Doomed Game Thread: Blue Jays at Braves, June 20

All we can hope for is that the Canadian flag will be right-side up for a change.

I’m going to declare Rob Cope the winner of the What’s Wrong With Marcus contest. Rob, email me with your address and requested second celebrity Scientologist. (Here’s a list.)

485 thoughts on “Doomed Game Thread: Blue Jays at Braves, June 20”

  1. I feel sick that the google ad on the front page right now is for Chowdaheadz, a Red Sox site/store. Ugh.

  2. I think now that the media and fans of baseball have declared the “season over for the Braves”, the team will loosen up and start playing better ball. We will see the basic fundamentals put to work and the winning start tonight…i feel it. Go Braves!!!

  3. I thought Thorman played 1B? Why not play our 2nd best hitter in Diaz and sit LaCrap?

  4. I hope the flag is upside down again! The South has the Stanley Cup and now we will beat the Blue Jays!

  5. I saw earlier today someone with my name, so I’ll post with my last name’s initial from now on…

    To be fair about the Hurricanes, they did have more Canadians than did the Oilers. But still, it’s funny for the Cup to be in the South two straight years (well, with a year in the middle).

  6. I’m sure Thorman will bat 8th till he proves he can otherwise. If I were Bobby thats what I would do……

  7. Smitty, give us an update on who all is adopted. We only have about an hour to get everyone a “foster parent.”

  8. The pitchers in this game have a combined 2-17 record. Sosa’s ERA (5.35) is 3 1/2 runs better than Towers’ (9.00).

    If we can’t win tonight, then God knows when we’ll have a better chance.

  9. Here is who is left.


    Plus most of the coaching staff (TP is only one taken)

  10. I like the lineup. We need to find out if Thorman is ready to hit major league pitching. Diaz hasn’t been all that great vs righties anyway. The Jays are actually pitching somebody with Reitsma-like stats, so this would seem to be as good a chance for a win as we’ve had in a while. Which probably means Sosa will give up 10 runs in 2 innings and the Jays pitcher will pitch a shutout. Sigh.

  11. Come on people, step up to the plate and take a player (or coach)…we need some wins!

  12. Diaz hasn’t been all that great vs righties anyway.

    Yeah – he is only hitting .367 against them. With that kind of poor performance you can see why he in on the bench…

  13. Fine, I will take HoRam. Mac has professed serious man-love for Macay Mcbride in the past so he clearly belongs to Mac.

  14. Sorry Charlie!

    Still a few Bravs left! Don’t let one of these guys get in the game without being claimed!

  15. I see NO ONE has complained about the lineup but Giles, still leading off. Can he not consider at least flipping Edgar and Marcus?

  16. We’d better win tonight. The mood in my house is already foul enough with my brother being apoplectic about Michael Owen’s knee folding like a broken lawn chair, and if the Braves lose AGAIN to the Blue Jays, who I have never been able to take seriously, there will be two of us like that, which will probably make my parents move out.

    Just. Win.

  17. Remlinger

    These four need your support, more than anyone else really!

  18. Theory on how the Braves will lose tonight:

    Top of the 8th inning, Braves up 5-2, bases loaded, and the Blue Jays pinch hitter with two outs against Kenny Ray?

    Joe Carter.

    Yup, the Blue Jays will pull an old player out of mothballs.

    But I am hoping for “reverse psychology” by posting how we are going to lose ;-)

    I mean, we gotta win sometime, RIGHT?

  19. drzachary-
    Can you reverse a reverse jinx? Boy, i hope so. We’re screwed otherwise.

    i’m waiting for the last player available. I always felt sorry for the kid picked last in kickball. Who will it be? My guess is Cormier.

  20. We will definitely win tonight. Though I just jinxed the reverse jinx.

    Great article, ububba, thanks!

  21. Just a note…the Hurricanes are the Hartford Whalers and their coach, the former coach of the NY Islanders, so their heritage is strictly N.E. Congrats to the Hurricanes and their fans!

  22. Renteria just asked me why he’s batting 2nd behind a proven number two hitter who is struggling in the lead off spot. He cited the fact that even MLB 2K6 for the XBox has him in the leadoff spot. I told him to ask Jenny.

  23. Don’t worry, Rob, I think you just jinxed the jinx on the reveresejinx. I think.

    And since my guy isn’t in the lineup, can I take Villareal too?

