– MLB – Box Score – Braves at Yankees

The fairly unusual Miserable Braves Loss Type 11.2(a): “Great Starting Pitching Ruined By Blown Save, Team Comes Back To Take Lead In Extra Innings, But Save Blown Again In Loss.” Unusual if you aren’t the Braves. After getting Jeter (on a nice play by Renteria, who had several in the game) leading off the twelfth, Horrible, Horrible Closer Jorge Sosa walked Giambi then allowed a game-winning homer to Mr. May, A-Rod.

This came after seven gutty innings by Smoltz, who allowed one run, struck out five, and pitched out of a seventh-inning leadoff triple, were ruined by Blown Save #1, this one at the hands of Ken Ray, who allowed a one-out homer to Giambi, walked the next two, and found himself rescued by Paronto, of all people. Suddenly, the most reliable reliever in the pen is the Vulture, who pitched two hitless innings, the tenth and eleventh, and was in place for another win if Sosa hadn’t intervened.

Marcus had seemingly won the game when (after starting 0-4, then walking only to get thrown out trying to steal) he hit a homer to take the lead in the twelfth. The Braves loaded the bases with two out (for the second inning in a row) only to have Francoeur line out to end the threat. Sosa probably would have blown a bigger lead anyway.

Chipper had three hits, McCann, Andruw, and Francoeur two apiece. But the Braves got nothing from the 7-9 spots but a HBP of Diaz (pinch-hitting for LaRoche) and a walk by Langerhans, and it cost them big time. And using Diaz to pinch-hit for LaRoche somehow led to McCann leaving the game, don’t ask me how.

Anyway, an off day. Let’s contemplate the good things in life. If I can think of any, I’ll let you know.