3 thoughts on “This one should be interesting”

  1. Hi

    This is a first post. I am concerned has anyone checked Merv’s house he has been on holidays for 6 weeks. The papers must be piling up. By the way I miss No Pepper. Why doesn’t someone pick up that sevice. To read about the kids coming up and then watch a year like this makes it exciting and rewarding to be Braves fan. But we need someone to tell us about the kids.

  2. You know what i miss? Braves Raps!!!
    Where are you Michael Rapaport? I’d love to hear your comments on the 2005 Braves.

  3. You know, I was definitely going to vote for Woody. But now Joe has an article on espn.com saying that if we’re going to let steroid users in to the hall, we should let Pete Rose in as well. That is about the dumbest thing I have ever heard, so now I need more time to think about it. Of course, I watched ATH today and remembered why I was going to vote for Woody…

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