I guess we need another open thread

I’m bored. Sure, it’s nice for me to have some time off, but I think that Schuerholz needs to do something for my entertainment. Dance, monkey, dance!

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  1. Looking forward to seeing Tech beat up on the back-country nobodies they have on their schedule this week.

  2. this was just sent to me, I have no way of trying to verify it..

    A statement follows from University of Alabama Director of Athletics Mal Moore regarding the Crimson Tide football program:

    “As is customary at the end of the regular season, we are evaluating our football program. We are evaluating every aspect of our program and this is not a process that I wish to discuss at length in a public forum. We are bowl-eligible and we hope to remain positioned to play in a bowl game. We remain firm in our commitment to our student-athletes. I am proud of their efforts throughout this season and we are more determined than ever to return Alabama football to its rightful place among college football’s elite.”

    Neither Mr. Moore nor Coach Shula will be available to the media until after the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.”

    One thing he didnt say was that the school is supporting Shula and he didnt say he’s our guy this time!

  3. If Saban really is a possibility they’d be fools not to talk to him. But I figure the odds are somewhat less than those of Tom Glavine in a Braves uniform next year.

    Alabama head coach next season:

    Shula EVEN
    Kines 3:1
    Cutcliffe 3:1
    Saban 5:1
    Bill Oliver 10:1
    Spurrier 99:1
    Field 3:1

  4. Vanderbilt: smart kids and gorgeous women.

    It’s really the best of all possible worlds. Collegiately, anyway.

  5. Petrino is in a better situation than he would be at Bama, right now. Cutcliffe would be a good pick, he is a Bama alum, but I bet he wouldn’t go there. Romeo Cornell would be a good dark horse as well as that Rutgers coach. But in the end I bet bama hires Bear Bryants Corpse, that’s what the fans want.

  6. Honestly, probably neither. Rodriguez has a great thing going in Morgantown and Petrino..I just don’t see him leaving Louisville anytime soon.

  7. If Shula goes, my preference would be Petrino, then Rodriguez. Although I like Kines, I would put his odds at over 100 to 1. They will get someone with proven hc experience. Unsuccessful interim duties at UGA and somewhere else (maybe) doesn’t qualify. Cutcliffe’s success as a HC is also iffy. Bill Oliver – you gotta’ be joking – 1000 to 1 on this one.

    Saban is no doubt a great coach, but I thought he was perceived as a huge jerk by LSU people – I may be wrong on this, but if so, I’m not sure about him.
    Here are my odds:
    Shula – 2:1
    Petrino – 3:1
    Rodriguez – 5:1
    Saban – 10:1
    Superior – 20:1
    Cutcliffe 90:1
    Kines – 100:1
    Bill Oliver 1000:1
    Field – 3:1

  8. From the Francoeur article above:

    Catie: Since we’ve been engaged, I’ve seen even more why I want to marry him. It’s going to sound cheesy and it could make you want to barf, but he has just a great heart. And he has kind of a cute butt. But not as cute as Javy’s [Lopez, former Braves catcher].

    Jeff: Now that I’m working out with Javy, she wants to come with me. I tell him I’ve got a vendetta against him. She has this poster of him in her parents’ house. But [what I like about her is] she’s obviously very beautiful and a great person and she’ll be a great mom someday, and that’s very important. Her character and integrity and the person she is. And I like her butt, you know what I’m saying?

    Since I haven’t posted a video in a while:

  9. at least the Angels picked up their big bat to protect Vlad in their lineup….hold on I’m still laughing…Sorry, about that, and they did at a reasonable price….still laughing and even harder…

    What a joke, I guess we should hold on to Timmy for next year. $6 million wont even buy you a #5 starter anymore.

  10. Just read this…

    The Braves aren’t really increasing payroll, but they are raising ticket prices. Jeff Schultz says it’s time for the Braves to bring back Tom Glavine. John Schuerholz wouldn’t discuss his relationship with Glavine with the Post’s Michael Morrissey, by the way.