  24. I just talked to my adoptee Andruw, and he said that he’s feeling a long ball or two coming on tonight. Count it.

  25. I’ll take Thomson if he’s still available… I’ll just explain to him that he’s a free agent at the end of the season and, if he wants to get a preposterous contract from some team with money to burn and management stupid enough to throw it at a 30-something league average pitcher, all he needs are a few good months. That will be his new motto: a few good months.

  26. bravenewworld,

    Helluva game last night. Really enjoyed it. Always love a Game-7 Stanley Cup Final & last night didn’t disappoint.

    Yes, the ‘Canes are really the Whale & Laviolette is from Mass., but just like every team in the NHL, the Carolina Hurricanes’ heritage is Canadian. And just like every NHL team, the vast majority of their roster hails from the Great White North.

  27. I’m really pulling for Thorman to pull a McCann this year and give the Braves reason to get rid of Bert Laroche next year.

  28. Thanks for the DOB link, ububba. I retract everything I said yesterday about a Smoltz trade being a possibility. Sorry, Smitty.

  29. Um, Troy Glaus is at shortstop. Andruw and Marcus should give him a good deal of work tonight.

  30. Stupid Torborg… You can’t have big innings if you’re worried about “advancing runners”. Big innings rely upon hits and walks, not getting runners to second or third with an out. You only have three outs to work with. “Advancing runners” = “One-run strategies”.

  31. Also, I will always make fun of Scientology. At every opportunity. My rules. Anyway, they say it’s not a religion, except when it does them good to say it is a religion.

  32. So, anyone else think that Ecuador has at least a decent chance against England? (After all, it is Sven Goran Erikkson still managing… Gerrard is England’s hope)

  33. I figure that by talking about something other than the Braves, they won’t feel as much pressure and will play well ;-).

  34. If Ecuador playus the way they did against Poland, definitely. England’s going to regret losing Owen. Germany shouldn’t have much trouble with Sweden.

  35. I’ll take Torborg over Ron Gant or those douchelords over on the Padres network.

  36. Ofcourse…I’ll take Torborg over Gant aswell..

    But..I’d take a rabid grizzly bear over Gant, so that’s not saying much

  37. Just like more traditional outfits that are considered religions, the Xenu People don’t pay taxes. In my book, that makes ’em a religion.

    Heard a hysterical interview with Larry Bowa on the radio today. He’s like Bobby Valentine—can’t shut his mouth about former players and former teams. Like Scientology, I find his take on the Phillies endlessly entertaining.

  38. “a batting practice fastball right in the middle of the plate”… yeah, that’s how he usuallly pitches

  39. I’d imagine Wells would play a better third base than Chumper. His reaction time down there is about as slow as his batspeed. Not quite that slow, but close.

  40. Evening everyone. Excited to see THOR playing!

    Looks like we have the Good Sosa pitching tonight.

  41. Supposedly the Jays were putting on a show in BP, so I think we’re just lucking out.

  42. I hate that “play” by Chipper that allowed the double. A 2002-season-Chipper would have made that play easily. His rolling around on the ground like that looked pitiful.

  43. Batting runners in scoring position in??? What is this foreign concept? I am not familiar with it.

  44. Does anyone have a stat on how many games this season (or in our current slump) we allow the other team to score first? It has to be around 18 of the last 20 games.

  45. We’ve got to respond next inning. We can’t make Towers look like The Rocket out there.

  46. If we can get 7 runs against Schilling and the Bo Sox pen, we can get a few here.

  47. Those two runs should be chalked to Chipper for that screwed up double. If the Braves don’t at least tie in the next two innings, this is another loss.

  48. What did I tell you folks? Check out post #34. This adoption thing may be working, Smitty…

    Atta’ boy Andruw.

  49. And McCann continues to be one of the best hitters in the entire FREAKING game.

  50. Stupid Jeff. He’d swing at a beach ball that fell from the bleachers. It did look like he beat the throw to first though.

  51. Is it my imagination or is Frenchy actually looking a little more selective at the plate today? Not a good result but a decent at bat for him.

  52. what is is with francoeur and his speed? he seems fast but no steals and….that. i dont understand

  53. Does anyone have a stat on how many games this season (or in our current slump) we allow the other team to score first?

    Opponents have scored first in 13 of the last 17 games played.

