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Houston 7, Braves 0. Davies looked good except a solo homer. Bullpen was actually okay (especially Reitsma) except for somebody named “Bush”, possibly Jeb or Neil. (Actually, Paul Bush, a 24th rounder in 2002 who had a good year last year and no chance to make the team.) Jurries is hitting .462.

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  1. Can’t wait till Chipper and Frenchy get back to camp and Giles’ shoulder is ok and we can get a real feel for how this team is going to look.

    As much as I have enjoyed the WBC, it has just taken a lot out of spring training. They need to figure out a way of having the Classic without interfering with any other phase of baseball. I don’t know if that’s possible though.

    Can’t wait for April to get here.

  2. The classic doesnt seem worth it in my opinion. As a USA fan it doesnt at least. Even if we won I wouldnt really have felt that much pride for it. It would be like the USA winning a gold medal in hockey now. Nice for bragging rights, but not that much pride. Its pros vs pros. I mean, when USA hockey loses to the Czechs or Finns, it doesn’t really hurt my national pride. I feel more pride when the USA world cup soccer team wins than I do when the USA baseball team wins, and I dont even like soccer.

  3. In other news: The Unmentionable one still sucks.

    By the way, I know this is sort of an unorthodox opinion, but I still think the WBC’s kind of neat. It has HUGE problems, the tiebreaker system is absolutely ludicrous, the timing is poised to kill someone, etc., etc… but it’s really neat to see all these countries play each other, and to see the Koreans absolutely manhandle everyone. Who saw that coming? (Other than Braves_rule, I mean!)

    The games have actually been pretty fun to watch, even though the USA can’t hit worth a damn. Much more fun to watch than Spring Training. Here’s hoping Villareal’s that good when he has a Braves uniform on.

  4. I see it both ways I guess.

    I did enjoy watching it because it’s neat to see the different ways each coutry plays (not that it’s that big of a difference) but they do have different strategies. I play fastpitch softball and I always enjoyed watching the olympic games and seeing the different countries. It’s a little different.

    They do need to work out a lot of kinks though. The tie breakers were WOW and the timing of it needs to be fixed. I guess we’ll see what they do with it in the future though.

  5. I’ll be plenty upset if Bobby chooses to take Jordan north with him instead of Jurries. I haven’t seen any games but he certainly seems ready. I wouldn’t mind having Jordan around the clubhouse(just not taking up a spot on the 25 man roster).

  6. The thing I thought was cool about the WBC was seeing all of those superstars actually trying their hardest to win a game without getting paid for it. The dollar sign rules MLB, and actually watching A-Rod, Jeter, Griffey, Chipper, Clemens, and everyone else play for nothing other than pride was kindof refreshing.

    Of course, if I was a National’s fan and one of my best relievers (Ayala) got hurt pitching in the WBC, I would be singing a different tune. As it is, everyone has returned safe and sound to the Braves (with the exception of Andruw, who has gotten over it by now). If Sosa can manage to get ready for the season and not get hurt while playing in games that mean something to him, I’ll be satisfied. It was kindof neat getting to see what Betemit and Jurries and co. could do while the stars were away. It’ll be interesting to see how the WBC does in the years to come.

  7. What’s up braves fans? I truly am sorry I keep messing with you people, but it’s so hard not too. I guess I’m just excited how good of a team the METs have. I mean we beat you in pitching and batting. not to mention a better farm system. How can I not be excited? I don’t like the braves and feel quite sure your team might not even make the wild card. I don’t know why some of you “can’t wait for the season to start” It’s already over for your team. chipper will only take you so far until he gets hurt around the all star game. And even then you will be a good 9-10 games back from the METs. But look on the bright side, you will get a good draft pick this year. And when you develop your star prospect you can then trade him for a has been former all star short stop who
    Can’t cut it on a big stage. God I love to hate the braves. – can’t even think of your own had to copy Mr. Met.-Sad really- I hope Mr. met kicks your sad wanna be baseball faced loser in the head and knocks him out cold at one of this years games. Shouldn’t be hard. we all no people down south can’t fight. Just look at our nations history.


  8. I have never cared about spring training except to see the cuts and final roster. The WBC has been a breath of fresh air. In the context it gives you games that mean something, which spring training does not. It has really shortened the month of March for me. I cannot wait until April 11th when I head to RFK to see the Nats home opener and then April 23rd when I head back to RFK to see the Braves and Nats.

  9. This is a reply for the post by ‘Rissa’.

    First off, how can you honestly say such a thing about the Braves when you all haven’t even won the division championship in at least 14 years? You have one of the highest payrolls in baseball and also one of the most dangerous line ups. Where have you been the last decade and a half?
    Second, I would like to ask how you believe the Mets have better pitching than the Braves, aside from the bullpen. Sure, you have Pedro and Tommy Glavine (guess where he came from!). But the remaining three of your starters provide more question marks than my 3rd quarter mid-term!
    Third, who are you to talk about injuries and Chipper Jones and how it affects our season when your GM goes out and overpays for every star on the FA market and still finishes towards the bottom of the NL East? We came in with 18 rookies last year: AND STILL WON!
    Fourth, a better farm system? Ha, I’m not even gonna touch that.
    And final, we all down south know that you northern folks can’t spell or use proper english skills; you’ve one of the worst language arts abilities I’ve ever encountered.

  10. Are you people crazy? You’re concerned about something as miniscule as spring training be “taken out” of by the WBC? Huh? The WBC is great for baseball and has been absolutely amazing. I just wish it were going to happen more often than every 4 years.

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