    • I’ve heard, by the way, that the Orioles-Braves talks about Tim Hudson have cooled, perhaps because of the fact that Hudson is owed $26 million for 2008 and 2009.

    In this same article it talks about how the Orioles are ready to fork up almost $100 million for Carlos Lee. $32 million seems like nothing to me. This market is unbelievable

  11. at least the Angels picked up their big bat to protect Vlad in their lineup….hold on I’m still laughing…Sorry, about that, and they did at a reasonable price….still laughing and even harder…

    Yeah … the Matthews signing makes me a bit worried that a certain Georgia native might be headed to Atlanta to play left field…

    (only a little worried, but still)

  12. geez with all these crazy contracts, a-rod might gotten 35 mil a year if he were a free agent this year.

  13. Yeah, pretty sure Lousville, Boise State, or Texas won’t be in a BCS bowl, and Florida won’t be in the Capital One bowl.

  14. Shoot, A-Rod might have gotten the Scranton Wilkes-Barre Red Barons if he was a free agent this year. He may have even gotten the Devil Rays…

  15. Boise State will be in a BCS bowl, Rob.

    Jay, you can’t be serious about Tennessee being inferior to Virginia Tech…can you?

  16. Only way Florida’s in the Capital One Bowl is if they lose to Florida State and Arkansas.

    And when Gary Matthews Jr. is getting $11 million a year, I guess this means sayonara to Andruw. He’s gonna be demanding more than Soriano money.

    And much as I love my Bulldogs, a loss to Georgia Yech means Welcome to Beautiful, Exotic Shreveport.

  17. Since this is an open thread I’m going to wish Scarlett Johanson (I’m sorry if I wrote her name incorectly) a happy birthday. I sent her a nice birthday cake and I’m hoping she likes it.

    “>Here, Pedro, don’t say I never did anything for you. – Mac

  18. I’m hoping that The U fires Coker. Since he won the National Championship his team has been declining in performance. Also there have been more problem on and off the field with him. How about they hire Jim Mora Jr. and the falcons hire Jim Mora Sr.?

  19. So now that is officially Thanksgiving where I live I have to start thanking:
    There are many people I want to thank but there are a few in specifics. I want to thank God, Queen Isabel, the Pope, the pilgrims, the native people of the Americas, the Internet, the japanese that invented the play station, Bobby Cox, John Smoltz and Mac The Man.

  20. Here is why I say Bama’s defense is in trouble next year, with or without Kines. I like Kines as DC, but I don’t think he’ll have much to work with next year. Below is the depth chart for the Auburn game.

    DEFENSE (59 total plays)
    Left End–Wallace Gilberry (42), Chris Harris (17) (SENIOR)
    Left Tackle–Jeremy Clark (30) (SENIOR), J.P. Adams (18) (SENIOR), Lorenzo Washington (2)
    Right Tackle–Dominic Lee (38) (SENIOR), Brandon Deaderick (7)
    Right End–Bobby Greenwood (40), Keith Saunders (19)
    Strongside Linebacker–Terrence Jones (40-2) (SENIOR), Zach Schreiber (20-6) Middle Linebacker– Prince Hall (47), Matt Collins (11)
    Weakside Linebacker–Juwan Simpson (59-4) (SENIOR)
    Left Cornerback–Ramzee Robinson (58) (SENIOR)
    Right Cornerback–Simeon Castille (59-6), Eric Gray (13-17), Lionel Mitchell (10-1)
    Strong Safety–Jeffrey Dukes (59-7) (SENIOR)
    Safety–Marcus Carter (59-4)

    6 senior starters
    4 positions had seniors that played on every down
    Seniors accounted for about 50% of the defense

    This is not good if you consider that Kines has played a lot more players in previous years. Actually I believe that Kines played more players against Auburn than he did in any other critical game. It tells me that he was trying to develop depth, but it just wasn’t there.

    Bring on Petrino! Unless Bama’s offense is championship caliber next year, I just don’t see the defense saving Bama’s butt all year.

  21. I haven’t been around here at all, but happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Wake me up when the Braves actually do something.

