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The Braves blinked, and Sheffield’s free and clear to sign with the Yankees because they were afraid to offer arbitration to one of baseball’s best hitters. Javy was also not offered arbitration. The Phillies did offer Millwood — in this climate, he might accept, but I don’t know what that does to their budget. I don’t know about Castilla or anyone else. Only two dozen or so players were offered arbitration, a far cry from what once happened.

I think something has to be done about the arbitration rules, and soon, because this isn’t the result people were looking for. Either they have to move the deadline back to January or they have to allow teams to negotiate with their own free agents after declining to arbitrate. But nothing will happen until the next CBA, and you know how awful those negotiations always are. But it’s not good for anyone — owners, players, or the game as a whole — to say that Greg Maddux can’t negotiate with the Braves or that Texas can’t negotiate with Rafael Palmeiro.

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  1. I agree Mac, it seems like they want player movement by setting up the showdowns like you mentioned. It certainly doesn’t help players or owners as they both ultimately lose in this climate. I am sorry to see Maddux and Javy go, as they have been favorites of mine for years. It just won’t seem right watching Maddux win #300 for somebody else.

  2. Over at Primer someone posted that the Braves are filing a greivance against the Yankees over the Sheff thing. Anyone have any substantiation on this?

  3. I don’t see anything about that. I hope so; maybe something will finally be done about the Yankees’ roster shenanigans. It’s not enough that they have more money than everyone else, they have to cheat, too?

  4. File a grievance? Why?

    The Yankees delay of announcing the Sheffield signing hurts the Braves only if the Braves deserve to have a no-loss option – they wanted Sheffield so little that they were unwilling to offer arbitration unless they were guarenteed that he wouldn’t accept.

    The problem with the delay isn’t for the Braves. Its the teams that could/should have been able to make a Rule 5 selection from the 41st guy on the Yanks roster. Now that player will have to pass through waivers, a less exacting process these days.

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