bottom I think he’s done for the day, if not, he’ll get one more inning with the bottom of their order

  54. Getting Tex/otsuka for Salty/Davies/prospect is a pretty good haul, but I’m not sure if it is the best use of Salty’s value. If it req’d that we move Soriano to SP, I think that is too much to ask in the middle of a season. In the long run, Soriano as a SP could be a great idea considering Gonzo could be the closer. I just don’t know if you should have that many moving parts in the middle of a pennant race.

  55. Do you think keeping Davies in the bullpen is to just keep him around before we trade him? I’m thinking JS is just trying to save some of the rollover minutes he’d have to use calling Richmond.

  56. CSG, that’s what I thought too, but it turns out it was Devine.

    Well, that at-bat just tripled the number of pitches Frenchy’s seen today from 2 to 6.

  57. Dang, why is Davies still here. Replace him with Pena. I dont mind Devine going back, he wasnt getting used anyways

  58. OK, I am here to say I am wrong and I am sold on Harang. He looks filthy here in Atlanta, where he’d get to have half his starts.

    He’s matching Smoltz, hitter for hitter. Then again, considering the tailspin our lineup has been known to have, it’s partly our fault, but still, I am officially flip flopping and would trade Salty for Harang! :-)

  59. That Lopez guy is just hitting everything, isn’t he?

    Harang’s picture on makes him look like he’s high on drugs or something.

  60. Sam,

    It’s funny you mention this because I think part of what turned me off about the guy was that his picture makes him look like one of Seth Rogen’s idiot stoner crew from “Knocked Up”.

  61. Hey, welcome to the pro-Harang side, Alex R. It’s a shame he’s not available…

  62. We needed that run bad…funny how Harang finally gave up a run after I said something really nice about him.

    Hey, Aaron, you’re really handsome and smart!!! You don’t look like a stoner!

  63. Well alright!

    Let’s get a few more. I’m not sure I trust Wickmania with a one-run lead, especially when you’ve got Griffy and Dunn in the lineup. >_

  64. Yeah, considering the way Smoltzie looked, I would have sacrificed a shot at an extra run to keep him out there. The Braves need this game badly.

  65. Kelly needs to play everyday. It shouldn’t even be up for argument. After watching the entire lineup flail around up there, Kelly is the only one who seems like he has any idea of what he is doing.

  66. Agreed re: Kelly Johnson.

    I like Escobar, the guy gets hits. But KJ has become such a mature, patient hitter..and we don’t have many of those in our lineup. We need people like him eating up pitches in our line up.

  67. Stu, are you talking about Dunn? He wasn’t really ever a major college quarterback. And when he was going to be UT didn’t pass a whole lot anyway.

  68. Ok, y’all are right. I love wickman. He never looks clueless and blows games. Doesn’t look like it matters today, though.

  69. I hate losses like this the most. If Cincy wins, I wish they could have just pounded us by 10 runs back in the 4th instead. Losses like this, and worse, getting (possibly) swept at home by a non contender is just an absolute killer.

  70. Damn You Soriano….why didnt they walk Dunn and Faced Hatterberg or whatever damn this sucks.

  71. Only if you LET it be a killer. It’s so easy to be negative and down on yourself. I’ll admit I’ve done my share of that, but it’s not over.

  72. I assume Smoltz was on a pitch count, since he could have bunted Salty over instead of Woodward, right?

  73. Mac,

    I resent that. That wasn’t personal, it was a shorthand way of asking him to cool it with the incessant negativity.

    I also resent the Cincinnati Reds.

  74. unbelievable that the pen contiues to do this to Smoltz, he should have about 13 wins right now with a little run support

  75. Watch it, Alex. People don’t like negativity around here (even it’s true).
    I’m glad Wickman’s been good at home, but he’s been bad on the road and eventually I don’t think that split matters.


    *laughs* But seriously, it is nice to see him back, even if he doesn’t do anything.