  54. Thanks OneEye. I actually would have guessed more, but 13 of 17 is still pathetic.

  55. I loved when Torbog noted that Renteria made an out because he didn’t hit the ball with the sweet spot of the bat..

    He’ll be here all night folks… (sadly)

  56. I still can’t believe the ATLANTA BRAVES, the pitching-dominant Braves, continue to roll out a guy who’s 1-9.
    That just amazes me.

  57. Brad he is 1-9 because we can’t give him any run support.
    He would have at least 3 more wins if our hitters could drive in runs.

  58. Wow, way to keep his eye on the play. Can’t believe he took second on that.

  59. That’s a run given up, plus the one when laroche couldn’t advance the runners. Adam Laroche and Sosa–go away.

  60. Don’t you get the feeling that this team is dead, and that all it would take to wake them up is for JS to do SOMETHING? My gosh, make SOME kind of move and I think the players would respond.
    Now, they plod along, waiting for a spark.

  61. HEH!!

    We have some brain dead local guys here on tv and they’re giving commentary on the Braves..
    And the schmuck’s first observation was why Betemit isn’t getting atleast a shot over at first…and that he would be an immediate upgrade over Brian Jordan..

    If that mole can see it…why can’t Bobby..

  62. Red Sox lost three before us, now the Blue Jays lost three before us…we’re the remedy for other teams.

  63. Rob..

    Remember how the Marlins were on a losing streak and we snapped them out of it.. Houston was struggling before we played them..
    And remember Arizona’s offense was stuck in neutral coming into the series against us

  64. Yeah, he has a higher batting average and plays at least the same defense, plus he’s young, hungry, faster, and cheaper.

    You take chipper.

  65. I have to say, my motivational tactics have worked quite well on Andruw tonight.

    Maybe that was the spark we needed.

  66. All this because Chipper tried to make a play in LF. Betemit wouldn’t have gotten that either.

  67. I think that the problem is that the rest of you are still at “Bargaining” or “Anger”. I’m moving from “Depression” to “Acceptance”.

  68. I’m tired of Chipper. He hasn’t been spectacular since around 2000, looks bored, and hasn’t EVER stepped up as a team leader.

    I don’t hate him, and he’s still decent, but this team needs guys who at least APPEAR to care about what’s going on (mccann), and Betemit shows that a lot more than Chipper.

  69. I would love to have both Betemit and Chipper in the line-up (if it weren’t for the OUTSTANDING seasons of Laroche and Giles), but choosing Betemit over Chipper is hasty.

    But we’ll agree to disagree.

  70. Chumper is beyond abysmal defensively. The guy has the range and reaction time of a turtle on quaaludes.

  71. I guess I’m most frustrated with Chip b/c his power numbers and defense have disappeared, and those were really the only things he had that were superb.

  72. I’ll take a good contact hitter (which is what Chipper has demonstrated this year) in front of a solid power hitter (what Andruw is supposed to be). Our problems in the heart of the order can mainly be attributed to Andruw’s slump.

  73. We had one a few innings ago and didn’t do jack with it. Problem is, we keep getting guys on base (mccann, francoeur) for laroche and thorman and sosa.

  74. I hate pete tonight, my bad guys.
    Pete…(shaking head)..nevermind.
    You’re PETE ORR, for crying out loud. That’s all we expect, buddy.
    You’ll get ’em next week.

  75. Jordan platooning 1st with Laroche is way less practical than Franco and Laroche. Maybe Thorman can personally hand Jordan his walking papers.

  76. Mac, I was at that game, and let me assure you–not one person in that stadium thought the lead was safe. You could feel the tension in the air.
    And that was with a 2-run lead. We’re only tied here.

  77. Sunday was definitely tough to swallow, Mac. I’m glad I had to miss the end.

  78. Torborg is sharp tonight folks..

    Explaining that it’s good to have defined roles for the people in your bull-pen. You won’t ge commentary like this anywhere else…

  79. The best part?

    We guided the Red Sox through their losing streak and now we are gently helping the Blue Jays through there’s.

    We’re like f-ng therapy for everyoone’s ills in Baseball.

    The Braves have become Dr. Melfi.

  80. And sticking with the therapy theme, I was telling my wife about BravesJournal and how it’s become like giant group therapy for depressed, suicidal Braves fans.