  22. I don’t see it, TD. Where I’m worried is at defensive tackle, where he pretty much only played seniors, but again it’s not like any of the tackles did anything this year. But four of the top five ends (Zeke Knight was playing a lot before he got hurt) are coming back, including both starters. I like Schreiber and think he’ll step right into Jones’ spot, and you left out DeMarcus Waldrop — who is really too small but gives us some time on the weak side. Robinson will be missed, but there’s plenty of experience at corner. Rashad Johnson didn’t play against Auburn, but he’s another experienced safety coming back, and in Alabama’s scheme could take Dukes’ spot.

    There is a lot more coming back than there was this season. Simpson was the only one of the top seven tacklers who returned from 2005.

  23. “Wake me up when the Braves actually do something”
    Are you planing to go into a coma? The Braves will do something when someone has the dignity to buy them and by the way things are going I’d say about 5 years.

  24. The fact that Rashad Johnson didn’t play against Auburn is part of my argument – I don’t think he was hurt, but if so, no one else stepped up for him. If you look at the first game (Hawaii) we actually played a few more players. I think Kines felt like he couldn’t win if he substituted as much as he did in previous years. It also doesn’t look like Zeke Knight ever played more than 10 downs in a game. I share your concern about the D-Tackles. I’m just afraid that the guys we played were the best we have by a longshot – and that’s scary.

  25. I don’t know what Johnson’s deal was — I assume some sort of disciplinary matter (Shula doesn’t announce suspensions) — but he was starting before the Auburn game and also returning kicks. Knight’s a pass-rush specialist right now, so his time was pretty limited, but he was high impact when he was on the field. I would say that other than the DTs the one position where Kines didn’t get a lot of players in was WLB, and that’s because Simpson was the team’s best defensive player. I am assuming that guys like Gilberry, Castille, and Hall can step in for that part of Simpson’s job.

  26. Jim Mora is NOT a junior. He and his father have different middle names thus negating the title. I only mention it because I have to go through the same crap

  27. Virginia Tech is going to take Atlanta by storm (since they’re projected for the Peach Bowl) just like Calvin took Lane Stadium by storm earlier this year. Trust me. I was there. It was ugly. Damnit.

    Everytime I check comments and you guys say Tech I always assume its my boys VT, but its those smelly turds GT. blech.

  28. Hi, Jenny! I’ve been missing you around here. Sure is a hell of an offseason, isn’t it? Last year $100 million bought you A.J. Burnett and B.J. Ryan; this year it buys you Juan Pierre and Gary Matthews, Jr.

  29. @52

    Of course you’d call them smelly turds. If Virginia Tech had won the game like they were SUPPOSED to, they’d be the Coastal Division champs. Tough cookies, isn’t it?

  30. @52

    Of course you’d call them smelly turds. If Virginia Tech had won the game like they were SUPPOSED to, they’d be the Coastal Division champs. Tough cookies, isn’t it?

  31. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

    If you’re Juan Pierre or Gary Matthews you’ve got to be the most thankful guy on the planet. They have to be telling their loved ones ‘Gee, I suck but I’m a freaking multi millionaire!’

    Man, if I’m a ballplayer I ask to do a tour of duty in Texas, pump my stats up at Ameriquest then jump on the FA wagon. Worked for DeRosa and Matthews.

  32. Johnny,
    You’re right. It’s not just the stadium itself (although it is friendly). The heat wearing down pitchers helps a bit, too, especially in late July and August when game temperature for a game beginning at 7:00 is 100 (or so) and will cool all the way down to the mid 90s by 10:00pm. The final key is the hitting coach, Rudy Jaramillo, who in my estimation is the Leo of hitting. He just makes hitters better.

  33. @55

    If anyone watches Virginia Tech football, they will know that we have a little problem with looking ahead. It happens every year. Georgia Tech is a good team and they had the right idea with going to Calvin Johnson early and often. We may have made mistake by attempting to cover Johnson with Macho Harris. Who knows. We just had no answer for him. With the quick 21 points you guys put up in the 1st, put us off our gameplan, we werent able to run our offense like we usually do.(pounding the run) your defense held Ore to 61 yards on just 14 carries. Tashard Choice, he had an amazing game.