  77. I am not getting in the middle of anything here. That’s for damn sure.

    Anyhoo, at least Julio replaces Woodward. Some piece of good news as we are looking at being swept by the freaking Reds.

    But seriously, I am sure JS is aware that we are still waiting for another starter.

  78. quick question: will this cut down on salty’s at bats, or does this tell us that salty is on the move?

  79. ryan,

    Only if JS has had a stroke. My guess is that he’ll be a pinch-hitter extraordinare or something.

  80. Yeah, Julio may not add anything, but he’s replacing Davies or Woodward or Thorman, so we won’t be losing anything, so having Julio the person back is a positive, IMO.

  81. It’ll be interesting to see who’s roster spot Julio takes. Thorman is out of options, yes?

  82. I favor Pena over both Thorman and Franco–he’ll provide more offense plus he’ll make it possible for Salty to play every day.

  83. Don’t be surprised if this means that Salty is on his way out. After all, Thorman is out of options, so he’s not going anywhere. And, while I’m no fan of Woodward, seriously are they going to DFA him?

  84. Agreed, Stu…the clubhouse alone will be improved. Not that those are 3 are bad people, they stink on the field and Julio is at least an emotional leader.

  85. We still have an extra pitcher. Julio could take Acosta’s spot and we’d still have 12 pitchers, albeit with Davies in an unfamiliar role.

  86. Based on Franco’s stats, he won’t give us more than Thorman. I’m not a fan of the signing.

  87. Well, then that means that we’ll be getting a first baseman in return for Saltalamacchia, doesn’t it? EVERYONE knows that platoon means disaster.

  88. No point in sending Davies to the pen. He needs to go to Richmond to work on his problems. With Smoltz’s iffy health and Reyes’s inexperience, Davies will likely be starting again before the year’s over. Of course, writing those words after his awful showing yesterday makes me ill.

  89. I’m okay with Julio taking the place of a pitcher (we do have at least one too many right now). But, then it seems as though this is an odd allocation of players, as we’ll have what amounts to three shortstops and three first baseman. Then, again, we’ve had a weird roster virtually all season.

  90. Now that I think about it, I’m betting Franco replaces a pitcher — likely Reyes.

  91. I’ve seen Franco a lot this year. He’s finally showing his age, looking feeble & futile.

    He can’t get around on the heat anymore. Can’t even shoot the ball to right like he used to. I don’t see him as any kind of answer. I hope I’m wrong, but I think he’s washed up.

  92. King,

    I am a Falcons fan who is rooting for Vick to go to prison.

    I think it’s despicable what he has done, it says a lot about a human being who would be cruel to animals. I have zero respect for him, none.

    This is why I root for human beings first, athletes and teams, second.

  93. I agree Ryan…playing in NY can suck the soul out of a person. He’s happy to be back in the city that revived his dormant career.

  94. Just shut up about Franco. He may need to swing a lighter bat, that’s all. From what I know, he kept swinging a heavy bat, so obviously, he can’t get around on anything.

  95. I can’t imagine Vick playing another NFL game, honestly. That is some seriously unforgivable shit. I mean, fans can forgive a player for just about anything, but I doubt anybody pays to see him play after the latest revelations.

    Okay, go Braves!

  96. Using other high-profile cases as a guidepost, I’m fine with letting the Vick situation adjudicate itself, but I gotta ask: Do “dogfighting people” go to jail?

    Wickman is our Don Stanhouse.

  97. As for Vick, dog fighting is bad enough, but to think of the way the dogs were destroyed is just beyond me. Hanging them, slamming their bodies against concrete, and electrocuting them. Just ridiculous

  98. I love Julio Franco. It doesn’t really matter to me in any significant way if he comes in and hits .200 in a pinch hitting role. The difference between him and Woodward or anyone else he’ll replace is so small it isn’t going to matter much. I’ll have fun watching the guy whether he succeeds or not, all the while hoping he plays good enough to come back next year and play when he’s fifty.