  81. DId anyone just see that commerical with Jeff Fisher? That was great!
    But letting Eddie George go was a good move

  82. I have decided that the reason Smoltz can’t close anymore is because he has worn his arm out trying to start up that damned lawnmower during the Home Depot commercial.

    By the way, speaking of Smoltz, I love how excited Jon Miller & Joe Morgan got during the Sunday Night ESPN Braves/Sox telecast talking about Smoltz in the Bosox rotation, and of course it turns out the rumors of dealing Snoltz are bogus.

    If there was EVER more proof that Morgan hates us and anytime he can try & embarrass this team on National Television, that jagoff is happy to oblige.

  83. Morgan doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Even with a computer dictating what he says in MLB 2K5 and 2K6, he says the stupidest shit.

  84. Sarah? Who’s Sarah?

    have people finally followed up with my Judy reitsma theme and started naming Braves relief pitchers with girl’s names?

    So, Sarah Stockman? Is that it?

    (Sorry…just logged on if I missed a whole convo)

  85. The BJs had a feminine looking reliever who gave us three. He looked like a Sarah to me.

    Time for a failed bunt attempt.

  86. Davey,

    That’s funny.


    If I hear one more story about JS signing his damned book at the Ted in the midst of losing 17 of 20, then you will have to try and yanke me off the ledge!


    and yeah Edgar!!!!

    Now guys…could we please win a game now???

    Pretty please with sugar on top????

  87. Ok, fellow bloggers…raise your keyboards if you would like to see this team we call the “Braves” win a game?

    (Keyboard raised)

  88. Ok, so…

    Sarah Stockman
    Carmen Villareal
    Judy Reitsma

    We need volunteer names for:

    Chad Paronto
    Kenny Ray
    Mike Remlinger
    Lance Cormier
    Macay McBride

  89. (Keyboard hand)

    Now keep that hand raised if you think this offense and bullpen can do it.

    (Keyboard comes down)

  90. So, Stockman only gave up one run? I’m not sure he’s going to fit in with the Braves.

    Oh, yeah, if nobody wants him, I’ll take McDowell.

  91. After sunday, chad paronto doesnt even deserve a woman’s name. He is no-name to me. From now on, he is The Pitcher I Do Not Speak Of.

  92. Mcdowell is yours. Yeesh!

    ok, so…

    Rene Cormier
    Sarah Stockman
    Judy Reitsma
    Sarah Stockman

    We still need volunteer names for


  93. The 2006 Atlanta Braves new bullpen:

    Rachel Ray
    Martina McBride
    Chelsea Paronto
    Rene Cormier
    Judy Reitsma
    Mary Remlinger
    Carmen Villareal

  94. Villareal reminded me of Carmen Electra- one outstanding statistic (in Villareal’s case, seven wins) disguising a lack of talent.

  95. Smitty,

    It’s odd because she’s so damned perky, but I have to admit, I find Rachel Ray (the real one of course) kinda sexy.

  96. See told ya Thorman can play 1st. Now we will see what our future would be like without The Roach

  97. The Braves have watched too much soccer this week. We need to be ahead to win guys!

  98. Land,

    I have imagined the Braves having a life without LaRoche for 3 years now and every day, I wake up and it’s the same damn groundhog nightmare over & over because he just keeps showing up—like that stupid groundhog.

    Someone get me Bill Murray.

  99. Alex. Rachel Ray is not sexy. She is scary. The other Food Channel chicky, the Italian one that doesnt blink. She’s scary too in a Stepford Wife sort of way.

    In New York, all we do is contemplate how to kill Rachel Ray and not get caught.

    As for Tyler Yates. Tell the guys in the bleachers to yell “Incoming!” and duck.

  100. Sleep with Andie MacDowell and you’ll be cured. You may have to settle for Roger though.

  101. No, it’s not life w/out laroche, it’ll be life w/our thorman as soon as our ‘veteran leader’ jordan heals

  102. ok, brooklynlou, that’s a bit scary.

    Hey…I agree she’s annoyingly perky but she’s kinda sexy to me. But hey…she’s no Kate Beckinsale or Ashley Juddy.

  103. Yates sucks. Exactly what has he done that qualifies him to pitch in the 8th inning of a tie game?

  104. Brad, to quote Woody Harrelson, “This is no time to be messin’ with my fantasies.”

  105. what have any of our guys done to show they should still be in the major leagues? who would you rather see, martina or mary?

