I hate blind quotes

Braves bringing in Mondesi | ajc.com


A source familiar with the negotiations said Mondesi, 33, is scheduled to arrive in Atlanta late Friday morning from the Dominican Republic and visit with club officials, who want to make sure he’s of sound mind and body before finalizing the contract.

Hopefully they’ll give him a brain scan and a professional psych evaluation. I’d rather they traded for Carl Everett.

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    ATLANTA — Before Raul Mondesi signs with the Braves, he’s going to have to prove to the team’s decision makers that he’s committed to restoring a career that was beset by personal problems last year.
    Contrary to reports out of the Dominican Republic by The Associated Press on Thursday afternoon, the Braves and Mondesi haven’t yet come to terms on a one-year deal. But there’s a chance the two parties could reach an agreement in the next few days.

    He’s a headcase, but if he’s there mentally, he’s talented.

    .260/25/80 out of the 6 or 7 hole ain’t too bad.

    Could have been worse. But i still think Mags would have been a better gamble.

  2. baldbrave, I think that there is a reason noone has signed Ordonez yet. He is still injured. The Braves won’t be in the hunt for him because for him to do the one year contract so that I can prove that I’m healthy thing would cost at least 6 million.
    Mondesi makes sense only if
    a. the contract is non gaurenteed
    b. it is for the minimum with incentives.

    And even then I have a hard time thinking that this guy can still play.

    The mlb.com article puts a way better and more believable picture of whats going on than old Raoul saying that he’s getting a mil.

  3. I don’t really mind the signing of Modesi as much as I don’t like having to count on him to play RF every day. I can’t forsee a scenario where he plays 100+ games next year. Sign him and I think you still need to go find two more OF’s.

  4. “The Braves are already warned about Guerrero’s attempts to ruin my life,” Mondesi told the AP.

    This is what scares me – it doesn’t sound from this quote like things are behind him on this front.


  5. RE: Mags

    I see your point. I just think with his talent level, he would still put up great numbers, minus the steals.

    However, what I failed to realize is that he uses Boras as his agent. There is no such thing as a bargain when dealing with that guy.

    Mondesi, if of sound mind, could be a great deal if he plays to his potential. But he is a nut bag. If there’s a manager out there to tame him, it’s Bobby. We shall see…

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