Salty, 9 others cut by Braves |

Lerew was sent to AAA, a sign that the Braves really aren’t that desperate for relief pitching, at least of the righthanded variety. None of the other pitchers stood too good of a chance of making the team; the most impressive was Sean White, but he was never considered to have much of a shot.

Of the position players, Saltalamacchia had little chance to play his way on to the team; I suppose if he’d hit .500 or something and McCann had been even worse he might have made it. As it was, he showed power but not much else and even the slumping McCann had a higher average and more walks. The most impressive of this bunch was Michael Ryan but he slumped in recent days and anyway got caught up in the Braves’ sudden outfield glut and again didn’t have much of a chance. I think he’ll be back. Cesar Crespo is the worst baseball player in the world and was far outplayed by Tony Pena Jr., if you can believe it.