    At least for me, it was painful to watch him in a Mets uniform for a year and a half. I really want the Mets to regret releasing him.

  99. Man, someone here is awfully defensive about Julio Franco.
    I don’t see how he could help much, except for maybe counseling some of our hitters in the art of putting the ball in play.

  100. “Just shut up about Franco”

    So much for civility …. Feel free to find another board if you can’t abide people thinking signing a 48 year old DFA isn’t going to help the Braves.

  101. Wickman nice in the ninth. Time for a run! And I dropped Vick off of my fantasy team (he was my third-string QB) at the indictment and picked up Alex Smith instead. I feel pretty damn good about that.

  102. As bad as Woodward is/was, at least he can play a couple positions. You should’ve seen Franco try to play third this year—sad.

    Let’s end this nonsense & get the Vulture Victory for Wickman.

  103. Frank,

    Do you think I believe that Franco is going to be our savior? I don’t believe that. I just happen to like Julio Franco and would love to see him in a Braves uniform again. Is that so much to ask? Can’t I have a feel-good moment in this season of one depressing loss after another?

  104. David15,

    If Franco hit .400 & the Braves won the WS, the Mets wouldn’t regret releasing him. He was that bad for them.

  105. Woodward is useless because there’s two other guys on the team who can play everywhere he can. Plus, one is left-handed and one is right-handed. Him being able to play more positions probably hurts the team, as all it does is make Bobby put him into the lineup more.

    At least Julio won’t start any games at third to give Chipper a day off while Willie Harris or Matt Diaz and Escobar sit the bench.

  106. I just want to feel good about Franco. Sure, I joked to Dad that the Braves “were so desperate for players”, but if there is a guy who I can forgive any failure from, it’s Julio.

  107. Yes, I agree as well, david15. Julio may also just hit .200, but I will take his .200 over Woodward’s .200.

    Julio, at the very least, is an inspiration to the Braves organization and think of all the wide eye’d young kids who will come over and ask Julio questions each day.

    I love having that man back in our clubhouse.

  108. Jeremy,

    Not knowing anything about dogfighting and those who participate or profit in the endeavor—I’ll call them “dogfighting people”—I’m curious to know the level of sentencing they receieve when they are convicted of such crimes.

    Work for you?

  109. ububba-

    I am not sure what you meant either but running illegal dog fighting is a criminal offense. I am not a lawyer, but cruelty to animals is a jailable offense.

    And considering what Vick did, how long he did, the fact that he ran it as an illegal gambling ring, and also tortured and destroyed these dogs, if he doesn’t get at least 18-24 months in Federal Prison, I will very disappointed.

    And I would rather see the Falcons win 3 games then ever having Vick play another game for them (or anyone) again.

    And while Michael is at it, take Pacman Jones, Chris Henry and Tank Johnson with you. I am done with thugs in sports. It’s really tiresome.

    (It also is a shame because it outweighs the guys in pro sports like Warrick Dunn who do really good and humanitarian things).

  110. On the Franco signing, since it’s been less than 10 days since the Mets DFA’ed him, that means that the Braves are on the hook for the prorate portion of his salary, right?

  111. Sam,

    I don’t care if you think Franco will or won’t help–we’re entitled to opinions and differing opinions make things more interesting. (BTW, the word “savior” is yours not mine.) However, I think telling folks to “just shut up” is not being a civil member of the board.

  112. ububba, Julio had 50 at bats for them, just a handful more than their starting pitchers. He can’t possibly have hurt them much. Sure, he sucked, and he sucked pretty bad, but it was only 50 at bats, and it isn’t like their every day first baseman played any better in his first 50-100 at bats this year (in fact, he was worse). So, yeah, I don’t think your finger is on the Mets’ pulse if you don’t think they’d regret releasing him if he helps the Braves to the WS.

    I doubt it will happen, but still.

  113. I got frustrated, I don’t usually do that.

    I don’t care for your opinion either, so we’re just going to have to agree to disagree on this.