  106. It seems like the polls have closed and while I appreciated the support for Beverly we are a Democracy:

    Welcome to the bullpen, Tyra Yates.

    But “Incoming!” can be HER new nickname!

  107. Explain why the intentional walk is stupid. You have to set up the double play or a force at the plate.

  108. I think Bobby’s “thought” process here is that Chelsea can’t possibly be that bad twice in a row.

  109. My head hurts with all the choices of people to blame when we lose this game…JS? Chelsea? Bobby?

  110. THe only reason Paranto is in is so a line drive hit so har that maybe it get to Frenchy quick so the run own’t score?

  111. I’d rather see McBride. He’s a better pitcher. I know he blew it the other night, but he’s still a better option than this stiff.

  112. New FULL Bullpen:

    Tyra Yates
    Judy Reitsma
    Sarah Stockman
    Mary Remlinger
    Carmen Villareal
    Rachel Ray
    Martina McBride
    Rene Cormier

    Pitching Coach:

    Andie McDowell

  113. I’m with you, Jeremy. Unless he screws up here, in which case, I’m definitely against you.


  115. after much thought, I have decided to blame cox. paronto obviously sucks, as evidenced by his 6-run gem the other night. JS is obviously still incapacitated in his season-long coma. Bobby’s the only one who can do something about this by not bringing him in.

  116. I’m back from watching Livan Hernandez suck. And I see we’re losing. How has my adoptee (Marcus) done?

  117. I realize you’re setting up the double play, but you’re also giving your crappy relievers that can’t throw strikes no margin for error. Oh, and you’re putting another baserunner out there. Like we need that. I’ve seen that philosophy burn us more times than not.

    Nice throw, French.

  118. Three things about that play:

    Vernon Wells is now an honorary Brave for swinging at the first pitch of a known incompetent.

    Jeff Francoeur’s accuracy is back.

    Brian McCann is, if not God, one of the high archangels.

  119. to be fair, he has 2 hits tonight.
    is it weird that I kind of expected bobby to let paronto hit instead of betemit?

  120. Thor just wants to get back out in the field and watch another crappy reliever give up a run

  121. we need some of what the WhiteSox have….They are beating the Cards 19-2 in the top of the seventh(21 hits)…you see ladies thats how you hit

  122. disappointing; Thorman has a good walk rate, in the minors. Just keep doing what got you here, dude.

  123. offense not really the problem. 12 runs in the last 2 games, but we’ve given up 16 and counting, and most of those in the 7th/8th/9th innings

  124. Take notes Marcus…that’s how you get on base.

    Hmmm..if Betemit keeps getting on base..Bobbly will never put him in the starting line-up

  125. Nope, the sox just have a GM that cares about the team/fans and a manager that doesn’t sleepwalk through the season.

  126. Heat up by 1 at the half. Dallas almost deserves to lose after all the whining they’ve done. I can understand Cuban whining – that’s what he does. But Avery Johnson needs to get a grip.

  127. Giles does walk a lot. I wish he were doing better, and he can. But telling him to watch Betimet walk so he can learn makes no sense; look at their relative walk rates; Marcus is much more selective than Wilson.

  128. I kinda like Cuban. He’s over the top, but he wants to win and does what it takes.
    I miss those days.

  129. As has been mentioned here in the past, can you imagine how many more first-place finishes we’d have if we didn’t have a GM who “cared” or a manager who didn’t “sleepwalk” through season?

    In fact, we’d probably be undefeated.

  130. don’t start, ububba. if you think JS gives a crap about this team, you’re sadly mistaken. He’s had YEARS to fix a problem that my 6 year old cousin is aware of and has done nothing but write a book.
    Bobby? well, he just brought in chad paronto late in a tie game, the same move he made 2 days ago, when the guy gave up 6 RUNS.
    so spare me the ‘these guys know what they’re doing’ stuff.

  131. maybe Schuerholz can get in touch with the Devil and work out a deal. I hope JS enjoyed his mohitos at the poolside while he was writing his book during the offseason because he sure didnt lift a finger to help the team this year and I bet next year will be the same as he will be writing his sequel.

  132. Brad…I am with you…i just can’t do the Schuerholz dance with ububba right now…not in the mood as we crawl to another loss.

  133. as a fan, I guess I am happy we will not have an ambiguous season, where people can buck and shuffle around making some hard decisions and some changes. A 72-90 season with attendance below 2,000,000 will force some changes at the top, I think.

