– MLB – Box Score – Braves at Marlins

You have got to be kidding me. Beaten by Wes Helms? Though we are talking about yet another game lost by Kali Yates, who can make Helms look like a good hitter. Sheesh.

You’re headed in to a game that is Lance Cormier versus Dontrelle Willis, you don’t think you have much chance anyway, but Cormier did pitch pretty well in his last start and the Braves have hit Willis this season. The Braves loaded the bases with none out in the second, but got one run when Pratt hit into a double play. Cormier gave the lead back on a homer in the bottom of the inning.

Cormier allowed single runs in the fourth and fifth, but again pitched okay, allowing seven hits but not walking anyone and striking out six. He had his best inning in the sixth — actually, I think it was his best inning of the season — with a groundout and two strikeouts. He had only thrown 86 pitches, but Bobby hit for him anyway.

francoeur.PNGThe Braves had tied the game in the sixth on a two-out two-run homer from Francoeur, hit on a 3-2 pitch that was probably ball four but if you can hit a homer go ahead and swing, I guess. Anyway, tie game in the seventh — that means it’s time to meet Kali!

Yates, of course, walked the leadoff man. That’s what you do when you’re Tyler Yates. It’s probably in his contract. The next guy hit a bunt popup, and then Wes Smelms himself came to the plate to hit a triple to take the lead. Yates retired the next five men, but too little, too late.

Bobby might have been in the Doghouse anyway for using Yates but clinched it with what happened in the ninth. Leading off, Francoeur hit a routine single, but hustled all the way and turned it into a double. Diaz was trying to get him to third when he was hit in the shin with a pitch.

LaRoche comes to the plate. Now, a bunt with runners first and second, nobody out, is actually not a bad play if you can do it. LaRoche is not a skilled bunter, plus he’s slow. His bunt barely got out of the dirt. The catcher picked it up and started the rarely-seen 2-5-3 DP. After an intentional walk to McCann pinch-hitting (and why use McCann if you know he’s going to be walked?) Langerhans popped up to end it.

Francoeur outhit the rest of the team, 3-2, but they did draw five walks. The other hits were by Orr and Renteria.

UPDATE: It has been revealed that LaRoche bunted on his own! I don’t think anyone expected that. And frankly, nobody should sac bunt unless the manager gives the go-ahead. Anyway, Bobby is not in the Doghouse now.

My God, Adam, what were you thinking?