  114. KLB, yep or they could have waited until the 22nd, Sunday, and got him for almost nothing

  115. “I don’t care for your opinion either, so we’re just going to have to agree to disagree on this.”

    Fine with me, but I won’t be telling those who disagree with me to shut up.

  116. Wow, Smoltz struck out 11 with only 93 pitches? I didn’t see it, did he look like he still had any pain?

  117. Because Brett Favre is the middle QB on that team. Might give me some yards, might tank. Plus, there are few left in that particular league, anyway.

  118. ububba,

    That works for me.

    From USA Today:

    The four also are charged with transporting dogs across state lines for fights. Conviction on the “Travel Act” laws carries a maximum prison term of five years and a $250,000 fine. Conviction on conducting an animal-fighting venture can be punished by either a one-year sentence, a $100,000 fine or both.

  119. I want to see a photo caption that reads “Dick Pole Showing Coutlangus What’s Up.”

  120. JoshQ,

    It’s me. I’ll work on trying to be a little less snippy. I guess general anxiousness and negativity is a little infectious.

  121. Dunn against Yates, game on the line, you think thats what they would want. anyways, I’m happy for it, I just hope Yates will get the last out here

  122. I guess the only positive that we can take from this is that Weathers worked 1 1/3 innings yesterday. Maybe he’ll be a little gassed.

  123. Memo to Bobby: running the same relief pitchers out there every single night might not be a good idea.

  124. I think he has been out there for a little while, actually. He has given up runs in 4 of his last five appearances.

  125. david15,

    Whatever, dude.

    I am surrounded every day by Mets fans, all of whom were thrilled when Franco got his walking papers. Randolph wanted him gone, the fans wanted him gone and every time he was announced as a late-inning PH, there was a collective groan from the Shea crowd.

    Trust me, they don’t & won’t miss him, no matter what he does elsewhere.

  126. No, Smoltz DID look uncomfortable, especially in the last few innings. He was obviously still very effective, but he was most certainly laboring.

  127. Chipper with outstanding baserunning followed by utterly bone-headed baserunning. We will be losing shortly.

  128. No, Smoltz DID look uncomfortable, especially in the last few innings. He was obviously still very effective, but he was most certainly laboring.

    He tired late but didn’t look at all uncomfortable to me. He had the same arm slot all game, his fastball had great velocity, and there weren’t any of those long walks around the mound where you can tell he’s in pain.

  129. its almost funny how many times we can get a runner to 3rd with no outs and them not score. Yes, we’ll lose this game this inning, unbelievable

  130. nevermind, its the Vulture. We are destined to win this game in the bottom of the 11th

  131. Stu,

    I don’t recall any of those walks, let alone several.

    Anyway, if he was hurting, he wouldn’t be throwing his fastball 93-94 from his normal arm-slot, nor would he be throwing splitters that absolutely dive right at the plate.

  132. I’ve been watching the whole game. He looked good. Didn’t have command of the breaking ball all game, which is why he had a couple of walks. However, his stuff was filthy and he looked pretty fluid. I’m guessing Bobby took him out just to not push him too hard too fast.

  133. His velocity was in the low 90s, not the mid-90s. And I’m sorry you don’t remember the laps around the mound, but I can assure you they were there. Finally, the splitter mostly depends on the elbow, not the shoulder.

  134. Go back and watch his last start before he was DL’d, Stu. He didn’t throw his splitter at all. It was all sliders and drop down fastballs.

    Again, his FB was consistently at 93-94. Are you even watching the game?

  135. Plus, the splitter is the exact same motion as the fastball. The only change is in the wrist and the grip. Elbow?

  136. I am, Jeremy, which is why I’m wondering how you missed all the laps around the mound.

  137. You do realize that when you change your wrist action, it affects your elbow, right, Ethan?

  138. Look, Smoltz is obviously feeling better than when he went on the DL, but he’s not completely healthy. He’s not throwing like a pain-free (well, as pain-free as Smoltz is ever able to be, anyway) John Smoltz throws.