  134. People always say if its not the pitching, its the hitting–I say, if it’s not JS, it’s Bobby.
    JS has given him NOTHING to work with, and yet he still makes boneheaded moves (paronto).

  135. well we knew with sosa it’d be a battle of the bullpens, and we’d lose that battle to a decent high school team.

  136. Game over. Even if it’s a one run game, B.J. Ryan is too good.

    And the Marlins and Mets won.

  137. Brad,

    I’m not going to engage you other than to say that I can count to 14. That’s my evidence. I mean, they couldn’t possible know what they’re doing, right? All they have is a body of work that’s never been done in the history of professional sports. Ever. Not once. Not ever.

    So…if you wanna overreact to the failings of this season or the minutiae of a game on a Tuesday night in June, be my guest.

  138. I was going to be depressed we lost on a night where they atarted a guy with an ERA of 9.00, until I realized we trotted out a guy with a 1-9 record. The resistable force met the movable object, and our guy lost.

  139. I don’t know, Dan, even good closers have a tough time going more than 1 inning. Plus we have the heart of the order up.

  140. Chipper needs to get on and Andruw needs to go yard

    Or get my boy Frenchy up to live up to my prediction

  141. well i hope the last 14 years help you cope with the fact that the entire organization quit on this season in may, ububba.

  142. It would be nice if Chipper just hit a home run right off the bat so there was no worry.

    Also my vote goes for Beverly Yates.

  143. Congrats, blue jays fans. Your GM got you a closer.
    Might not mean much in the AL EAST, but at least your management acts like they care.

  144. wait, we can’t knock chipper. he was good in 1999, so that means he gets a bye from now on.

  145. I think everyone is just frustrated. As a Braves fan, you got used to a certain level of success during the regular season, and a certain level of failure during the postseason. When you have that for 14 years, there is a certain level of reliability in that, and now, when it all goes bad, well, I think it’s a natural human reaction to be a little bitter.

  146. Ugh, our bullpen did it again. Why hast thou forsaken us, Schuerholz? Get some help before a wildcard spot is dead!

  147. We need to go “Marlins” on the league.

    No, I don’t mean win..ahem..9 in a row (thought that’d be nice–we simply can’t). Sell everyone, save McCann, Frenchy and Betemit.

    It’s too bad we traded Marte to make a run this year, even with Renteria playing reasonably well.

  148. bah….maybe hudson can throw a complete game tommorow and we maybe just maybe win a game

  149. See, JS, this is what it means to have a closer. The other teams look defeated in the 9th before he even has to throw a pitch.
    Compare that to your offseason, when between writing pages of ‘built to win’, you sat by the pool and let reitsma be our closer, working just the opposite.
    Built For Last Place, Behing the $20-million Marlins.
    I like that title better, jackass.

  150. “as evidenced by his 6-run gem the other night.”

    Three of those runs belonged to McBride.

  151. if we dont win tommorow expect to get swept at home again….this may be the last 2 braves games I watch this year :(

  152. Sorry, guys. My boy ended it. Kindof creepy since at my softball game last night I made the last out of the game with my team losing 6-5 with no one on base (and I had had a pretty good game at the plate). Maybe I should have mentioned to McCann that he should have done better than I did…

  153. To paraphrase the late Lewis Grizzard, “Sometimes they hang GMs in effigy. This year, we’ll be hanging one at Turner Field as well.”

    Hudson v. Lilly tomorrow. Hudson had better be ready to go nine.

  154. So has METS FAN started posting under the nom de guerre of brad? Lighten up, man. Your vitriol is getting old.

  155. “They belonged to him, but paronto still gave them up.”

    Well, yeah. But McBride still walked two people. That to me is unacceptable. But yeah, they both suck in my opinion.

    But McBride did give up one right? On a single over Renteria after he walked two in a row.

  156. So who here thinks we should have wasted a 5/47 contract on BJ Ryan with our payroll structure? My hand is down on that one.

  157. The way he is pitching, I’d gladly dump Giles (and let Betemit play second) to free up the money to have Ryan (remember our payroll is currently something like seven million under the cap, so we have room.)

  158. I wouldn’t have either, jenny. However, I’m not of the JS philososphy to just pick up random stiffs, throw ’em together with some young guys & call it a bullpen. Chris Reitsma is the only reliever that makes over a million bucks. That’s disturbing.

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