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  1. To answer any earlier question, I HATE Fulmer because Alabama is my 2nd favorite team after Georgia.

    Frankly, I would hate Fulmer even if I was indifferent to Bama because he’s a pretty hateable guy…sorry again to all the combo Vols-Braves fans on here…not trying to start a fight, just being honest. I love my Dawgs, I love Bama and I love my Braves. I hate Fulmer and the Vols, I hate the Gators.

    Look, sometimes sports makes STRANGE bedfellows…I have heard Chipper Jones is a HUGE Gators fan…but I love the guy because he represents my Baseball team. I love Frenchy but he almost played football at Clemson. I am also a huge Spurs fan and John Smoltz, who I love more then anyone was a HUGE Pistons supporter.

    The whole dichotomy is fasincating to me. I mean, there are all my ‘guys’ but switch us to other sports and we are enemies…I know there’s several Vols fans on here but I am happy that we can at least share love for the Braves and for the SEC.

    But let me re-state this…I still loathe Fulmer. This is something Mac and I agree on 100% as Bama is his #1 college football team.

    Re: UT offensive coordinator–I don’t know a ton about him but I frankly don’t love either of your Quarterbacks. The best QB in the SEC is Brodie Croyle by a country mile but I would rather have DJ Shockley then Claussen or Ainge. I love Gerald Riggs Jr’s game but I don’t see him having a huge edge over our guy Thomas Brown (plus, we have 3 studs in the backfield along with Danny Ware and Kregg Lumpkin).

    For UT to win this game, home field has to play a factor and the biggest reason why UT could win would be stupid turnovers and penalties by my Dawgs. Honestly…the team that protects the ball and holds it long will gut this win out. I could wish for a 41-14 game like we got in Knoxville in 2003 but I know those kinds of games only come once every 20 years in this match-up.

  2. A friend at work who’s an Oriole fan emailed me a link to some Mets blog that talked about the non-sellout last night. I responded by asking him about last night’s attendance at Camden Yards.

  3. I love college football, but I don’t have one team that I love like the Braves. I grew up liking Clemson, my Dad went to Auburn, my Mom went to Tennessee, both of them were in grad school at Carolina, where my brother ended up going. I went to UVa for law school. I like all of those schools, but when I think of them, it’s always “they”. With the Braves, I think “we.”

  4. Bowa is on the radio talking about hwo the Astros should have taken more pitches and adding what he would have done. He then picked the Astros to blow the Braves out the next two games.

    How has Larry done in the post season the last two years? Oh wait, what’s that? HE DIDN’T MAKE IT?

    If Sosa comes out throwing strikes, look out. Like I said, if he can hold them under three runs and can go 6-7 we win.

  5. Alex R. I really hope this year’s UT-UGA game isn’t a 41-14 affair, things could get ugly in the student section pretty fast. However, all I hope for is a great game, Tennessee winning of course, and a Braves win in Houston. If either one happens I will go to bed happy. By the way, not a huge Fulmer fan myself, but I guess its hard to fire a guy whos been around since Neyland coached (It seems).

  6. Why is it that you will never see mentioned the biggest reason for non-capacity attendance at Turner Field during the playoffs: The TV networks almost never put the Braves on during primetime. As it ends up, the Braves often get afternoon weekday games. Most people can’t go to afternoon weekday games.

  7. Alex R. at least we can unite in our love of the Braves and our hatred of Florida.
    I don’t like ‘bama and, frankly, I love it that Tennessee and Fulmer antagonizes Alabama so much. I consider it a mark of honor that a respected program like Alabama can hold such hatred for the Vols, but I do respect Alabama’s team and the tradition there. Florida is the only school that I actually hope never wins another game. The way I figure it is that Alabama should not be a mediocre team, they should either be a contending program or losing because they’re being punished for cheating. No win for Tennessee will be as sweet this year as going into Alabama and beating the Tide. Compared to that I don’t care this weekend’s outcome at all.
    But yeah, I don’t hold people’s allegiances against them. In fact, I dig this site more cause you and Mac are (or seem to be) big college football fans. I’m watching the games Saturday with a buddy of mine that’s VaTech fan and I hate VaTech.
    Anyways, college football is the only sport that comes close to baseball. And it is close. Couldn’t say which I loved more. Anyways, there’s baseball to watch and this is more than enough rambling.