  139. And Davies should be able to go at least 6 innings, although if he actually gets in the game, I wouldn’t expect it to last longer than one more.

  140. Sorry, Maverick, I’m worried about the full season, not just today’s game. I’m obviously pleased with today’s performance—that’s not going to keep me from being concerned about Smoltzie’s ability to hold up into October.

  141. YEah i understand you Stu but lets not get ahead of ourselves gonna be happy if John can just not miss anymore Starts

  142. gonna be happy if John can just not miss anymore Starts

    This is the last I’ll say on the subject, because I know others are tired of my posts, but…dude, that’s the point. I’d be happy if that happened, too, but I don’t think it will.

  143. I think the odds are pretty slim that Smoltz holds up till October.

    That said, I really see any of the tell tale signs that he was in any kind of serious pain today.

  144. Who pinch-hits next (assuming there’s a next), Reyes or Thorman? I’m guessing Reyes.

  145. Stu,

    I understand they’re related, but throwing a split doesn’t put anymore strain on the elbow than a fastball.

    This is from a Bruce Sutter biography if I am not enough of an authority:

    Sutter claims that while he was in the Cubs’ farm system, a minor-league pitching instructor named Fred Martin saw Sutter favouring his elbow. As Sutter was recovering from recent arm surgery, Martin encouraged Sutter to try throwing the split-finger pitch, reasoning it would place less duress on his arm.

    Smoltz paced because he was frusterated over a couple walks; it never seemed he was in pain.

  146. I don’t even care anymore about today’s game. Let’s just get it over with so I can go back to my life. :(

  147. oh well it happens, that bat prob. feels like a hundred pounds to McCann this late in a game.

  148. Yeah its very Difficult to be a catcher i dont know if anyone on here has played Catcher??

  149. Edgar has made a lot of good plays at short today. He may not have a lot of range, but what he gets to he gobbles up.

  150. disgruntledfan, i totally agree about Woodward. If we put Thorman down to AAA we lose him as another team would pick him up. If salty is going to play 1b more we need a true backup catcher…

  151. I witnessed pacing after swings and misses with no men on base. I’ve been watching the whole game on TV, too, and I was watching Smoltz very carefully.

    And I guess I’ll concede defeat on the shoulder/elbow thing, although I must admit that it doesn’t seem all that logical that a splitter puts more strain on the shoulder than on the elbow. I’m clearly no minor-league pitching instructor, though.

    Okay, that’s seriously my last bit about Smoltz’s health today—I will resist future temptations to respond.

  152. 13 innings and Thorman’s the only guy not to get in the game. It’s past being sad and now it’s just funny. Surely with Julio coming he’s got to go, right?
    Of course this is a team that is scheduled to give another start to Davies, so what do I know.

  153. I assume Thor PHs for Parantosaurus if they get anything going. If Davies gets up in the pen, I won’t have the stomach to watch him so I hope Frenchy goes deep to lead if off.

  154. beedee, all you need to know is Smoltz was great, in which, he might have been in pain.

    Soriano and Yates were garbage. Chipper cant figure out if he’s a godd baserunner and we signed Franco. Devine sent down and Davies in the pen. Nothing more

  155. With McCann going extra innings today, I bet Salty catches tomorrow and we get Franco or the king of pop at first.

  156. Mac, “Little-Known Family Facts About Former Braves That I Made Up” must go. Too taxing on the bullpen.

  157. jeremy,
    i think world peace may be realized before thor’s game winning hit occurs.

  158. Maverick, read my post agian, I said it’s a day game TODAY and tomorrow is statue night. Read much?

  159. He has struck out 5 straight ABs? Ouch. Let’s hope for a giant bolt of lightning out of his ass. Who is warming up in the pen?

  160. You know, I think Thorman might not have watched Rocky enough as a child. He doesn’t eat thunder and crap lightning. He eats thunder and craps the bed.