    And then the BC game. That was just a horrible performace by our team as a whole. But you can’t honestly say, with the way we are playing right now, and the way you are playing, that you would beat us again…I don’t see it happening. We smashed UNC, GT should’ve lost(but you won…7-0)We killed Clemson…you lost. All I can say is GO DAWGS!!!

  34. http://www.firemikeshula.blogspot.com



    Petrino hates Tuberville, and would have FAR BETTER talent in Tuscaloosa, but he wants the NFL…Saban is staying….

    Spurrier is a lock… and your odds Mac, are that of an ignorant buffoon.

    Shula even? Yea right, 200:1 at leass him being back. Mal rebuked the Bimingham and Huntsville disinfo with his non-reference to Shula, his Pravada like insistence on using the word “evaluation” instead of “coaching search”….

    Sorry for implying that you are an ignorant buffoon, but seriously look at the signs pointing to Spurrier.

    Do some research before you make odds please. Spurrier is as good as Bama’s next head coach. They are waiting until after the Clemson/USC game to announce, Saban’s agent is doing some diversionary measures involving Saban, why? Because he is also SPURRIER’S AGENT….he lives in Birmingham….oh yea.

    Bill Oliver, good friend of Spurrier, has said some things, Spurrie rhas said some things. Alabama officials being spotted with him all over the place. No gulf stream jet matience facility in Augusta…etc.

    The fact is we have awesome talent, NFL caliber all over the place, shulaball held it back, Spurrier wants to win, so do we, we have everything he needs and then some.

    And remember also who was saying that Franchione was staying(everyone except Cecil Hurt) that Parcells was intrested in Bama,(Scarbinsky the maker upper), lsiten to Cecil hurt, he ain’t syaing that, he is Tuscaloosa, he is with a paper that is literally tied into the TIde………He knows….

    Its as good as done. Spurrier is coming home…..thanks barn, you did it with Curry who left by his own will but you put the heat on him, and then came Stallings, no you got Shula fired9thank you, thank you) and now we get Spurrier. Barn you are so dead…..so, so dead……RTR!

  35. 4Seam, Spurrier is not coming to Alabama. Rich Rodriguez is probably your best option.

    Have a nice Thanksgiving.

  36. happy thanksgiving everyone. here’s to a productive next week in the trading block. i hope we keep giles and hudson. i would rather take a gamble that they would bounce back and actually be trade worthy later. i guess if we could find someone to take hudson’s contract, then it would be ok, but i doubt that.

  37. Wryn,

    Rich Rodriguez probably isn’t gonna leave West Virginia for Alabama…he has a great thing going with two potential heisman candidates. Alabama has……….

  38. Frank Catalanotto just signed a $13 million contract over 3 years with the Rangers. He’s a nice player, a supersub who can hit enough to play every day, and he’s replacing DeRosa and Gary Matthews’ production at approximately a third the cost. At least the Rangers aren’t as completely insane as the Cubs, Dodgers, and Angels.

  39. 4Seam,

    You didn’t imply that Mac was an ignorant buffoon…you stated it without qualification.

    Also, in case you’re wondering, if Spurrier and Saban’s agent were to use one of his clients for the benefit of the other…well, let’s just say that’s highly unethical. Maybe Spurrier is going to be the next ‘Bama coach (although I don’t believe it at all), but his agent certainly isn’t doing what you seem to think he is.

  40. I agree completely, AAR. But it’s pretty sad when the Cat receives over 4 million dollars per season and it’s viewed as an incredible bargain.

  41. Saban to Bama at 5:1 odds? Really, Mac? I would say it’s closer to 50:1 than 5:1.

    I guess I don’t see why on earth he would leave the Dolphins where he has a hands-off owner that doesn’t even pay attention to football and a $4M annual salary?

    Not to mention the Phins won their fourth straight today. I believe he’s committed to Miami. And he’s definitely not the type to give up and quit after two years. Steve Spurrier he is not.