  8. You know, you guys are kind of fueling the flames of that article by talking about college football on a bravesbeat thread when the Braves are in the playoffs.

  9. And the weather at Altanta last night didn’t help. Well, I am used to the fact that the media don’t like the Braves for some reasons, I guess they are just sicked and tired of the continuing success of the Braves. I try to just simply ignore those articles. I hope the media will eventually catch up with the energy of the young players.

    Hey, Ozzie Guillenís team just swept the Red Sox, letís hope the Angels will do their job tonight. Go Paul Byrd!!! Go Braves!!!

  10. Red Sox swept out of the playoffs, Fox Sports execs mourn lost ALCS.

    Now, if such a thing is possible, I’m even more eager for the Yankees to lose.

  11. JoeyT, even bolder prediction:

    Hudson will pitch on a three-day rest to wrap up the series in four games. The Braves will move on the NLCS, and we don’t need to watch another NLDS Game 5 for once.

  12. Can’t win with you, Jeremy. Talk about baseball and we’re just biased fans spouting ingnorant comments.

    What is doctrine today?

  13. I think “Larry Blowa molests collies” might be one of the funniest lines I have ever read on here.

  14. What are the chances of John Thomson starting game four or is Hudson pretty set on starting? I like Hudson starting game four because should it go five games, I want Smoltz on the mound.

  15. Hmmm, drive an hour to sit in the nosebleed section in the rain or watch the game at home. Forgive me if that makes me a bad fan.I’d like to see the Neilson ratings on Braves games versus everyone else. Just because you don’t go see the Stones when they come to your town doesn’t mean you don’t like/support them.

  16. I’m sure the guy who wrote that drivel is a drink-soaked poppinjay just like the Hitch. But hey, at least he interviewed the guy sitting next to him in the upper deck for the article. Sources can be hard to get a hold of sometimes.

  17. Despite the fact that I was in the same general vicinity as the writer (upstairs behind home plate), this guy seemed to be at a different game than I was last night.

    Honestly, when McCann hit that homer it was one of the more exciting moments I’ve witnessed at a Braves post-season game. The crowd was into the game in a big way.

    The reason there was no drama in the game after it became 5-1 was simply because Smoltz was so good. He threw strikes and the Braves caught the ball. There was no chance they were going to chip away (until Reitsma came in, that is).

    Big, big fun at the old ballpark last night, the complete opposite of Game 1, which was sincerely depressing because it felt like so many games we’d seen this year: a less-than-great start, followed by bullpen collapse.

    I have faith. Atlanta can win this series. The emotion I felt at Turner Field last night was absolutely palpabable (and so was the level of relief).

    Braves in 5 & Go You Hairy Dogs!

  18. The Korean cartoonist Choi Hoon has a some funny playoff baseball cartoons up on the web. The Farns is the star of one of them (scroll down). I wish I could read the text but I can’t read Korean (I used to be able to count to 20 when I was taking TKD), funny stuff never the less.Link via Deadspin.com

  19. urlhix, those do look funny, though, to be fair, I don’t think Farnsworth has brawled as a Brave.

    Maybe braves rule can help us out. I don’t care about the surrounding text as much as what they’re saying in the cartoon.

  20. The stands in the Bronx emptied after the 6th, 7th, and 8th. I thought the vaunted Yankees’ fans never quit believing.

  21. Yeah, I was hoping bravesrule would be around too. If you go to the bottom of the page and click on “Shadow Warriors” then scroll down there is another great cartoon of Leo and Sosa meditating. I like this guys stuff, even though I can’t read it. The images tell the story by themselves quite well, always the mark of a good cartoon.

  22. It leaves something to be desired. I’m sorry I’m very tired. Bon voyage !!!!

    Post Season Key players—by Choi, Hoon.

    New York Yankees #41 Randy Johnson. SP 17-8 ERA 3.79 WHIP 1.13
    Boston Red Sox #38 Curt Schilling. SP 7-8 ERA 5.98 WHIP 1.53

    Shoot for Curt Schilling , Big Unit !!
    Curt Schilling played under less then comfortable circumstances as he nursed his ankle injury in the 2004 World Series .That is not to be ignored.

    The Yankees and Red Sox have great offense powers. On the other hand they have had a terrible experience on account of pitchers for the reguler season. It is believed that the former one-two punch of Dbacks will do their job as a hurler not QS but shining example of iron ace.