  161. I hope that was Thorman’s last AB with the big club until September. Even at age 48, Franco will be far better.

  162. we finally get some decent innings out of our starters the past two days and we still have to use the pen for 10 plus innings.

  163. this is kind of funny, this is the first time since comment #88 i’ve checked in. #88 said something about 70 minutes and half done.

  164. Am I the only one who doesn’t think Thor getting picked up on waivers would be a bad thing?

  165. isn’t it about the time for jose canseco to come out and pitch an inning or two?

  166. Dammit I get off work at 6 and will be in traffic for an hour…finish the game please. Willie how an inside the park job?

  167. If the Atlanta all you can eat seats are like the ones in St. Louis I went to early this year I’d actually be pretty annoyed right now. They cut off beer sales at the end of the 8th and I’d really be wanting a beer by the 14th inning.

  168. AAR,

    If Berman read our site, he’d probably throw a lawsuit at us for the all the times we’ve made fun of him for “You’re with me, Leather!”

  169. I hate this a walk scores a run.

    Willie and Chipper are 1 for 7….ouch.

  170. I wish somebody from the Elias Sports Bureau would send me the statistics on what the opposing team does after a team loads the bases and doesn’t score.

  171. That was a retarded pitch to throw, after throwing a fastball right by him. Why a slider, and hanging it?

  172. disgruntled fan,

    Who should they call up? You’ve already mentioned your distaste for Wickman. I’m sure there are several other relievers about whom you feel similarly. What would you have them do? Trade Orr for San Diego’s ‘pen?

  173. You have to love Tony. He’s just been waiting for 15 innings to find a reason to bash KJ.

    You’re right, Tony—this one’s Kelly.

  174. We’ve struck out 17 times and hit into 4 double plays. This helps explain how 17 hits and 3 walks equals 3 runs… but it doesn’t really do it justice.

  175. Guys, we’re in the 15th inning—I think there’s an easy explanation for why we’ve only gotten 3 runs on 17 hits.

  176. We need a Tex in this lineup. 17 hits and maybe only 3 runs is sad. 18 hits, 4 runs…KJ make up for the error.

  177. I wouldn’t call up anyone from AA right now. I would get on the phone and go find someone, not randomly bring up 20-year olds (or however old he is). Just don’t think it’s a good plan in a pennant race, sorry.
    Course neither is signing Julio Franco, but whatever.

  178. Okay, so Kyle Davies is still the opposite of good. Sort of an unfair situation for him, I guess, but there’s your ballgame, ladies and gentlemen.

    Let’s get the hell out of there.

  179. unbelievable, we can only score when they score. Good job to Smoltz today for a good outing

  180. Now that we took care of Griffey and the Reds…bring on Pujols and Redbirds!!! I can’t wait to see Pujols get shutdown. Sigh…….

  181. mlb rumors…salty for arroyo

    Olney: Braves Interested In Arroyo
    ESPN’s Buster Olney heard a rumor: the Braves are interested in Bronson Arroyo. Olney believes the Reds would demand Jarrod Saltalamacchia. Personally, I think Salty can bring someone better. And using him at first base isn’t the worst idea in the world, if no one knocks John Schuerholz’s socks off.

    Arroyo is the definition of an innings eater, and he’s signed at about market rate. On second thought, $10MM a year for him might be slightly below-market. Atlanta got a good look at Arroyo last night, as the 30 year-old hurler had his best start of the season (seven scoreless innings). Arroyo has been solid in his last five starts, though he did get to face the Cardinals and Giants.

    So, are there any Braves fans out there who would trade Salty for Arroyo?

  182. Arroyo’s a little underwhelming. I’d much rather trade Salty for a guy like Snell, who’s cheap and whose rights we’ll own for a while.

    Arroyo’s someone whose salary we can’t really afford. And our offensive hole at 1B is too big for us to tie up that much salary.

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