  42. So tomorrow is a BIG day for college football. I wonder if the BCS will change its ranking this weekend.

  43. 4 in a row for my Dolphins today. If only my ‘Canes could win and atleast secure a crappy bowl…but I don’t see that happening.

    Wow…and things actually looked decent when I wrote that preview a few months ago.

  44. Joey Harrinton had a nice game for the Dolphins. What are the odds that he will be the QB of the future for Miami?

  45. It all depends on Culpepper’s recovery I guess. If he comes back at 100% next year, he’ll get a shot again at being the starter. If not, then it’s Joey’s team..

    Harrington is a good fit for Miami’s system. He’s mobile, he can evade the rush..he’s got a good arm and he’s showing what he can do when he’s surrounded by some talent, which he didn’t have in Detroit.

    Nice to see Mike Mularkey call some decent games the past few weeks…

  46. I don’t think Saban has ever had much fun. I don’t think going back to college ball will change things. That being said, I don’t think he’ll take the Bama job. The more I hear, the more I think there’s a possibility that Shula will be back – I would still give it a 30% shot. The rumor (among many) is that Moore and Witt asked him if he would make major changes and he said no. With that, they decided to look elsewhere, but are leaving their options open. Since Shula calls the plays, I really don’t think Rader is to blame for Bama’s problems – especially red zone – and Shula realizes that. Shula is intensely loyal to his assistants and may rather take the blame himself than to use Rader as a scapegoat.

    Spurrier still seems like an odd fit to me, my money is still on Petrino or Roriguez. I think a good coach can be successful quickly at Bama.

  47. Yeah Malone, I do as well. Lets face it the Braves arent making any moves at leat until December 4-7. So we might as well start having a Shula countdown…

  48. My Guess for HC of Alabama, 2007:
    Rich Rodriguez – 65%
    Steve Spurrier – 14%
    Nick Saban – 14%
    Mike Shula – 14%
    Randy Sanders –

  49. My percentages were so messed up in the precious post. Rodriguez the heavy favorite at 55%, not 65%. I know I’m an Auburn student, but geez.

    Randy Sanders leading the write-in campaign for persons under 1% including Sly Croom, Pat Dye, Gene Stallings, and Joe Lee Dunn.

  50. Here’s my guesses for AL’s head coach in 07′

    Shula – 50%
    Cutcliffe – 15%
    Spurrier – 15%
    Gailey – 15%
    Saban – 3%
    Rodriguez – 2%

  51. From my perspective, if Bama gets rid of Shula, they’ll need a “can’t miss” coach. Curry, DuBose, Stallings, and Shula were all unproven entities when they took the Bama job and 3 of the 4 failed (assuming Shula is let go). I just think there would be great turmoil (it’s already bad) if someone like Chan Gailey or even Cutcliffe was introduced as the head coach. I think most would say, why let Shula go for that? I don’t see them doing a great job of recrutiing for a few years, given the current situation.

    I don’t know how likely Spurrier, Petrino, Saban or Rodriguez are , but it will be very hard to sell anyone else. Too bad Butch Davis took the job at NC – he would be a great fit.

  52. td, yep, they missed their chance for Butch Davis. I forgot to add Petrino in for head coach. They have a better chance with him than Spurrier, I think. I’m still expecting to see Mike Shula there in 07. They dont have the right people there to make a good decision and to get a great head coach. Its sad, but Shula is probably our best bet!

  53. Ben Maller’s rumors today…

    – Though I might have some reservations about acquiring Tim Hudson after his high-ERA performance with the Atlanta Braves this year, I think the Orioles’ front office should be willing to take chances to improve the pitching staff. The club needs a top-flight starter and it is going to have to do something creative to get one. If that means giving up Hayden Penn in a deal for a pitcher like Hudson or gambling some big dollars to sign injured Mark Mulder, then at least the Orioles would be making a good-faith attempt to get back in contention in the American League East.