    Los Angeles Angels #16 Garret Anderson. LF AVG .282 HR 17 RBI 95

    Vladimir Guerrero is on fire! Guerrero asks Anderson’s a covering fire!!
    Anderson can not hide his agonized look.
    It cannot be helped that Angels really counting on Garret Anderson and Steve Finley who is getting older!! Because Angels have lacked the slugger(the long hit) in this season, with the exception Guerrero’s.

    Chicago White Sox #22 Scott Podsednik. LF AVG .293 R 80 SB 59

    BoSox Pitcher : Please, stop it.
    Podsednik is busy as a bee because of stolen base.

    White Sox enabled Podsednik to concentrate on his strengths-getting on base and using his speed, rather than hitting for power and driving in runs himself despite missing games due to injury. It is very important that a lot of hurlers suffer from the pressure in the matchups.
    There is a strong probability that the games will be finished. That much is good enough !!!

    Atlanta Braves #40 Kyle Farnsworth. CP 1-1 ERA 2.12 SV 16
    maybe sarcastic remark about in a bench-clearing fight
    coach : way to go
    Kyle : I’ll kill all of them.
    The opponent : Falling down , Help! help!
    coach : I didn’t mean it
    While Danny Kolb and Chris Reitsma were struggling , Kyle Farnsworth was traded to the Braves. He took a special role as a closer. If he is still working ,there’s a chance to the Braves in this year.

    Houston Astros #17 Lance Berkman. LF AVG .293 HR 24 RBI 82

    the end of the Killer-B….?
    Berkman : Let’s fly to the blue sky, brothers~~
    The remains : Leave it as it is.
    Lance Berkman is finally restored in health. Astros have a superweapon 1-2-3 punch . What is worse his power can do much help .
    Then they will be the first world champion and league champion. Can it be so?

    San Diego Padres #44 Jake Peavy. SP 13-7 ERA 2.88 WHIP 1.04
    co-workers : cheering up Peavy, GO GO,Peavy
    Peavy : You…..guys….. The burden is too heavy for him. (oh, poor baby! I’m sorry, please ignore my comments)

    Punchless offense!!! There can be no answer to this problem. Peavy is our hope!!!! He has the answer for the Padres as a #1

    St. Cardinals #33 Larry Walker. RF AVG .289 HR 15 RBI 52

    Larry Walker’s from Canada. He is called by his nickname, a brown bear!!!

    Walker : giving a sniff (Bears never touch the dead)
    the opponent pitcher : pretending to be dead (“we will survive?” )
    Larry Walker is getting better after the injury. The St. Cardinals is the only well-balanced team in the playoffs. It is diffcult to put their’s finger on weakness.
    If someone is bad , One or other of them will be blow up with a terrific explosion.

    Choi’s comments : There are 8 key players who were chosen. The playoffs have already held …..Peavy broke his rib and is out for the playoffs…..Anderson is struggling…..Haha …..I’m sorry ,guys.

  23. Yo friends, I was at both game 1 and 2, and let me tell you, I agree the Slate guy just wasnt paying attention or was going with the time-honored journalistic tradition of “bending” the truth to fit a pre-ordained outline for his story.

    I was in section 427 and we were going crazy from the first pitch. McCann’s homer was, agreed, one of the most exciting moments I’ve ever witnessed at Turner Field. Everyone was yelling and jumping and hugging strangers. LaRoche nearly brought about the same joy. And we were still there at the very end, cheering Farnsworth’s strikeout. Man, that was an amazing game.

    Go Sosa!!

  24. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a large number of Braves fans at tonight’s game in Houston. You know, the way Cubs and Mets fans come out of the woodwork whenever their respective teams play in Atlanta. For years, Braves fans have made a good showing in Houston during the regular season, so maybe tonight the Astros won’t have that much of a home-field advantage.

    Go, Braves!

  25. I still can’t believe Turner Field doesn’t have any hype attending Farnsworth coming out of the bullpen. They had a full-blown presentation for Smoltz and the place would go nuts. They just announce Farnsworth’s name, like he was just another member of the Cavalcade of Losers that is the Braves’ bullpen . . .

  26. Same lineup for today as for game 2–this means Estrada starting the turnaround game tomorrow if Pettitte comes back on short rest, unless this game turns into a blowout either way and McCann gets 3 or 4 innings off.

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