– MLB – Box Score – Red Sox at Braves

Miserable Braves Loss Type 4.2(b), “Starting Pitcher Is No Good And Doesn’t Even Pitch Five, Team Can’t Get Hit To Come All The Way Back.”

The pointless and inexplicable start of Lance Cormier was, unsurprisingly, a disaster, as he went four innings and allowed as many runs.  How does seven hits, three walks, one strikeout, and a homer leading off the game sound?  Like what you expected?  I thought so.  After Remlinger gave up a homer to Ortiz, the bullpen was actually pretty good, though Ray loaded the bases on a single and two walks (one intentional) before getting out of the ninth.  McBride needed eight pitches (all strikes) to get through his inning.

Andruw singled home a run in the fourth.  In the fifth, the Braves had the bases loaded, one out, and Renteria walked to score the second run.  But Betemit (in for a banged-up Chipper) and Andruw popped out.  With two on and two out in the seventh, Renteria and Betemit struck out.  Andruw’ leadoff double did lead to a run in the eighth.

The horrible nightmare continues tomorrow in prime time, with Schilling v. Smoltz.  Honestly, the 1988 club would kick this team’s ass.  I hope they’re not trying, because if they are they’re completely incompetent.