– MLB – Box Score – Braves at Devil Rays

Miserable Braves Loss Type 3.2(c), “Starter Pitches Okay But Offense Is Shut Down By Rookie Starter and No-Name Relievers”. It’s very common.

Now, Lance Cormier wasn’t actually good, mind you. 5 2/3, three runs, isn’t really that bad, but (a) it was the Devil Rays, and (b) he was really lucky, allowing eleven hits and walking four while striking out only two. Basically, he pitched well enough to lose. And to get another start, of course.

The Braves got a run in the second on a double by LaRoche, scoring Francoeur from first. In the seventh, Francoeur scored again on a double, this time from second and the double by Diaz. He had a good chance to tie it up in the eighth. With one out, Chipper singled and Andruw walked. But McCann struck out looking, and then Francoeur was robbed of an apparent RBI single up the middle. Thorman almost tied it up in the ninth but it was just short and Crawford made a leaping catch to save a double.

Kevin Barry up, Stockman to the DL. Barry didn’t pitch; Paronto and Yates pitched shutout innings after McBride got out of Cormier’s jam in the sixth. Someone will go down for Chuck James tomorrow.