    – It won’t take nearly as much money as many people think to replace Alabama coach Mike Shula. At least not up front. If he loses his job, he won’t gain the world on the spot. If Alabama fires Shula in the next week, the school will owe him a check for about $63,492.06 next Thursday, the last day of the month. And then it will owe him a check in the same amount on the last day of every month for the following 62 months. His last payment would come Jan. 31, 2012. His total compensation for not coaching the Crimson Tide for the next five years would add up to $4 million. The buyout comes from a base payment of $3 million, plus Shula’s base salary of $200,000 a year for each of the five years remaining on his contract. Key point: The buyout is payable in monthly installments through the end of the contract. That’s according to the new deal Shula and Alabama President Robert Witt signed in May. But that’s only if Shula does not get another job in the next five years, with a football team or a steak house or any other enterprise. That’s because of a little detail contained in Section 5.01 (i) of Shula’s contract. That detail is called “Mitigation of Liquidated Damages.”

  54. U of Miami-typical bullshit big time college athletics. I’m embarrassed to have a degree from there. Why doesn’t Donna Shalala just announce that winning football games is far more important than anything else. The guy had one bad year. And, don’t say, well, he had problems with the team–they have had lots of teams with bad actors and the coach didn’t get fired–but, of course, they won.

    I don’t know this Ben Maller, but he is overlooking the fact that Peter Angelos has absolutely no ability to make a decision involving his baseball team. He will dither until the chance of a deal goes away. Angelos will not exchange a low salarly for a big salary. He would much rather blame the Washington Nationals for the O’s problems than actually try to improve the team. If we are counting on Angelos to be a trade partern, I would say don’t hold your breath.

  55. 59-15.. He’s probably the only head coach to have this type of a record and to be fired for not getting the job done. Talking about expectations I guess….they’ve never liked him there

  56. Considering that the program has slid every year Corker has been there, I don’t think it’s too much of a stretch to claim that he inherited a great program and let it degrade into crap. Combine that with the numerous incidents that Miami fans have had to deal with in recent history and I can see why they were fed up with Corker.

  57. But there have actually been fewer incidents than under previous coaches. The teams under Coker have been a far cry from the teams in the 80s and 90s. He has really only had one bad year. I think CSG is right–no one really wanted Coker there, he was sort of an afterthought because it was too late to get anyone else. When he won right away, they had to keep him but he was always going to be on shaky ground.

  58. It’s amazing how these GMs seem to lose all sense of perspective once they start talking about free agents. All of these guys are great players and they seemingly ignore weaknesses. Maybe it’s a unction of having money to burn, but it shocks me that they guys are so willing to just throw money away on players that aren’t that good. I say good for JS for not being stampeded into throwing good money after bad (not that he has much choice at this point). In three years, how many of these teams will be screaming about their financial condition if some of the new revenue sources don’t pan out like expected?

  59. The expectations at Miami are very high…but the talent isn’t what it used to be from 2000-2004. When I watched Miami play this year there just weren’t any play-makers like a few years ago.

    Coker was fighting an uphill battle. Players getting in trouble, decline in talent yet huuge expectations. That’ll get you fired..that is for sure.

  60. i’d give up Tommy Tupperware if we could get Patrino back and keep our current assistants, but it would really put the screw on Auburn’s recruiting.

  61. Yep. Looks like Lee is an Astro. Personally, I don’t care all that much about the signing. If the Astro’s can hold on Pettitte, they’ll be okay, but I’d be very surprised if they brought back Clemens again. These signings should make the NL Central a bit tougher and a bit better, but it probably doesn’t matter much for the Braves.

    Although I guess this might make Andruw a bit more valuable in trade (not that I think anything will happen on that front…. The kid’s gonna cash in next off-season.)

  62. I think the program was slowly regressing under Coker as mentioned above. It looked like the administration was looking for a way to dump him and the Fla. Int’l debacle gave them a final excuse. Coker seemed like a good person and a decent coach, but Miami people never seemed to be enamored with him.

  63. 6yrs/$100 mil for a LF that should be a DH. I guess JD Drew’s decision is looking a lot better. So long Andruw!

  64. The only reason Larry Coker won the national championship was because the talent he had in ’01. He couldn’t repeat the championship because he wasn’t a good recruiter.

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